Monday, August 7, 2017

What's In My Hospital Bag

I have a doctors appointment today and I not so secretly hope my doctor will tell me that things are progressing "down there".  My scheduled induction is in ten days, but I wouldn't be mad if brother came a little sooner on his own!  Since he will be here so soon, I finally packed our hospital bags last weekend.  I looooooove packing mine and baby's hospital bag, it's just so special preparing for baby's arrival!  I feel like I packed my bags two weeks ago to have Sloan and like two days ago to have Phayre, where is time going?!

Anyways, I wanted to share what is in our hospital bags!  Now that I've done this three times, I feel like I'm prepared for everything without overpacking.

What's in my bag:
I just got a new weekender tote that I packed my hospital items in and I love it, it's so cute and the perfect size.

Clothing: Cozy, loose, and nursing friendly clothing are my jam in the hospital.  I always bring a nursing bra, a couple nursing tanks, comfortable yoga pants/capris, a robe, a sweater, pajamas, socks, and some postpartum panties.  Once baby arrives, I usually wear a nursing tank, yoga pants, and a sweater.  It's comfortable and I feel put together enough when visitors come to see baby.  I always bring nursing friendly pajamas and a robe to sleep in while in the hospital (I'm bringing this nursing tank and shorts set and my favorite robe this time around).  I also always pack flip flops and slippers (I've also had summer babies, probably why I've always worn flip flops!).

I also ALWAYS bring a pair of postpartum panties to wear home.  I buy several pairs and wear these for a few months after baby is born.  They help hold your tummy in and smooth everything out under your clothing.  I recommend these to everyone-definitely try them!!  I also bring my belly bandit post pregnancy wrap, I like to wear it home under my clothing.

Breastfeeding essentials: I always bring my own nipple cream, nursing cover, and nursing pillow.  It's nice to have a cover when visitors are coming in and out and I love using my boppy as a nursing pillow.  Those are what I bring to the hospital, check out my full list of breastfeeding essentials here!

Toiletries: I pack travel size toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, face wash, deodorant, etc.) along with my make up and hair tools (make sure you have hair ties!).  It feels so good to shower, blow dry your hair, and put a little makeup on after giving birth.  I don't spend a ton of time getting ready in the hospital, but even minimal effort makes you feel human after giving birth!  I also always pack makeup removing face wipes... I was in labor for about a day with Sloan and once I had gotten my epidural I couldn't wash my face, but I felt so gross!  It was so nice to be able to freshen up my face using the face wipes.

Technology:  I pack my laptop and camera and their chargers.  I also always bring an extra long phone charger (I bought mine on Amazon) because there is never an outlet close to the hospital bed!

What's in baby's bag:
I bring baby's stuff in my diaper bag.  The hospital will have pretty much everything baby will need, but I do like to bring a few of my own things for baby.  The hospital will supply you with basic toiletries, diaper, and wipes.  They'll even have a blanket and onesie for baby, but I always bring my own blankets and clothing!

Clothing: I always bring baby a simple gown, footie pajama, and their going home outfit.  I also pack a few hats or bows and mittens so that they don't scratch themselves.

Comfort items: I pack a few swaddle blankets, a pacifier, and a burp cloth or two.  My favorite swaddle blankets are from Aden and Anais, KB Cute designs, Madly Wish, and Max and Moose.  I love Witts End Design burp cloths.  I also throw in baby nail clippers, their nails can be really long at birth!

Think about bringing a cute photo prop (maybe something with baby's name or a letter board to display their birth stats) to use in baby's first photo!  Also, if you plan on using a baby book, bring it with you and try to record a few thoughts and memories while you're in the hospital.  I chose the Early Years baby book by AMK Designs Shop for baby brother.

What's in dad's bag:
Clothing: Pack dad two or three outfits (don't forget his socks and underwear!).  Eric usually just wears gym clothes so that he's comfortable.  The hospital can get a little chilly so make sure he packs a jacket or sweater.

Toiletries and comfort items: Pack travel size toiletries for dad as well.  You'll also want to pack a pillow and blanket for dad.  While there is a "bed" for him to sleep in, there aren't usually many linens for dad.

Technology: Bring dad's phone charger along with his laptop and camera if he uses his own and won't be using yours.

A few other things to think about as you prepare:
-We usually install baby's carseat in our car around 38 weeks, just in case!

-I always get my hair done, a manicure, and a pedicure one to two weeks before my due date.  These are things that will be more challenging to do once baby arrives and you want to feel your best when you give birth!

-I've been induced with all of my babies, so I've always had time to prepare before leaving for the hospital!  I always make sure the house is picked up, beds are made, and all of the essentials are in the fridge before we go.  Coming home with a newborn can feel a little overwhelming, it's nice to come home to a clean house and fresh sheets!

-Prepare gifts for older siblings.  If you plan on giving older siblings a gift from the baby, do that in advance and have it ready to go a few weeks before baby is due.  You may also want to think about anything you might need to prepare for your older children's caregiver while you're away.

-Purchase nursing and postpartum essentials before baby comes and have them ready and waiting for you at home.  See my full list of breastfeeding essentials here!

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