Tuesday, November 26, 2019

2019 Men's Holiday Gift Guide

Over the years Eric has become easier and easier to shop for.  He know's what he likes, but doesn't buy much for himself.  So it's fun to spoil him on Christmas!  I hope you find something for your favorite guy here!

2019 Women's Holiday Gift Guide

This was hands down the easiest gift guide I made this year!  Filled with things I have and love or things that I've been eyeing for awhile, I'm excited to share with you guys!!  Happy shopping mama's!

Yoga pants (FAVORITE for postpartum with that high waist!)
Hello Lovely cheese board
Puffer coat (This coat is at the top of my Christmas list!)
Slippers (need these in my life asap)
Facial cleansing brush (Makes me skin feel amazing, every woman should have one!)
Mascara (Only the BEST mascara of all time, you need it)
Tall tumbler (perfect for iced coffee and it's dishwasher safe!)
Face Lotion (My new favorite and it's under $20!)
Faux fur blanket (Dear Eric, mama needs this!!!)
Stacking tree candle (Have it and LOVE the scent!)
Sweater (This is my new favorite sweater and it's 30% off right now!)

2019 Toddler Boy Holiday Gift Guide

Less than a month until Christmas!!  I'm hoping to knock most of my Christmas shopping out this weekend so I had to finish up my lists!  I just decided on Briar's gifts and had to share some of my favorites!

Colorful blocks set (This is Briar's big gift this year!)

Monday, November 25, 2019

2019 Girls Holiday Gift Guide

Eeeeeeep it is exactly ONE MONTH until Christmas!!!  I am so crazy excited for Christmas to come, but also feeling a little anxious about the fact that I have purchased one tiny little gift so far!  It is time to get shopping!  I'm hoping to score some Black Friday deals so I decided I had to start making my shopping lists!  I just finished up with my girls so I wanted to share some favorites!

(I am also getting my girls these  Frozen makeup sets!)
Disco ball earrings (matching necklace and bracelet  here)
Kids digital camera (this is the thing I'm most excited to give my girls!)
Kid's rainbow Amazon echo dot (this will be the girls "big" shared gift!)

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Holiday Decor Favorites

It's the most magical time of year 🎄🎅🏻☃️!!!  I held out as long as I possibly could, but I finally caved and put our tree up last night.  We probably won't decorate the tree until this weekend, but gosh I love having those warm white lights fill our living room at night.  There's nothing like rocking your newborn next to a Christmas tree.  Simply the best!

I've gotten a few new Christmas decor items this year that I wanted to share!  Everything is linked below.  Happy holiday shopping friends!

Paper ornaments ( white) ( pink)
Wreath. Love the twinkle lights on this wreath and that its battery operated so you don't have to plug it in!
Gingerbread houses.  These would look so cute on a mantel or dresser.
Rainbow pom stocking.  There is also a  red version that I love.  Oh and I also grabbed this oversized pom stocking this year too!
Wooden star tray.  Hello cutest little start board, perfect for a holiday charcuterie spread!
Tinsel star ornament.  I saw these in store and couldn't resist grabbing a few, I love a little sparkle on the tree!
Matte bowls.  Favorite bowls ever and the matte holiday ones are too good.
Christmas mug.  Every year I get one holiday mug and this was the one I chose this year, it's so pretty!
Bottle brush trees.  Love these shades of pink.
Colorful ornament set.  I also love these  confetti ornaments!!
Doormat.  Grabbed this in store and love it!
Tree collar.  This is the exact tree collar I got this year!  

For those asking about our tree, I will link it here (ours is 8ft tall)!  I love it so much and it's on sale!  Plus you can save an additional 10% by using code HELLOBABYBROWN.  I also got four of these  pom garlands for our tree this year and love them!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Easy Halloween Costumes with Mini Boden

It's finally fall which is exciting and special for so many reasons!  Obviously number one being the arrival of our sweet baby boy, Autry Baker!  He is just the sweetest baby and we are all enjoying fighting over holding him ;).

No one loves this season quite as much as Phayre Bear though, Halloween is her absolute favorite thing ever (remember her Halloween birthday party in August?!)!  Dressing up and eating candy?  Sign her up all day long.

We have so many fun events and birthday parties in October.  My kids don't usually like to repeat costumes and I'm not up for buying multiple costumes each year so I usually try to get creative and use items that we have or grab things I know we can use more than one time.  Mini Boden has the absolute cutest Halloween items, perfect for everyday wear, but also easy to turn into quick costumes!  We have a Halloween themed birthday party coming up and thanks to Mini Boden, I'll be bringing the cutest witch, kitty cat, and monster to the party!

I've shared before how much I love Mini Boden because their quality for children's clothing just cannot be beat!  I love all of their Halloween items this year.  Everything is super festive, but can easily be worn all year long.  Plus my kids think festive outfits are so fun!! We all got such a kick out of Briar jumping and screaming "RAWWWWR" when he was wearing his monster sweatshirt!

My kiddos are dressed head to toe in Mini Boden!  Shop their looks here:

Shop Sloan's complete witch costume here.

Shop Phayre's complete kitty cat costume here.

Shop Briar's complete monster costume here.

But wait for the very best part!!!  I have a coupon code for you guys!

15% off plus free shipping & returns over $49 with code HLWN (valid: 10/2-10/26).

Shop Sloan's outfit here.  Witch hat is a few years old.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Back to School Favorites 2019

Sloan and Phayre start school in 25 days!!!  I'll be honest, I am SO not ready to get back on an early morning schedule.  I also just love having them home so much!!!

I took the girls school clothes shopping this morning and we found a few cute things, but I was kind of disappointed with how picked over the stores were!  I couldn't find anything they liked in their sizes!  We came home and finished up our shopping online and I am happy to check school shopping off of my list!  Now I just need to start preparing for this baby to come (so soon!!).

Here are our favorite back to school essentials, I hope you find something for your little lady here!

Striped dress (Both girls loved this dress so I had to order one in each of their sizes!)
Pink water bottle (These are our favorite, they're so durable and keep drinks ice cold!)
Pink polka dot coat (Got this one for Sloany! Seriously considering ordering it got P too.)
Rainbow freezer pack (these are my favorite kind, I order a few new ones each year)
Cardigan (my girls have these cardigans in so many colors, they go with everything and you can't beat the price!)
Glitter backpack (Sloan finally wore me down and I splurged on this for her, it is SO cute!!)
Skinny jeans (If you have a long and slender girl, she needs these.  These are the ONLY jeans that fit Sloan!)
Pointelle long sleeve tee (Favorite basic tees ever.  There is also a short sleeve version.)

I also wanted to mention that I love the name labels from Stuck on You.  Sloan uses these bento boxes to take her lunch to school and Phayre uses these divided containers to take her snack to school!

A Halloween Birthday Party (in August!) // Happy Birthday Phayre and Briar!

I love love love celebrating my two summer babies together!  Phayre and Briar's birthdays are just two weeks apart so it's been so fun the last two years throwing them joint birthday parties.  The best part about summer birthdays is getting to plan the party outside.  I rented a space at our local park and it was just perfect.  It's actually the same space we had their party at last year (remember their cute little Camp Brown party??).

Phayre is so excited to finally turn four!  All of her little friends have already turned four so she's been dying to join the big four year old club.  She's also the last of her little friends to move up to the pre-k class at church which has been a very big deal for her.  They're all reunited on Sunday's so life is just as it should be :).

I cannot believe Briar is about to turn two.  Even though I am pregnant and about to have another baby, I still feel like I was just pregnant with B!  Fastest two years of my life I swear!!  Briar is at such a fun age.  He's talking like crazy, is so polite, and one of the funniest humans I have ever known.

Phayre Bear requested a Halloween dress up party this year which was pretty funny since their birthdays are in the summer.  I thought for sure she'd eventually change her mind and pick a different theme, but she was adamant that it be a Halloween dress up party so that's just what we did!

So many friends came to celebrate P and B.  They had the best time and we are so grateful we got to share such a fun day with so many friends!  Phayre wanted to be Tinker Bell at the party so that meant Briar had to be Peter Pan, Sloan had to be Wendy, and Eric and I had the worst Captain Hook and Nana costumes of all time! 😂

Phayre's Tinker Bell costume  /  Wings  /  Shoes  /  Headband  /  Briar's Peter Pan costume  /  Green tights  /  Sloan's Wendy nightgown  /  All of the banners and cake toppers are from Pearl and Jane  /  Eyeball balloons  /  Spiderweb tablecloth  /  Black cauldrons  /  Candy Corn  /  Ghost piñata  /  All of the little pumpkins on the table are from Hobby Lobby

Two Year Old Boy Gift Guide

Our little Briar Brown is almost two!!!  I know I know, I can't believe it either.  How on earth can this sweet boy of ours already be turning two?!

I rounded up some fun gifts for a two year old boy.  Briar is obsessed with airplanes so you'll see lots of airplane toys!  I can't wait to spoil our boy in just over a week!

Happy Birthday Phayre Bear! Four Year Old Girl Gift Guide

I made this gift guide over a month ago and never got around to posting it!  No secret that the blog has taken a back seat this last year... we're always around on Instagram though!

Phayre had the absolute best fourth birthday!  We brunched at her favorite restaurant (Slappy Cakes), played in the water at Jamison Square, shopped at a little local toy store, and finished the day at Por Que No for tacos!  Phayre loves all things rainbows and unicorns so you'll see those in lots of her gifts!  She asked for a jewelry box, a robe, and an American Girl Doll.  I found the cutest of each and that's just what our girl got for her special day!

F O U R   Y E A R   O L D   G I R L   G I F T   G U I D E 

I always get my girls some new books and workbooks.  I love this letter tracing book, Mermaid School, and All The Ways To Be Smart.
Daisy Hat (it sold out, bummer!)
Unicorn jewelry box (This was a massive hit, P loves it so much)
Poppy Lane and Co. bracelets (use code HELLOBABYBROWN for 20% off-these are our absolute favorite bracelets!)
American Girl Doll (This is one of the smaller Welly Wisher dolls and Phayre loves her SO much!!  You can also get them cute extra clothes!)

And now, a few photos from P's birthday!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for Kids!

After I scored myself some amazing fall goodies (see my favorites here!), I went back and found a few things for each of my kiddos.  I absolutely love the few things that I found for each of them!  My favorite item is probably the carseat for baby boy because I've been eyeing it for awhile and was so excited to see it go on sale!  I am also obsessed with the pink sparkly rain boots I found for the girls, the toy story hoodie I found for B, and the cute little winter bunting I found for baby!

Don't forget, you can pre-shop the sale now if you have a Nordstrom card!  The sale opens for everyone else on July 18th!

Girls underwear (I buy my girls a new pack of these every year!)

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites 2019

Hello Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and hello cutest fall clothes ever 😍.  I just got done shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I could not believe how many cute things there were!!  If you have a Nordstrom Card, you can pre-shop now.  The sale opens up to everyone else on July 18th!  As always with the NAS, hurry because things will sell out quickly!!

Here are the things I couldn't live without for fall...

Also worth mentioning: my  FAVORITE EVER maternity leggings are on MAJOR sale too!!!  Find those here!!

I also picked up some of  my all time favorite candles for barely over $20!

I'll be back later today with my kids picks!


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