Wednesday, November 11, 2020

2020 Holiday Gift Guides: Babies

2020 Holiday Gift Guides: Little Boys

2020 Holiday Gift Guides: Girls

Here are my favorites for the girls! I cannot wait to give Sloan the rainbow boombox and this book set and Phayre the princess castle and these boots. Both of our girls are asking Santa for Frozen fitness trackers and I have a good feeling they're both on the nice list and will receive them ☺️.

2020 Holiday Gift Guides: Men

 Here are a few ideas for men! Eric helped me with this guide and said his number one wants are a smoker grill, a grill tool set, and a power washer!

2020 Holiday Gift Guides: Women

Alright guys, I promised I would get my holiday gift guides onto the blog so here is the first one! I love making gift guides for women!! It's a mixture of a few things I have and love (Like the Amazon Echo, this facial cleansing tool, and my all time favorite lip crayon) and a some things I really want (like this MIXER 😍 and this darling vase). Enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Toddler Boy Easter Gift Guide 2020

As promised, my Easter gift guide for toddler boys!! Briar is sitting with me while I type this and he's pointing to everything and saying, "Mama, I want that!!"  Glad to know it's Briar approved!  :)

Talk back dragon (we actually already have this and my kids love it, it's so funny!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Girls Easter Gift Guide 2020

Well hello friends!! Times are crazy right now, but I've been distracting myself my getting my kids Easter baskets put together.  I can't believe Easter is only in a few weeks!  I basically only use my blog for gift guides anymore 🤪, but I don't really have time for much else and I love making them so I guess I'm good with that!

I just got done shopping for my kiddos Easter baskets and wanted to share my finds!  I'll share what I got for my boys next!

Polly pocket (it's like an old school polly pocket!! Definitely my favorite find for my girls!)
Kids on Stage game (this is my kids favorite game right now!)
Things Girls Love book (Sloan loves this book so much, I got one for P so that she has her own!)
Sparkle play doh (these unfortunately sold out)
Bus (wouldn't this be so cute for little figurines and LOL dolls?! I also love this rainbow bus!)

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