Friday, January 29, 2016

Phayre's Nursery Tour

Phayre's nursery has quickly become my favorite room in the house.  It's so light and bright, it makes me happy just walking in there!  Eric and I worked together on the room (he did all the handy work while I decorated my little heart out) and it turned out better than I had even envisioned.  There is an eclectic mix of products in her room, my favorites being the handmade items!

I began buying things for Phayre's nursery before I even found out she was a girl.  It was no secret I realllllly wanted another girl!  I had bought a few things for her and figured if it was a boy I would just put them in Sloan's room.  Well lucky for us, we got our second baby girl and I had so much fun with her nursery!

I didn't want a specific theme or colors for the nursery, but I did end up using a lot of pinks, mustard, gold, and florals.  I have a major soft spot for florals, you'll see a few pop up in P's room!  It has a shabby chic feel, with some modern elements as well.

Phayre's quilt was the perfect piece that tied everything together in her nursery.  I absolutely love the fabrics and the craftsmanship is just incredible.  We even have a little matching doll quilt (how cute is that?!).  Her crib sheet is so darling and whimsical, I ordered it the moment I saw it.  I am also so in love with her rug and felt like it was really reasonable for such a large rug!

Come on in and take a peek...

Eric put up wood planks and then white washed them to create the wall behind her crib.  Then we hung a floating shelf and covered it with frames and the most darling name blocks.  Another nursery favorite are the cloud mobiles.  I dreamed of these mobiles before I was even pregnant with Phayre.  They are so unique and look so sweet hanging above her while she sleeps.  The felt ball garland was the perfect finishing touch to this wall.


I can totally envision Phayre pushing this little doll pram around with the cutest handmade doll and little quilt (similar pram here).  And I love showing off all of the beautiful fabrics from her blankets and crib sheets in these peek a boo baskets (similar basket here).  I may have a bit of a blanket obsession, but at least I get to enjoy looking at all of them!

Phayre's dresser doubles as her changing table.  I love her simple changing pad cover because there are so many other colors around it.  I used picture ledges above her changing table to display artwork and picture frames.  The gold foil unicorn and "You Are Loved" frames are my favorite!  Her headbands hang from twine and clothespins (we may have a few too many headbands... yeah right, like you can have enough?!).  I also hung a fawn clock and a dreamcatcher (which hangs from a bow hook).  I repurposed a kitchen cart to hold her diapers, wipes, toiletries, and burp cloths and it fits so nicely in the corner. 


I love the simple mirror I found for Phayre's room (I got it at a discount store, but this one is similar).  I added a little wire rack below so that I could display (and easily see) her shoes.  It also has little hooks that let me display some of her special things (like this flower crownteething necklace, and romper).

Phayre's glider is really comfortable and I love how perfectly the fuzzy blush pillow fits on it.  I like to display my favorite floral blanket on the back of the chair (it's crazy soft).  Instead of a traditional ottoman, I use a gold pouf.  Above her chair I hung a watercolor art print and the cutest unicorn head!

We spray painted a cheap white curtain rod gold and hung sheer ruffled curtains (similar ones here).  The cutest little shelving unit hold's Phayre's toys and books (toy basket).  I love when books are cute enough to display!

We all enjoy Phayre's nursery so much and I love watching the girls play together in there.  This room was so fun to decorate and I look forward to watching her grow and change in this space.

I also just got this crib sheet and have really loved it in Phayre's room as well!

Hope you like P's room as much as we do!  Let me know your thoughts!




  1. Adorable! What an amazing little haven you've created for your sweet baby girl! Thank you so much for sharing my felt ball garland. 😊 it makes me so happy to see it in such a happy home! ❤️

  2. This is really amazing!! I've been meaning to blog about my little boys room-- it's my favorite room, as well. Something about those nesting hormones=perfection! I'll have to remember to do the whole house next time around... Thanks for sharing!!!!��

  3. Her room looks adorable. Great job

  4. Such a beautiful room - I love colour combo of pink and mustard!
    And that quilt... *swoon*

  5. Where did you get the little organizer cubes to store inside your ikea cart? We are searching for some to help organize our cart!

  6. Hello where is food trolley from in the photos?



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  8. I love this! So many great storage solutions!

    Where did you find those wire baskets you used for the shoes?



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