Saturday, February 6, 2016

Phayre's Adventures // 6 Months Old

Our sweet Phayre Bear is six months old!  Six months is a big milestone.  It's half a year!  And they do so many new things (eat solid food, sit up, etc).  Phayre is changing so rapidly, she's like a real baby now and not a newborn at all.  My mama heart is just aching as I feel her babyness slipping away from me.  Someone should tell you how much faster time flies by with your second baby.  Like it's unreal... I swear to you I feel like I was pregnant two weeks ago and should have a very very tiny newborn right now!  So this is me, telling you-It goes WAY faster with your second baby!  I can't even imagine how much faster it goes by with your third or fourth baby?!  Oh and I have to officially stop using "my toddler and newborn" as my excuse for being late or frazzled :(.  Nope, no newborn here (cue the big ugly mama tears).

Miss Phayre is weighing in at 15 pounds (40th percentile) and is 26.5 inches long (75th percentile).  She has the most delicious thighs.  And double (maybe triple) chin.  And cheeeeeeks!  Oh my gosh her cheeks :).  She's pretty easy going and such a happy girl.  She smiles at everyone, but only laughs when she thinks something is really funny.  She laughs most at Sloan and has this really deep chuckle.  It's hilarious.  She is very vocal, always making noises at us.  Her toes are constantly in her mouth and she ALWAYS wants a toy/teether in her hands/mouth.

Phayre still nurses every three hours (6 feedings a day) and is taking three naps per day.  She usually goes to bed around 8:30pm and sleeps until about 5:30-6am.  She wakes up to nurse and then goes back to sleep for a few hours.  She loves to sleep in and I LOVE that about her!  Whenever she wakes up and I go in and pick her up out of her crib, she wraps her arms around me and gives me the BEST hug for about ten seconds.  It's seriously like a little piece of heaven and I live for it everyday.  Her favorite thing in the whole world is taking bubble baths with her sister and she still hates being on her tummy.

We just started solid foods!  And I'm pretty sure my baby thinks I'm torturing her.  We started with avocado and after a few days tried broccoli.  She hates food so much.  I'm pretty sure at one point I saw her look at Sloan and mouth, "call child protective services."  She spits out what she can and then gags on whats left on her tongue.  I'm thinking she just wants to be my forever baby and breastfeed forever.  I might be ok with a forever baby ;).

We noticed shortly after starting solids that our normally happy girl was being very very fussy and having a hard time sleeping.  Phayre has severe acid reflux so I called the advice nurse and she said that avocado and broccoli can be really hard on reflux baby's tummies (avocado is super fatty and broccoli can make babies gassy-this can add to reflux pain).  So we just started pea's and she seems to be doing much better... although she still hates eating!  Next up is green beans and then sweet potatoes.  I am making all of P's baby food, I'll post some of my fave recipes on the blog soon!  We're easing her in to food with purees, but hope to incorporate some baby led weaning in the next month or so.

See I told you, she HATES solid foods!

P is almost sitting up, she kind of hunches over and then leans on one hand.  She'll sit for a bit and then start whining for me to pick her up.  Baby girl loves to be held!  I don't mind though, I have become very good at doing things one handed.  She still loves being in the wrap and falls asleep almost instantly.

Well thats what our girl is up to these days!  She is just this bright little light in our lives and I still can't believe I get to keep her!  We love her crazy amounts, but sure wish she'd slow down and stop growing up so fast!



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