Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Where to buy the cutest maternity clothing

It's no secret that your clothing options are a bit more limited when you're pregnant, BUT there are still some really cute options out there.  You just might have to look a little harder :).  By my third pregnancy I know what clothing lasts, which styles stand the test of time, and which brands have the cutest maternity looks!  If you're pregnant, I hope these are helpful!  And if you're not, just pin it for later!

When I was pregnant with Sloan I was still working as a teacher so most of my maternity clothes were business casual.  When I was pregnant with Phayre, I was staying home and chasing after a toddler (and it was the dead of summer), so I purchased a lot of new maternity clothing.  I knew that she wasn't going to be my last baby, so I tried to buy pieces that I knew were high quality and would last me through my baby making years.  When it comes to maternity clothing, I believe less is more.  Purchase items that are good quality, are classic pieces (that will stay in style), and try to find items that you can mix and match to create new looks.  Layer pre-pregnancy sweaters and accessories with your maternity dresses and tops to create different looks.

Here are a few of my favorite places to shop for maternity clothing... I am sharing a lot of dresses and summer items, but all of these brands have great winter and fall items as well!

Nordstrom stopped selling maternity clothing when I was pregnant with Sloan, which was a major bummer!  They have since brought back their maternity department (online-they don't sell maternity clothing at my local Nordstrom).  Nordstrom has a lot of staple pieces and while they're a little on the spendy side, they're always the best quality.  If you're pregnant, you absolutely need a pair of Blanqi leggings.  I cannot believe how many pairs of Target leggings I went through before finding Blanqi leggings!  I plan on purchasing a pair of the postpartum leggings before baby comes.  I also highly recommend this support tank and my favorite maternity jeans (I love these jeans in black too!).

Ingrid & Isabel:
Not to play favorites, but Ingrid & Isabel is probably my go-to for everyday maternity pieces.  Everything I have ever ordered is super high quality and crazy soft-and when you're pregnant, super soft and comfortable clothing is important!  Since this is my second summer pregnancy, I wear a lot of dresses.  I have this off the shoulder midi dress in cream and black, thats how much I love it!  I also cannot stop wearing this ruched tank dress (there is a long sleeve version as well).  I&I also makes the softest leggings, I wear the full length leggings and capri length leggings all the time.  My most used Ingrid & Isabel maternity items are their tank tops (you need a few, I promise!).  I have been buying the skinny strap tanks and rib knit tanks since I was pregnant with Sloan.  I wear them even when I'm not pregnant, they're my fave.

I have a love/hate relationship with Asos.  Their everyday items (leggings, tee shirts, tank tops, etc.) don't usually stand the test of time.  But-they have the best occasional dresses!  I look to Asos for dresses to wear to special events (like my baby showers).  I recently wore this pastel striped dress and this floral dress while I was in Palm Springs and they were so perfect!  I wouldn't buy more than one or two of these dresses while pregnant because you'll get so little use out of them though.  I just ordered this organic cotton maxi dress and I'm super excited to get it, it looks really comfortable!

Seraphine Maternity:
I actually just discovered Seraphine maternity a few months ago and I looooove their summer dresses.  This white maxi dress is a current fave and I've been eyeing this striped swimsuit.  If I wasn't having a summer baby, I would be all over this coat-I love that you can put baby in it once they arrive!  Everything I've gotten from Seraphine so far has been great quality, which is so important.

I love H&M for simple basics.  I have several of their basic scoop neck tees, the white and navy stripe is my favorite.  I also love this chambray v-neck dress and this comfortable striped maxi dress.

Gap and Old Navy:
I don't shop at Gap and Old Navy a ton for maternity clothes, but I do have a few basic pieces that I love wearing.  I love this plain black maxi dress-I wore it so much when I was pregnant with Phayre that I donated it and bought a new one for this pregnancy (I wore it out!).  I wear this zip-up hoodie a this t-shirt dress all the time.

Pink Blush Maternity:
Another great place to buy maternity dresses!  I also adore their delivery robes.  I really love this basic short sleeve maxi dress, I have it in black and taupe.  I also love this floral delivery robe, perfect for before, during, and after pregnancy.

A few other items I can't live without are the 24 hour dresses from Plain Jane and flat sandals.  My current favorites are women's saltwater sandals and these leather sandals!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites

This week absolutely flew by!  Our week was jam packed with play dates, appointments, activities, and Sloan's spring preschool program (which was the highlight of all our week!).

We are fiiiiiinally getting started on P's big girl room this weekend!  Eric is going to paint the room and then we'll put up the cutest floral wallpaper.  I am so excited for you guys to see her big girl bed!  Equally sad that she's big enough for a big girl bed :(.  While most of her decor will remain the same, she is getting all new bedding and a few new goodies for her new space.  I just got a little felt ball garland from Hooray Everyday to hang on her headboard and it is sooooo cute!  I promise I'll share a full room tour once it's complete!

Even though we're staying home to work on house projects this weekend, we do have some fun Memorial Day plans with friends!  The girls have some super cute fourth of July accessories that I'll bring out for this weekend.  Zozu Baby is releasing patriotic bow socks and a ton of summer bows tonight!!!  Bonus, you can win some shop credit over on my Instagram today!!!

I got the girl's these dresses and couldn't resist grabbing these sandals and this beach bag.  Ok ok and while I was at it, I grabbed this tote bag for myself (it was too fun to pass up).  They're all on major sale this weekend, run!!

I can't stop thinking about our baby boys arrival!  He'll be here soooo soon!  I started thinking ahead to his newborn photos and because I absolutely hated what I wore in both of the girls newborn photos I decided to start looking for the perfect outfits now.  I found the perfect simple white dress and knew I had to share it with you guys!  I tried it on and I can actually wear it now over my bump.  It will be perfect and flattering once baby is here and I need to hide my postpartum tummy.  (P.S. it runs big)

I love me some cheap sunglasses (because I constantly lose or break them!) and these cat eye sunglasses are my current fave!

I decided I'd really blow Sloan's mind this summer so I bought her a unicorn pool float that has glitter in it!!  She's going to be so excited!
The girls have been really interested in looking at the birds in our backyard lately.  They also both pretend there are creatures in the backyard and run around yelling about how scared they are of the creatures, it's hilarious :).  I decided I wanted do something for the birds and get the girls involved so we're going to make these diy bird seed ornaments this weekend!  I'll let you know how they turn out!

Now that it's getting warm outside, I'm dying to make this corn and avocado salad.  Make sure you're following me on Pinterest, I am currently obsessed with barbecue recipes (shocker coming from the prego, I know).

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend babes!  Enjoy those three days off!  Oh wait we're moms, we don't get days off ;).




Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why you need to take a momcation

I just got home from Palm Springs and I have never felt so refreshed as a mama!  I met some girlfriends in Palm Springs for my best friend Lauren's thirtieth birthday.  Lauren is one of my absolute favorite humans on the planet, the sister I never knew I wanted.  While I was so excited to celebrate her, I was crazy nervous to leave the girls.  The only time I've left Sloan was when I gave birth to Phayre and I've never left Phayre for more than a few hours.  So, a girls trip was much needed even if I was anxious about leaving!  Eric rocked being Mr. Mom though and I am so grateful!  The girls had a blast and I came home to flowers and a clean house!  I had so much fun and feel rested and recharged.

My third pregnancy has FLOWN BY!  When I think about having less than three months until baby comes I feel frantic.  We still have so much to prepare and do before baby boy comes.  Life has been so loud and busy, I definitely haven't focused on myself or this pregnancy much at all.  So even though I went to Palm Springs to celebrate my sweet friend, it sort of felt like a babymoon.  I had so much time to think about him and what life will be like once he gets here.  I touched my belly constantly and savored each one of his kicks.

Bottom line, the trip was amazing!  I made memories that I will forever treasure and I'm just so thankful that I was able to get away and recharge my wife and mama batteries.  Getting away takes preparation and a very understanding spouse, but it is SO worth it.  If you ever have the opportunity to get away TAKE IT and run!  You'll be so thankful you did!  You don't have to go far and you don't have to stay long, but you WILL return feeling refreshed.

I chatted with my girlfriends while we were on the trip and we came up with ten reasons you NEED to take a momcation...

1. You get to sleep in.  Enough said.
2. You get to be selfish (which is basically not allowed ever when you're a mom).  Your needs and interests come first.
3. You get to have long, fulfilling conversations that will NOT be interrupted!  You also won't have to spell out words like S-H-I-T or S-E-X in the middle of your conversation, bonus :).
4. You'll be able to let a lot of your stresses and anxieties go.  It's amazing what a little relaxation can do for you.
5. You get to turn off the Frozen soundtrack and listen to music that you like.  And by music that you like, I mean music from your glory days.  Oh Britney how I missed you!
6. You get to take your time getting ready.  Long uninterrupted showers are the bomb dot com.
7. You get to get all dressed up and no one, absolutely no one will wipe their boogers on your clothing.
8. You get to attend late dinners.  Dinners that begin after your child's bedtime and do not include cutting food into tiny bite size pieces.  Dinners that include an appetizer and dessert and endless conversation.  Note: my dinner did not include wine because of the whole pregnancy thing, but yours most certainly should!
9. You get to carry a purse.  Hell you can carry a little clutch!  No heavy diaper bag weighing you down.
10. You get to take photos and make memories with your friends.  The friends that you love dearly, but don't get to spend nearly enough time with.

Lot's of you asked about accommodations and recommendations in Palm Springs.  We were lucky enough to get to stay in a beautiful home owned by some friends of Lauren's (omg it was amazing, I want to move there full time!).  They don't currently rent it out, but I would highly recommend finding a home with a private pool to rent out!  I had the best iced coffee everrrr at Koffi and we enjoyed an incredible steak dinner at La Quinta Cliff House (thank you for the recommendation Kaitlin!!).  A few other places worth trying are Jackelope, Tommy Bahamas (great rooftop bar), and TKB deli.

A big giant thank you to my love, Eric.  You were the best ever and I am so thankful for all that you do for me and the girls!

Now a little photo recycling (sorry if you already saw these on my Instagram!).

Saying goodbye to the girls was so hard!  They were perfectly fine and I cried like a baby.
My dress is old (non maternity), find my shoes here.

I got to the house first and could not figure out what to do with myself.  I was made painfully aware of how much I don't know how to be alone or have free time!

B for baby Brownie!

Swimsuit by Kourtni Jeane

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Favorites (summer faves)

Hello and happy Friday babes!  I'm in Palm Springs on my first ever girls trip! I feel so lucky that I got to squeeze this trip in before baby comes and that Eric has rocked being a single dad so far.  He was SO excited to have the girls all to himself, it made me feel a teensy bit better about leaving them!

Now that I'm having my second summer baby, I've decided that even though being pregnant in the summer can be uncomfortable (hashtag kankles) it is so fun to dress a summer bump.  Summer dresses are just so effortless and I've found several recently that are non maternity (perfect for now and after baby brother comes!).

Lot's of you have asked about these sunglasses I had last year, they came back this year and they're only $12!  I also just ordered these sunnies and love the fun shape.

Absolutely obsessed with this (non-maternity) maxi dress and off the shoulder dress.  I bought this lace maternity dress for an event we have this summer and it's so perfect on (I'm going to pair it with these simple pumps).  I am wearing this fun striped maternity dress tonight and it is WAY too cute!

I thought this was just the cutest swimsuit for baby girls.  I also love this tankini set for toddler girls.  Sloan's favorite ever heart sunglasses are back this year too!

When I get back home, I will be greeted by P's new big girl bed!  It is full steam ahead on her big girl room now that she's a big potty trained girl.  We are going to attempt a peel and stick wallpaper from Shop B Darling and I am so excited to see how it turns out!

My blanket obsession runs pretty deep so I am currently loving finding fun blankets and swaddles for baby brother.  My current fave (with the absolute cutest prints) is Clementine Kids.

My sweet friend Sara sent me this video and I seriously NEEDED IT.  I cried watching it, like big ugly pregnant lady tears.  If you're a mama (especially if you're a stay at home mom) you have to watch it!

And because it's almost summer, you need to try my favorite Mediterranean pasta salad.  It's the BEST ever.

That's all I have for you today babes, I hope you all have a great weekend!



Thursday, May 18, 2017

Household chores with Dapple Baby

I partnered with dapple on this post, all opinions expressed are 100% my own!  Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

My sweet Sloan Eloise just turned four.  FOUR!  It seems crazy even to type it.  How is my sweet little baby four (which is way too close to five and kindergarten if you ask me)?  While I'm sad she's growing much too quickly, I absolutely love getting to know big girl Sloan.  She is so full of wonder, has the best imagination, and talks non stop.  I love how much she talks, I always know what she's thinking :).

There were moments of three year old Sloany that gave me a run for my money.  Ok who am I kidding?  Something tells me four year old and every year old Sloany is going to give me a run for my money ;).  Sloan is independent, strong in her convictions, and just as stubborn as her mama.  Sloan is also a major rule follower (she gets that from me) and a badge earner (she gets that from Eric).  I quickly learned that Sloan learns through positive reinforcement.  I've shared before about her sticker charts.  We've recently added chores as a way for her to earn stickers.  She does chores to earn stickers and then eventually earns a prize.  Right now this is really working because she's a bit too young to earn money.

Sloan has small chores, some she does everyday and some that I ask her to do when I see an opportunity for her to help.  She let's our dog out to go potty every morning, she helps me prepare meals, and always puts the girls shoes and coats away when we get home.  Her favorite chore is helping me do the dishes.  She stands on a stool and scrubs all of the food off of the dishes and then hands them to me and I load the dishwasher.  She loves being such a big helper and I love spending time with her.

When Sloan first started helping me with small household duties I became very aware of the cleaning products I was using.  Obviously I don't want her holding or using something that could harm her!  For the most part, I do buy products that are safe for Sloan to use.  I did realize that our dish soap wasn't nontoxic.  I started looking for something that would be safe for the girls to use (because P is always close behind Sloan and likes to "help" with the dishes as well... and by help, I really mean make a giant soapy water mess).  I found dapple and instantly fell in love with the brand.  Dapple products are plant based, nontoxic, and are especially designed to clean baby's unique messes.  All of their products are tailored towards households with babies and kids.

We started with the dish soap and now I can't stop buying dapple products.  I especially love the dish soap because it's perfect for all of the girls dishes.  It quickly washes milk residue out of sippy cups and cleanses pacifiers, but is also tough enough to wash the grease off of adult dishes.  Not to mention the scents smell amazing.  The grapefruit scent is my favorite and Sloan is all about the foaming dish soap.  We probably use seven times more soap than we need to when she helps, but it's totally worth it because she's so excited to help!

Dapple products are available at lots of retailers like Target, Walmart, Babies R' Us, and Buybuy BABY.  Definitely look for them next time you're shopping for household products.  And make sure you get the dish soap, it smells amazing!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Potty training before two

I didn't originally plan on sharing about P's potty training journey for a few reasons.  1.  I am not an expert and who knows if what works for us will work for you.  And 2. I really don't want to write all about pee and poo!  Sooooo many of you had questions on Instagram though, so I decided to share what has worked for us and hopefully you will take something away that might work for your babe!  This post is lengthy, I tried to be as detailed as possible... So I'll give you my short version (ya know for you impatient ones ;)) and the long version.

Short version:
Introduce the potty a few months before you actually plan on potty training.  Be super casual about it, let them sit on it when you're using the bathroom or getting ready.  Don't expect them to actually use, just let them get comfortable with it.  Make sure the potty is NOT a scary or stressful thing.  When you decide to go for it for real, carve out three days where you do not leave the house.  Prepare for it ahead of time and make sure you have everything you need before the actual day comes (see list below).  Keep them naked from the waist down (not even underwear at first!) and keep your little potty seat close to you wherever you are in your house.  At first you should set an alarm and sit them on it about every 20 minutes.  Once they start to understand whats going on, just start asking them regularly if they need to go potty.  Give them their favorite drink and pump them full of fluids-the more they have to go, the more practice they're getting using the potty.  Accidents should never ever lead to them getting in trouble, remember the potty should not be a scary place.  If they do have an accident, take them straight to the potty and remind them that that's where they should go potty.  And finally, set up some sort of reward system that is age appropriate for your child!

Ok and now the long, more thorough version:
Let's start at the very beginning.  Sloan sat on a potty seat when she was about 16 months old while we were visiting my best friend.  I thought it was so cute, she looked so big up on the potty and she loved how big it made her feel.  When we got home she kept asking to sit on the potty so I ordered a seat for her.  I knew that she was probably too young to potty train, but figured it couldn't hurt to have her sit on the potty here and there.  Potty training wasn't really on my radar as we were getting ready to move from Seattle down to Portland, but she sat on it whenever I was using the bathroom and peed on it from time to time.  Once we were settled down in Portland she started asking to use the potty all the time.  She pretty much stopped wearing a diaper while we were at home, but I still just wasn't in a rush to potty train (we had just moved and were trying to get settled AND I was newly pregnant with P and super sick all day long).  We did this for a few weeks and right before she turned 19 months, she started refusing a diaper all together.  So, I knew it was time to potty train for real.  We stayed home for one full day and she used the potty all day without any accidents so I declared her potty trained and I started searching for the tiniest panties I could find.

I'm telling you all of that just to tell you that Sloan basically potty trained herself.  I followed her lead and she made it beyond easy on me.  It also left me feeling super clueless when it came to potty training Phayre though!  I was so nervous to potty train P, but to my surprise she has actually been super easy!  I have no idea if our potty training scenarios have been "normal".  I am happy to share what we did and what worked for us, but like I said... I am not an expert!  If you have any additional questions, please leave them in a comment below!!

Phayre started noticing Sloan going potty and showing interest around 18 months so I pulled our little potty seat out and started sitting her on it here and there.  She'd sit on it for a minute or two and quickly wiggle off yelling, "pee pee all done!"  She did this a few times a day for about a month before she actually peed in the potty.  She started peeing on the potty here and there, but not often.  Usually she'd just sit for a few minutes before getting bored and popping up.  By 20 months she started running to me every time she peed or pooped in her diaper and wanted changed right away.  Her vocabulary was also exploding and she was starting to string sentences together.  I knew it was time to potty train her, BUT we were getting ready to go on vacation in a few weeks (Disneyland) so I held off (could you imagine running a newly potty trained toddler through Disneyland trying to find a bathroom... nope, no thanks).

So since we're back home and all our post vacation laundry is done, I decided it was time.  I've been letting P run around naked and sit on the potty regularly since we got home, but we went all in last Friday.  P has done amazing and I'm so excited to say that she is officially potty trained!

Here are some tips and tricks that have worked for us...

-I waited until I knew P was ready.  She is super verbal so I knew she had the ability to tell me when she needed to go.  She was really upset by a dirty diaper and wanted it changed immediately.  She also so badly wants to be a big girl like her big sister, so that definitely helped!  We had been "practicing" for a few months and she had gone on the potty several times, I knew she was comfortable using the potty.

-I made sure we didn't have any plans for three days so that we could stay home and she could be naked all the time.  Try not to leave the house for three solid days so that you can take your babe out in underwear with confidence (Ok ok I broke this rule twice.  We had swim lessons and did end up going out to dinner on the third day, but only because it was Mother's Day!).

-Be prepared!  Before the actual day comes, make sure you have everything you may need!

Pre-Potty Training Checklist:
-Potty seat or toilet inserts
-Rewards (treats or a sticker chart and stickers)
-Potty books (see our faves below)
-Their favorite or a new beverage that they'll drink a lot of
-Games and toys to keep you busy-staying home for three days straight kind of sucks!
-Underwear, don't pull these out until day three though!
-Flushable toddler wipes

-I learned the hard way that at first they just need to be naked.  Panties are super cute and they love them, but they will treat them like a diaper.  P was totally naked from the waist down for the first two days (minus the first morning when I learned this lesson).

-Give them LOTS to drink so that they have to go potty a lot.  The more opportunities they have to go potty, the more learning experiences they're having.  P has never had apple juice so I let her have juice for the first time (I mixed water with organic apple juice) and she loved it.  She chugged it and went potty A LOT.

-P never ever got in trouble for having an accident.  You don't ever want going potty to become a scary or negative thing.  When she did have an accident, I would take her the potty and sit her down and remind her that her pee pee needs to go in the potty now.

-At first I set an alarm for about every twenty minutes and sat P on the potty.  Within about three hours she started telling me when she had to go and I stopped setting the alarm and just started asking her regularly if she had to go.

-When I would sit P on the potty, I would have her sit and try for about five minutes.  I would read potty books to her and we'd sing songs.  Her favorite potty books are Princess Potty (there is a Pirate Potty book too), Potty, and Potty Fairy Princess (there is also Potty Superhero).

-I had the potty inserts on all of our toilets, but I also had a little potty that came with us from room to room so that it was pretty much always right next to her.

-I brought our Gathre mat with us all around the house.  She ate her meals on it, played on it, and watched cartoons on it.  She had one accident on it and it was so easy to wipe clean (plus it saved our carpet from the accident!).

-I got Sloan as involved as possible.  She was jealous at first that P was earning treats and she wasn't. So I told her that every time she "helped" P go potty and cheered her on, she could earn a treat too.  Sloan was thrilled to be involved and P was even more excited and motivated to have her big sister by her side.

-When P did go pee on the potty, Sloan and I would absolutely FREAK OUT-screaming, jumping, and cheering her on.  P loved every single minute of it :).

-I still put a diaper on her for naps and at night.  When Sloan potty trained early, my pediatrician told me it probably wasn't age appropriate for her to be able to stay dry while sleeping.  My pediatrician also said that you can't teach a child to stay dry during rest, it is a connection in their brain and they will do it when they're developmentally ready.  ***update: Phayre never peed during rest so after about a week of staying dry during rest, I stopped putting a diaper on her.  She stays dry through nap and at night so we are officially diaper free!!

-The day before we started potty training, I let P pick out her potty treats from the store.  She chose skittles and mini kit kat bites.  She gets one candy every time she pees.  Teaching them to poo on the potty is MUCH harder, I bought little princess figurines and at first she got to choose a little figurine when she pooped on the potty.  Eventually she started getting the hang of it so that turned into a candy treat as well.  Choosing a reward system that is age appropriate is really important.  An older child can understand a sticker chart and even work towards earning something with their stickers.  Because P is only 21 months she needs instant gratification so a little piece of candy is perfect.

-Now that we are finally getting out, I always bring our little potty chair and lysol wipes in the back of my car.  If she has to go potty while we're out, I always know I have a potty close by.  I even bring it in our stroller basket if we're going on a long walk.  I bring the lysol wipes so that I can clean it after each use.

-Consistency is KEY!!  This is why staying home for three days is so helpful.

To give you a clearer idea, here is how our first day of potty training went:

7:30am: Phayre woke up and I brought her into my room and took her diaper off.  I immediately sat her on the potty, she did not go.

7:36am: P pooped on my bedroom floor (accident #1-awesome start to the day).

7:37am: I sat P back on the potty, she didn't go.  When she got off the potty, I put her panties on.  She was thrilled to be wearing big girl panties!  I gave her a cup of milk and she chugged it.

7:38am: I text Eric and said, "Maybe P isn't ready to potty train.  Maybe I'm too pregnant to potty train her right now?!  Should I give up and try this another time?"  He claims he was in a meeting, but I'm pretty sure he ignored my text ;).

7:55am: I sat P on the potty, she didn't go.

8:00am: P peed in her panties (accident #2).

8:01am: I sat P on the potty, she didn't go.

8:25am: I sat P on the potty, she didn't go.

8:37am: P peed in her panties while eating breakfast (accident #3).  At first I thought she might just be distracted because she was eating, but then I realized she was using her panties like a diaper.  I did not put a new pair of panties on her after this accident.  She started drinking apple juice mixed with water during breakfast.

9:00am: I sat P on the potty and she PEED!!!

9:25am: I sat P on the potty, she didn't go.

9:50am: I sat P on the potty, she didn't go.

10:10am: I heard P say, "potty, potty" so I sat her on the potty and she PEED!!!

10:40am: I sat P on the potty, she didn't go.

11:00am: I heard P say, "pee pee, pee pee, potty." so I ran her to the potty chair and she PEED!!!

At this point she had communicated that she needed to go twice so I stopped setting my alarm to take her.  She wasn't communicating it really clearly, it was more like she was thinking it aloud to herself. I had to pay really close attention, but I was able to hear when she needed to go.  I kept her super hydrated for the rest of the day so that she had lots of chances to practice.  She didn't have any other accidents the entire rest of the day.  I continually asked her if she needed to go potty and reminded her that she didn't have a diaper on.  She also started communicating the need to go much clearer by the end of the day.

Day two:

Phayre continued going pee pee on the potty and telling us when she needed to go.  I kept the potty seat close to her at all times and she didn't have any accidents.  By the afternoon I could tell that she needed to go poop.  She kept sitting on her potty seat and then she'd get nervous, pop up, and say "all done, all done!"  So I did exactly what I did with Sloan, I turned on her favorite movie (Monster's Inc) and sat her down on her potty chair in the middle of the living room.  Ten minutes into the movie she finally relaxed and went poop on her potty.  I FREAKED OUT in excitement which she LOVED and then she got to pick out a princess figurine.  She very quickly associated pooping on the potty with a toy.  That night she ran to her potty, pooped, and started screaming, "POOP! PWINTCESS TOY!!!"  I was actually shocked she caught onto pooping on the potty so quickly, but it did take a movie and getting her relaxed that first time.  She had zero accidents on day two!

Day three:

On day three I continued doing everything the same.  She was naked all morning and I kept the potty seat in whatever room we were in.  She didn't have any accidents so we decided to go out to dinner (because it was Mother's Day!).  I'll be honest... Eric and I were both pretty nervous.  We took her potty right before we left and brought her little potty in the car.  As soon as we got to the restaurant I took her potty and then again when we were finished eating.  She didn't have any accidents on day three so she officially gets to start wearing big girl panties :).

I hope that this has been helpful!  I think P caught on pretty fast and I feel lucky that potty training her was pretty painless.  I don't have much to compare it to though so I don't know if she's the norm when it comes to potty training.  I also wouldn't have been in a rush to potty train her if I didn't think she was ready (she's only 21 months old!).  If you have any other questions drop them in a comment below and I'll be sure to get back to you!  Next up... getting our big girl into her big girl bed!

Xo, M

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Brown Bumpdate / 25 Weeks

Girls dresses are sold out, these are similar:  1,  2,  3,  4,  5 (5 is for big girls)  /   Girls shoes  / 
Girls bows c/o  Zozu Baby  /   My dress c/o Seraphine
Photos by  Lindsey Wiatt Photography (I love you Lindsey!!)

Holy crap you guys, this pregnancy is flying by!  25 weeks already and we are almost down to double digits in days left.  I can't stop dreaming about my tiny boyfriend!!  I'll be totally honest, when I first found out this baby was a boy I felt more shocked than anything.  I was excited and happy, just really really shocked!  Did I mention I felt shocked ;).  Obviously I knew there was a good chance it could be a boy, but I've only ever been a mom to girls!  It's all I've known and honestly all I could really imagine.  The pregnancy was so different and I often thought it might be a boy, but I still just couldn't imagine a baby boy!  As time has passed I have gotten more and more excited.  I'm not shocked anymore and I know I'm going to rock being a boy mom!

I'm at the point now where I can't stop thinking about him and cannot wait told hold him and kiss him!  I constantly pick up his things and stare at them, trying to imagine him using or wearing each item.  I'm also so curious as to who he'll look like, especially because my girls looked so different as babies.  But mostly, I cannot wait to see the girls ooh and ahh over him.  They are both SO excited!  I love hearing the girls talk about him.  Sloan often talks about what it will be like to be the big sister to TWO babies, she loves feeling like a grown up.  I've been trying so hard to really soak in my alone time with the girls.  I know life is going to change so much once baby brother is here and the girls will seem even bigger than they do now.  I want to make sure I make the most of this time, just us three girls.

In terms of feeling prepared, I've never felt less prepared this far along in a pregnancy.  Life has been busy and we just haven't had the time to focus on baby!  Eric has been busy getting his moms house ready to sell, but it should go on the market in the next two weeks so we're nearing the end on that big project.  Once the house is sold, settling her estate should move along much faster.  We're so ready to put all of that behind us and really focus on our little guy.  We have a few other home projects to complete this summer, but our main focus will be P's big girl room and the nursery!  I cannot wait to see his nursery come to life!

Sweet boy, mama loves you SO much and I'm so excited to meet you!

2 5  w e e k  b u m p d a t e

Due date: August 25th, 2017

How far along: 25 weeks!

How many days to go: 107

Gender: BOY!

Baby's name: Eeeeeeeeep baby boy has a name!!  We've decided not to share just yet, but I will say that Eric and I were at odds FOREVER and I am the one that caved.  I let him name our son and he was shocked and then so so excited!

Size of the baby: He is over a foot long and weighs about a pound and a half.  They say he's the size of an acorn squash... which doesn't seem big enough when I look at how big my belly is.

Movement:  He moves like CRAZY and his kicks are so big and aggressive.  So different from the girls!  His kicks actually hurt sometimes which I never ever experienced with either of the girls.  He also likes to push his little back and bum up against my belly.  I'm a little nervous he's going to be a wild child based on his constant movement.  Eric and Sloan have felt his kicks which has been super fun!  

Total weight gain so far: 19 pounds.  This is no surprise as I am ALWAYS hungry.  And always eating.  No shame in my game folks :).

Most recent doctor appointment: I had an appointment at 23 weeks and baby boy's heartbeat was 150 beats per minute.  He was moving like crazy and my doctor said everything looks great.  I have my glucose test at my next appointment, I cannot believe I'm already that far along?!

Belly button in or out: in, but that baby is barely hanging on.  I think it'll pop out soon!

Favorite maternity clothes right now: We've had some warm weather so I've been living in dresses.  Basically if it feels like pajamas, I'll wear it.  I've been loving this white maxi dress and this midi dress.  And of course alllll the leggings (Blanqi leggings are my fave).

Stretch marks: I have a little one above my belly button from when I was pregnant with P... it pretty much faded away, but has recently gotten a little darker and I can see it again.  No new ones though... yet!

Sleep: I still wake up a few times a night to pee, but it's definitely not as bad as it was!  Sleep is much better right now!  

Mood: I feel like I'm a little sassier than usual... like I just don't have the patience to put up with bull shit.  Don't worry, I'm not like a massive B!  I'm just really assertive these days!  

Food cravings: Ice cream/popsicles, berries, mangos, and I stilllllll cannot get enough spicy chicken sandwiches from Chick-fil-a.

Favorite moment this week: Pretty much anytime Eric or Sloan feels baby boy move.  It's just so special seeing their faces light up when they feel him roll or kick.  I also looooove when P says the baby's name, it's beyond adorable.

I'm missing: Booze... Again, no shame in my game folks.

Biggest complaint: Still feeling a lot of pressure "down there" by the end of the day... he's just so low!

Recent baby purchase: My very sweet friend Amie sent me the BEST package ever from Witts End Design.  Amie makes the best burp cloths in the cutest prints, I'm obsessed with this set that she created for me!  I also ordered some swaddles from Max and Moose, they look dreamy soft.

Nursery: Not really much progress so far (I feel so lame!), but his rug just came!  And we are finally making progress on P's big girl room!   Her bed is ordered and Eric is going to paint the room this weekend.  So hopefully it'll start to come together in the next week or so! Once her room is complete it's full speed ahead on the nursery!

Labor signs: none, thank goodness!

Photos by my main squeeze Lindsey Wiatt Photography.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Ahhh mother's day is right around the corner!  And if you're like me, you're just now starting to think about what to get your mama (sorry mom!).  Something tells me Eric and the girls still need to get me something too ;).  Life has just been busy, I'm sure you guys can relate!  I rounded up some of my favorite Mother's Day gift items, all of these items can be ordered online so hurry hurry!!

Craft + Foster candle (my absolute favorite candles, they make the entire house smell amazing!)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Disneyland with toddlers

We are home from our Disneyland vacation and we pretty much haven't stopped reliving the magic.  The girls had so much fun and made so many memories, I love seeing life through their eyes!  They're still talking about all the rides and characters (Sloan loved the teacups, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the goofy rollercoaster in toon town.  Phayre loved Monster's Inc, the Ariel ride, and alllll the dole whip floats).  Our vacation was magical and I enjoyed the family time so much, but my tired pregnant body sure is happy to be home!  I finally finished up all our laundry and the house is back in order (hallelujah!).

So many of you commented and messaged me asking for Disneyland tips with toddlers.  With my ridiculous amount of overgramming, I guess you all knew we were in Disneyland ;).  This was our fourth Disneyland vacation and I definitely learn something new each time we go.  I actually already shared a bunch of tips and tricks last time we were there, you can see that post here!  I will share a few more tips below.

The highlight of our trip was definitely celebrating Sloan's fourth birthday!  She had the BEST day and felt so special!  Between waking up to a bed full of balloons, cotton candy, picking out a special toy, and getting to have dinner with princesses and her friends Jules & Koko... it was pretty much the perfect day!  It was crazy how quickly she seemed four, trying to act so grown up!!  She even surprised us and went on splash mountain twice!

We usually visit family in southern California and then visit Disneyland for three days.  This time we only did Disneyland so we added on one more day.  Maybe it's just because I'm pregnant, but I've decided that Disneyland for toddlers is a lot like Vegas for adults... three full days is just about right and then you're pretty much too exhausted to function by the fourth day!  Our fourth day in Disneyland was fun, but we were definitely moving at a slower pace and there were a few more toddler tantrums.

I had an AMAZING time, but I probably wouldn't recommend four days at Disneyland while six months pregnant.  All I'm gonna say is pregnant kankles :-P.  But I am super thankful for one last vacation as a family of four!  I know P is going to seem so darn big and grown up once baby brother is here so I really soaked up those front pack naps on this trip (even if they about broke my back).

Once you've read my Disneyland tips and tricks post, come back and read these additional tips!

Booking your vacation:
-We booked through Costco travel again and felt like it was a great deal.  They no longer offer free character dining, but they do offer a pretty good size gift card to the parks when booking through them.

-If you have kiddos that still take a daily nap, I highly recommend staying at a Disneyland hotel (there are three to choose from).  When nap time roles around, it is so nice to quickly get back to your hotel and nap your babes.  Once they're up you can quickly get back into the parks and enjoy the late afternoon and evening.  And if you're six months pregnant, you will probably nap with your kiddos... every single day :).

-We have stayed at the Grand Californian the last couple times we have gone.  The hotel is beautiful and you cannot beat the location (it actually connects to California Adventure).  We were so bummed to find out upon arrival that the hotel is undergoing some major construction over the next several months.  The pool was closed which was a major bummer for the girls and the construction noise was pretty bad during the day.  Phayre was able to sleep through most of it, but it pretty much ruined Sloan's naps each day (SO much drilling).  So I would usually recommend the Grand Californian with flying colors, but I may hold off if they're still working on construction!

-This is the first trip we didn't rent a car so we took the Disneyland shuttle to and from the airport.  While this option is cheaper than getting a taxi, it is definitely not more convenient.  Our shuttle was delayed when we got in and when we were leaving.  If our return flight wouldn't have been delayed, we might have actually missed out flight!  We will not be taking the shuttle again, the delays were way too stressful!

-I cannot recommend making reservations through Disney dining enough.  If your kids are already on a schedule and you know their normal mealtimes, make reservations before you go (you can even make reservations at some of the restaurants in Downtown Disney).

-Our favorite restaurant inside Disneyland is Cafe Orleans, their Monte Cristo sandwich is uh-mazing!

-We tried the Blue Bayou restaurant inside of Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time this trip and if you have small children I highly highly do NOT recommend it.  It's dark and super expensive, our bill was more than Eric and I would have spent on a date night for the two of us... we left feeling kind of jipped.

-Eat as many dole whip floats as you can.  Just do it and thank me later :).

Making the most of your trip:
-I've talked about magic morning before (make sure to read about it in my previous Disney post) and how great it is, but I'm not sure if I ever mentioned that you can only participate in it if you're staying in one of the three Disneyland hotels.  We squeezed in seven rides during magic hour one morning, it is so worth it!!

-We brought our Uppababy Vista double stroller again and I seriously love that stroller (you can purchase the second seat here)!  It is narrow enough to easily move through crowds, but spacious enough to keep the girls comfortable.  You also can't beat the huge basket underneath, perfect for carrying extra clothes, alllll the snacks, and giant Sully stuffed animals.

-We bring our Vista in the Uppababy travel bags and I cannot recommend them highly enough.  The airline is so rough on your belongings and these really protect the stroller.

-I brought my Fawn Design diaper bag again and it was just the right size to carry our important belongings on the rides.  It's also the most comfortable backpack style bag that I have making it really convenient when waiting in lines.

-I always pack two outfits a day for the girls when we visit Disneyland.  The amount of comments and messages I get about the number of outfits they wear cracks me up.  Like why on earth do people care about how much laundry I'm going to have to do?!  Haha :).  Anyways, I do this for two reasons.  Both of my girls like to nap in pajamas.  When they wake up they want a clean outfit.  And that's the other reason I always pack two outfits-they get their clothing filthy while we're there!  Between food (and treats!), sweat, and sunscreen they really need two outfits a day.  Well usually it's just P who NEEDS a new outfit, but if I change her clothes Sloan demands to change hers too.  So even if your kiddos don't need two outfits a day, I do recommend packing a few extra outfits.

-Waiting in lines: I got the most questions about how the girls did waiting in lines for the rides.  We never stand in a line that is longer than 30 minutes (35 minutes MAX!!).  Most of the toddler rides don't ever have wait times that long.  If there is a busier ride that we want to go on, we either try to hit it up during magic hour or we check the Disneyland app throughout the day and go when there is a shorter wait time.  Lines will also be shorter during the parades at night.

The girls are actually really easy going when it comes to waiting in lines.  I always bring some snacks and little figurine toys in our diaper bag.  P is happy to snack on cheerios while Sloan's imagination runs wild with little princess figurines.  We sing songs, play I-spy, and talk about what we've done so far and what we still want to do.  Most of the rides are continuous loading so the lines move forward the entire time.

***Check back later this week for an airplane travel with toddlers post, I know lots of you had questions about that too!

I think that's all I have for you this time!  We love visiting Disneyland, it's so magical for the girls and Eric and I always enjoy it so much too!  I hope these tips help on your next Disney vacation!  If you have any other questions or want sources for anything please leave a comment below!



And now... the massive photo dump :).

Sloan's dress.  P's romper c/o The Little Design Co.  Bows c/o Wunderkin Co.

Party hat c/o Presh Toast

Sloan's dress and P's romper c/o Lali Kids.  Minnie Mouse bows c/o The Splendid Bow.  P's socks c/o Zozu Baby.

Big four year old girl!!

Sloan's dress by Vivie and Ash.  Sloan's shoes.  P's bloomers c/o Beckaloo Fashions.  P's peplum top and striped knee high socks by June and January.  Bow's c/o The Splendid Bow.  Bracelet's c/o Poppy Lane and Co.


Dresses c/o Remi Girl.  Bows and socks c/o Zozu Baby.

Sloan's purse c/o Baby Mama Sew Shop.

Outfits by June and January.  Bow's c/o Zozu Baby.

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