Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why you need to take a momcation

I just got home from Palm Springs and I have never felt so refreshed as a mama!  I met some girlfriends in Palm Springs for my best friend Lauren's thirtieth birthday.  Lauren is one of my absolute favorite humans on the planet, the sister I never knew I wanted.  While I was so excited to celebrate her, I was crazy nervous to leave the girls.  The only time I've left Sloan was when I gave birth to Phayre and I've never left Phayre for more than a few hours.  So, a girls trip was much needed even if I was anxious about leaving!  Eric rocked being Mr. Mom though and I am so grateful!  The girls had a blast and I came home to flowers and a clean house!  I had so much fun and feel rested and recharged.

My third pregnancy has FLOWN BY!  When I think about having less than three months until baby comes I feel frantic.  We still have so much to prepare and do before baby boy comes.  Life has been so loud and busy, I definitely haven't focused on myself or this pregnancy much at all.  So even though I went to Palm Springs to celebrate my sweet friend, it sort of felt like a babymoon.  I had so much time to think about him and what life will be like once he gets here.  I touched my belly constantly and savored each one of his kicks.

Bottom line, the trip was amazing!  I made memories that I will forever treasure and I'm just so thankful that I was able to get away and recharge my wife and mama batteries.  Getting away takes preparation and a very understanding spouse, but it is SO worth it.  If you ever have the opportunity to get away TAKE IT and run!  You'll be so thankful you did!  You don't have to go far and you don't have to stay long, but you WILL return feeling refreshed.

I chatted with my girlfriends while we were on the trip and we came up with ten reasons you NEED to take a momcation...

1. You get to sleep in.  Enough said.
2. You get to be selfish (which is basically not allowed ever when you're a mom).  Your needs and interests come first.
3. You get to have long, fulfilling conversations that will NOT be interrupted!  You also won't have to spell out words like S-H-I-T or S-E-X in the middle of your conversation, bonus :).
4. You'll be able to let a lot of your stresses and anxieties go.  It's amazing what a little relaxation can do for you.
5. You get to turn off the Frozen soundtrack and listen to music that you like.  And by music that you like, I mean music from your glory days.  Oh Britney how I missed you!
6. You get to take your time getting ready.  Long uninterrupted showers are the bomb dot com.
7. You get to get all dressed up and no one, absolutely no one will wipe their boogers on your clothing.
8. You get to attend late dinners.  Dinners that begin after your child's bedtime and do not include cutting food into tiny bite size pieces.  Dinners that include an appetizer and dessert and endless conversation.  Note: my dinner did not include wine because of the whole pregnancy thing, but yours most certainly should!
9. You get to carry a purse.  Hell you can carry a little clutch!  No heavy diaper bag weighing you down.
10. You get to take photos and make memories with your friends.  The friends that you love dearly, but don't get to spend nearly enough time with.

Lot's of you asked about accommodations and recommendations in Palm Springs.  We were lucky enough to get to stay in a beautiful home owned by some friends of Lauren's (omg it was amazing, I want to move there full time!).  They don't currently rent it out, but I would highly recommend finding a home with a private pool to rent out!  I had the best iced coffee everrrr at Koffi and we enjoyed an incredible steak dinner at La Quinta Cliff House (thank you for the recommendation Kaitlin!!).  A few other places worth trying are Jackelope, Tommy Bahamas (great rooftop bar), and TKB deli.

A big giant thank you to my love, Eric.  You were the best ever and I am so thankful for all that you do for me and the girls!

Now a little photo recycling (sorry if you already saw these on my Instagram!).

Saying goodbye to the girls was so hard!  They were perfectly fine and I cried like a baby.
My dress is old (non maternity), find my shoes here.

I got to the house first and could not figure out what to do with myself.  I was made painfully aware of how much I don't know how to be alone or have free time!

B for baby Brownie!

Swimsuit by Kourtni Jeane


  1. What an awesome time away - I couldn't agree more about the 10 reasons! So good for the mama soul. That striped dress is adorable x

  2. I want to look as adorable in a swimsuit while pregnant as you!!! (Also I want to see more of that tattoo!!!)

    So glad you had a great visit! :)

    1. Ha! My tattoo :), it's nothing special and SO old!! And thank you, you're so sweet!


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