Thursday, May 18, 2017

Household chores with Dapple Baby

I partnered with dapple on this post, all opinions expressed are 100% my own!  Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

My sweet Sloan Eloise just turned four.  FOUR!  It seems crazy even to type it.  How is my sweet little baby four (which is way too close to five and kindergarten if you ask me)?  While I'm sad she's growing much too quickly, I absolutely love getting to know big girl Sloan.  She is so full of wonder, has the best imagination, and talks non stop.  I love how much she talks, I always know what she's thinking :).

There were moments of three year old Sloany that gave me a run for my money.  Ok who am I kidding?  Something tells me four year old and every year old Sloany is going to give me a run for my money ;).  Sloan is independent, strong in her convictions, and just as stubborn as her mama.  Sloan is also a major rule follower (she gets that from me) and a badge earner (she gets that from Eric).  I quickly learned that Sloan learns through positive reinforcement.  I've shared before about her sticker charts.  We've recently added chores as a way for her to earn stickers.  She does chores to earn stickers and then eventually earns a prize.  Right now this is really working because she's a bit too young to earn money.

Sloan has small chores, some she does everyday and some that I ask her to do when I see an opportunity for her to help.  She let's our dog out to go potty every morning, she helps me prepare meals, and always puts the girls shoes and coats away when we get home.  Her favorite chore is helping me do the dishes.  She stands on a stool and scrubs all of the food off of the dishes and then hands them to me and I load the dishwasher.  She loves being such a big helper and I love spending time with her.

When Sloan first started helping me with small household duties I became very aware of the cleaning products I was using.  Obviously I don't want her holding or using something that could harm her!  For the most part, I do buy products that are safe for Sloan to use.  I did realize that our dish soap wasn't nontoxic.  I started looking for something that would be safe for the girls to use (because P is always close behind Sloan and likes to "help" with the dishes as well... and by help, I really mean make a giant soapy water mess).  I found dapple and instantly fell in love with the brand.  Dapple products are plant based, nontoxic, and are especially designed to clean baby's unique messes.  All of their products are tailored towards households with babies and kids.

We started with the dish soap and now I can't stop buying dapple products.  I especially love the dish soap because it's perfect for all of the girls dishes.  It quickly washes milk residue out of sippy cups and cleanses pacifiers, but is also tough enough to wash the grease off of adult dishes.  Not to mention the scents smell amazing.  The grapefruit scent is my favorite and Sloan is all about the foaming dish soap.  We probably use seven times more soap than we need to when she helps, but it's totally worth it because she's so excited to help!

Dapple products are available at lots of retailers like Target, Walmart, Babies R' Us, and Buybuy BABY.  Definitely look for them next time you're shopping for household products.  And make sure you get the dish soap, it smells amazing!


  1. Is that a towel with the cupcakes on it?!? So cute!

    1. Yes! It's so old, Sloan loves it though so I always bring it out!


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