Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Where to buy the cutest maternity clothing

It's no secret that your clothing options are a bit more limited when you're pregnant, BUT there are still some really cute options out there.  You just might have to look a little harder :).  By my third pregnancy I know what clothing lasts, which styles stand the test of time, and which brands have the cutest maternity looks!  If you're pregnant, I hope these are helpful!  And if you're not, just pin it for later!

When I was pregnant with Sloan I was still working as a teacher so most of my maternity clothes were business casual.  When I was pregnant with Phayre, I was staying home and chasing after a toddler (and it was the dead of summer), so I purchased a lot of new maternity clothing.  I knew that she wasn't going to be my last baby, so I tried to buy pieces that I knew were high quality and would last me through my baby making years.  When it comes to maternity clothing, I believe less is more.  Purchase items that are good quality, are classic pieces (that will stay in style), and try to find items that you can mix and match to create new looks.  Layer pre-pregnancy sweaters and accessories with your maternity dresses and tops to create different looks.

Here are a few of my favorite places to shop for maternity clothing... I am sharing a lot of dresses and summer items, but all of these brands have great winter and fall items as well!

Nordstrom stopped selling maternity clothing when I was pregnant with Sloan, which was a major bummer!  They have since brought back their maternity department (online-they don't sell maternity clothing at my local Nordstrom).  Nordstrom has a lot of staple pieces and while they're a little on the spendy side, they're always the best quality.  If you're pregnant, you absolutely need a pair of Blanqi leggings.  I cannot believe how many pairs of Target leggings I went through before finding Blanqi leggings!  I plan on purchasing a pair of the postpartum leggings before baby comes.  I also highly recommend this support tank and my favorite maternity jeans (I love these jeans in black too!).

Ingrid & Isabel:
Not to play favorites, but Ingrid & Isabel is probably my go-to for everyday maternity pieces.  Everything I have ever ordered is super high quality and crazy soft-and when you're pregnant, super soft and comfortable clothing is important!  Since this is my second summer pregnancy, I wear a lot of dresses.  I have this off the shoulder midi dress in cream and black, thats how much I love it!  I also cannot stop wearing this ruched tank dress (there is a long sleeve version as well).  I&I also makes the softest leggings, I wear the full length leggings and capri length leggings all the time.  My most used Ingrid & Isabel maternity items are their tank tops (you need a few, I promise!).  I have been buying the skinny strap tanks and rib knit tanks since I was pregnant with Sloan.  I wear them even when I'm not pregnant, they're my fave.

I have a love/hate relationship with Asos.  Their everyday items (leggings, tee shirts, tank tops, etc.) don't usually stand the test of time.  But-they have the best occasional dresses!  I look to Asos for dresses to wear to special events (like my baby showers).  I recently wore this pastel striped dress and this floral dress while I was in Palm Springs and they were so perfect!  I wouldn't buy more than one or two of these dresses while pregnant because you'll get so little use out of them though.  I just ordered this organic cotton maxi dress and I'm super excited to get it, it looks really comfortable!

Seraphine Maternity:
I actually just discovered Seraphine maternity a few months ago and I looooove their summer dresses.  This white maxi dress is a current fave and I've been eyeing this striped swimsuit.  If I wasn't having a summer baby, I would be all over this coat-I love that you can put baby in it once they arrive!  Everything I've gotten from Seraphine so far has been great quality, which is so important.

I love H&M for simple basics.  I have several of their basic scoop neck tees, the white and navy stripe is my favorite.  I also love this chambray v-neck dress and this comfortable striped maxi dress.

Gap and Old Navy:
I don't shop at Gap and Old Navy a ton for maternity clothes, but I do have a few basic pieces that I love wearing.  I love this plain black maxi dress-I wore it so much when I was pregnant with Phayre that I donated it and bought a new one for this pregnancy (I wore it out!).  I wear this zip-up hoodie a this t-shirt dress all the time.

Pink Blush Maternity:
Another great place to buy maternity dresses!  I also adore their delivery robes.  I really love this basic short sleeve maxi dress, I have it in black and taupe.  I also love this floral delivery robe, perfect for before, during, and after pregnancy.

A few other items I can't live without are the 24 hour dresses from Plain Jane and flat sandals.  My current favorites are women's saltwater sandals and these leather sandals!

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