Thursday, June 1, 2017

Brown Bumpdate / 28 weeks

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28 weeks along with baby Brownie and I'm beginning to feel like a broken record because I CANNOT FIGURE OUT WHERE TIME IS GOING?!  Seriously.  How is P almost two?  How on earth am I in my THIRD trimester?  And how is this little guy almost here?  The days are flying by and I feel overwhelmed by it.

I've gained quite a bit of weight so far.  When I look at the back of my thighs I get a little down, but as soon as I turn around and see my perfect basketball bump I seriously love being pregnant.  I'm constantly rubbing my bump, I love feeling his little back push up against me.  My belly is so round and sticks out so far... I get a lot of "Is there a basketball under there?" comments ;).  I do feel "heavy" sometimes, but I've really embraced this pregnancy.  I love dressing my bump and feel so comfortable in my skin.

I never missed being pregnant after I had the girls.  People would ask me if I missed it and I was always surprised by that question.  I would think, "No way, I finally get to hold my sweet baby and I don't have to pee every five minutes!"  I have a feeling I'll feel differently this time around.  I already feel sad about not having a bump to rub in just a few months.  I feel sad that time is flying by so quickly and will speed up even more once he's here and our arms and hearts are even fuller.

Last week we were out shopping and a man walked past me and said, "Wow! Looks like you're ready to pop! Any day now!"  I politely smiled and walked away feeling so stunned that someone said that to me so early in my pregnancy!  I immediately felt self conscious and thought, "Holy shit, I must look freaking huge, I still have twelve weeks to go."  I let it bother me for about five minutes.  I rubbed my belly and quickly got over it.  My body is doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing.  I'm growing a big healthy boy and for that I am forever grateful!

Word to the wise though... don't tell ANYONE they look like they're ready to pop :).

2 8  w e e k  b u m p d a t e

Due date: August 25th, 2017

How far along: 28 weeks!

How many days to go: 85 days (I had no idea we had reached double digits in days left until now, holy shit).  And I guess it's technically 78 days because I will be induced at 39 weeks!

Gender: BOY!

Baby's name: Baby Brownie does have a name!  We're not sharing quite yet :).

Size of the baby: He is about 15 inches long, 2.5 pounds, and the size of a large eggplant.  I was looking at eggplants in the grocery store yesterday and they seemed huge... this makes sense with how powerful his kicks are these days!

Movement:  He moves all the time and flips around and rolls when I lay down.  He moves my entire belly around, it's crazy how big his movements are!  

Total weight gain so far: 24 pounds.  I have legitimately never been so hungry in my life.  I have been trying so hard to stick to healthy snacks and not eat the junk food I'm constantly caving.  Sometimes (aka a lot of the time) my cravings get the best of me ;).  I gained 43 pounds with Sloan and 42 pounds with Phayre, it looks like I'm on track to gain about the same this time around.  I am just not a tiny pregnant person, damnit!!

Most recent doctor appointment: I had a doctors appointment last week.  I passed my glucose test, but was scolded for gaining too much weight.  My belly was measuring about two weeks bigger than it should... that never happened with the girls so I'm a little terrified this guy is going to be massive!  My doctor and I decided that if little man doesn't come on his own before, I will be induced at 39 weeks.  So he will for sure be here on or before August 18th!

Belly button in or out: It is officially out!  Luckily I have a pretty small belly button so it's not super noticeable.

Favorite maternity clothes right now: I just posted a bunch of my faves in this post.

Stretch marks: I have a little one above my belly button from when I was pregnant with P... it pretty much faded away, but has recently gotten a little darker and I can see it again.  No new ones though... yet!

Sleep: I still wake up a few times a night to pee, but sleep isn't too bad right now!  

Mood: I've been feeling more hormonal and sensitive than usual.  

Food cravings: Ice cream/popsicles, watermelon, cheeseburgers and fries (Five Guys is my current jam), and cheese and crackers.  Ok but true story... I ate eight otter pops in one evening.  EIGHT.  I just couldn't stop, they were so good.  Gee I wonder why I got in trouble for gaining too much weight at my last appointment ;).

Favorite moment this week: Having a baby brother is becoming very real for Sloan.  She talks about the baby non-stop.  She currently tells time by "before baby brother comes" and "once baby brother is here".  Phayre mimics her excitement which always puts a giant smile on my face.  Phayre constantly touches my belly and says, "Baby brother!!!  Kickin!  Kickin!"  Although sometimes she just puts her hand and my boob and yells, "BABY BROTHER!!!"  My boobs are so big right now, I can see how she makes the mistake ;).  

I'm missing: The recent warm weather has me missing allllll the cocktails.  I also really miss holding Phayre comfortably.  My belly button is so sensitive, it can be uncomfortable to hold her.  I'm trying so hard to soak up her babyness so I hold her as much as I can anyways!

Biggest complaint: I'm actually feeling really good.  If we're out and about a lot, I'm exhausted and sore by the end of the day.  It's always worth being out with my babes though!

Recent baby purchase: I actually haven't bought baby brother anything in weeks!  His things are piled up in his closet and I haven't had a chance to really go through anything.  I'm not letting myself buy anything until I've organized his things.

Nursery: Ok so no progress, BUT we are so close!  Last weekend we painted our guest room and started on P's big girl room!  We're waiting on some of her furniture and decor to come, but should have her room done in about a week.  Once she moves over to her big girl room I can start on the nursery!  We have all of his furniture and we aren't painting the nursery so his room should come together really quickly.  I'm still waiting on a few of his decor items and I'm hoping everything comes soon so I can share.  I am seriously so excited about his space-it's going to be simple and clean, but still really warm.  Stay tuned!!

Labor signs: none, thank goodness!

I cannot believe we're going to have another babe to fill that onesie out so soon!
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  1. ahh, i loved being pregnant! you look amazing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)

    xo, brittany
    amazon fashion finds on my blog today!

  2. I was SO much hungrier pregnant with my son! I was so sick with the girls for so long so it was different! You look amazing momma!


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