Sunday, June 11, 2017

My favorite clothing shops for boys!

Alright mamas, it's no secret that I'm new to this whole boy mama thing.  Remember when I first found out he was a boy and I was like, "BUT I CAN'T PUT A BOW ON HIM?!"  Well I quickly got over that and cannot wait for my tiny boyfriend to get here!  I love children's clothing and am so excited to dress him in all the tiny clothes that are waiting so patiently in his closet.  I have been collecting goodies for him over the last few months and it makes me so excited for his arrival!  Oh and P.S. anyone who tells you there aren't cute boy clothes?  Liar liar pants on fire.

Lot's of you have asked, so I wanted to share some of my favorite boy clothing brands and finds to far!

June and January
I am a long time fan and buyer of June and January.  The girls wear a ton of J&J so they were my first stop when I found out little guy was in fact a guy.  They offer the best basics for boys and girls in a huge variety of colors.  I wish I could order one of everything, they are seriously my fave!  I especially love the newborn bodysuits and sleeper gowns.  They also have a bunch of new goodies releasing this Friday (6/16)!

I have found soooo many cute baby boy clothes from h&m, probably more than I've found anywhere else.  Their baby boy clothing is super simple but still really stylish.

Old Navy & Gap
Ok so this one seems kinda obvious, but they have so many cute summer pieces right now it's worth mentioning.  I love Old Navy's basic solid pajamas, P had one in every color when she was a baby.  I've picked up a few for baby brother as well, they're a fave!  And every baby (boy or girl) needs a Gap bear ear hoodie.

Nordstrom is often the first place I look for something.  They have awesome brands and the best customer service around.  I love the Nordstrom Baby collection, this romper and this kimono set for baby are faves.

Candy Kirby Designs
I'm not even going to admit how many knotted gowns I've bought for baby boy, but I will say they're my fave ever.  I had a few when Phayre was a baby and loved them so much.  I love the heathered fabrics and will basically buy anything in the "cadet" color fabric.

I loooooove how super soft and comfortable Childhoods clothing is.  I am currently crushing on the new short tank rompers.  I am also a huge fan of their classic hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Zara pieces are usually a bit more trendy and less basic, but you can find some really cute boys clothes!

Tate + Tess
My friend Karissa actually showed me this brand and you can't beat the prices!  Lot's of simple basics in neutral colors, I really love their jammies and hoodies!

This is a brand I just recently found and I love pretty much everything!  I love the tie die shibori look and they have mastered it!  The blankets are super soft and the clothing is just darling (the clothing only comes in size 0-3 month though).  I hope they extend their sizes in the future!

My babies live in super soft jammies for the first month of their lives.  My absolute favorite brands for footed jammies are Paige LaurenKyte Baby, and L'oved Baby, and Kickee Pants.

A few other finds...




  1. Ahhhh love love loving this post!!! And now have about fifty different tabs open for shopping :p

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! Have fun shopping mama!!

  2. Adorable!! And I agree I have loved dressing my boy just as much as my girls if not more:) So fun!


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