Monday, June 19, 2017

The ULTIMATE Baby Registry Guide

As a seasoned mom of (almost!) three, I have seen my fair share of baby gear.  I get asked all the time about which brands and items are my favorite and I love sharing.  Baby gear can be overwhelming!  There is a lot to choose from and it can be hard to know exactly what you'll need.

I remember when I was pregnant with Sloan and Eric and I walked through a big baby store registering for all the tiny things.  I wanted to take my time, reading about every item, and carefully deciding which item was the best and would suit our needs.  After the first section of items Eric was over it.  He wanted to hurry things along which frustrated me.  We made it through about half the store before deciding we needed to finish on another day.  Selecting items for your baby can be stressful!!  The lists of what you "need" are endless, there's too many items to choose from, and on top of it all a lot of baby gear items are pretty spendy!!

So.  In hopes of helping another frustrated or overwhelmed couple, I present you with the ultimate baby registry!  These are all of the items that we've actually needed and used with each of our babies. I've also included which brands and specific items we've used and loved.

Baby Gear
-Carseat.  We have the Cybex Cloud Q infant carseat.
-Stroller.  We have and love the Uppababy Vista.  We also have the rumble seat and glider board so that all three of our kiddos can be carted around :).
-Baby seat.
-Rocker and/or swing.
-Baby Carrier.  I love the Solly wrap when they're really tiny and the Ergo 360 when they're bigger than a newborn.
-Pack n' play/play yard.   
-Owlet Care monitor.
-Dockatot (especially great if you're co-sleeping, but also great for baby to use in their bassinet or crib).  We've used the deluxe and the grand and my kids have loved sleeping in them.
-Diaper bag.  My favorites are my Fawn Design bag and my Honest Company diaper bag.
-Crib mattress.
-Changing table/dresser.
-Changing pad.
-Glider and ottoman.
-Bedding.  I went with custom bedding from Madly Wish and I cannot recommend them highly enough!

-Bottles (6-8).  We love the Comotomo bottles, I highly recommend them.  I suggest not opening and washing all of your bottles until after baby comes.  Baby's can be finicky with bottles and you want to make sure that they like the ones that you choose.
-Bottle drying rack.  I love the Boon lawn and suggest getting the twig accessory.  Even if your baby doesn't end up bottle feeding, you will use this item often.  We've used ours for bottles, breast pump parts, sippy cups, pacifiers, and much more.  You definitely need one!
-Bottle brush and baby safe dish soap.  We love dapple dish soap.
-Highchair.  My favorite is the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair with the baby seat accessory.  It is so easy to clean!
-Burp cloths.  My favorite ever are from Witts End Design.
-Breast Pump (if you plan on breast feeding).  I highly recommend the Medela freestyle hands free double electric breast pump.
-Breast pump accessories.  You'll need storage bags, nipple cream, breast pads, soft shells for sore nipples (these really come in handy those first few weeks when nursing can be painful).
-Nursing pillow.  I have tried a few different nursing pillows and always go back to my boppy (it has so many purposes, I promise you need one!!).
-Nursing cover.

Bath and Diapering
Diapers & wipes.  Once you've decided which brand you'll be using (we use the Honest brand), register for a variety of diaper sizes.
Diaper rash cream.
Diaper pail & liners.  We have the Dekor diaper pail and really like it.
Baby bath.  We love the angelcare bath seat.  It doesn't take up much space and is especially useful if baby bathes with siblings.  It's also so lightweight and can be used with even teeny tiny babies.
Hooded towels (2-3).
Washclothes (8-10).
Baby's toiletries.  You'll need a shampoo/wash and lotion.

Health and Safety
-Baby monitor. 
-Sound machine and nightlight.  We use the Hatch Baby Rest for both and love it.
-Nail clippers.
-Nail aspirator.
-Gripe Water.

Comfort Items
-Boppy.  I know I already mentioned this one, but you really do need one for several purposes (I actually have two, one for upstairs and one for downstairs).
-Pacifiers and pacifier clips.  Our favorite pacifier clips are from Loved By Sophia Claire.
-Swaddle blankets.  My favorites are from Aden and Anais, Max and Moose, and KB Cute Designs.

I personally never registered for clothing.  This was something I wanted to get on my own and even if you don't register for clothing, people will buy it for you anyways!  Everyone loves picking out tiny baby clothes :).  Just make sure you have a few onesies (side snap onesies are my favorite), gowns, and mittens (I love the goumikids mittens) for those first few weeks.


Friday, June 16, 2017

Fourth of July Favorites!

Happy Friday babes and happy Father's Day weekend!  We have a low key weekend planned.  A few house projects, movie night (which will most likely end up in a living room campout), a birthday party, and of course lots of spoiling and kisses for Dada on Sunday!

I thought I'd share some Fourth of July outfit inspiration this Friday since the Fourth is in less than three weeks!  I love love love Fourth of July.  Obviously I love celebrating our country and our freedoms, but the darling red, white, and blue outfits, fireworks, smores (and cakes and pies) don't hurt either!  The Fourth will be the last holiday we celebrate as a family of four!  It was also the last holiday we celebrated as a family of three before Phayre was born (her birthday is July 30th).  This fact has me feeling super emotional!  I want to hold and kiss my baby boy SO badly (ahh the anxiousness!), but I'm also a little scared of our life changing.  Buuuuuut that's for another time and another (very lengthy) post!

Back to the Fourth and some darling outfit inspiration for the littles (because I know, I know that's why you're here!).

It's no secret that I love occasional dressing.  Gimme a good theme and I will run with it!  I also love getting a lot of use out of the girls clothing, so I don't usually buy things that are too themey (yep, that's a word).  For the Fourth, my girls will of course be wearing red, white, and blue, but you won't catch them in giant American flag tees :).

I love buying clothing that I know they can wear beyond the holiday and adding accessories to match the holiday or theme.  The girls are wearing bows and knee highs from Zozu Baby, felt flower headbands from Fancy Free Finery (check out the berry headbands!!), and necklaces from Hooray Everyday.

If you're trying to coordinate siblings (especially if they're different genders), make sure you check out June and January!  They have a ton of great mix and match styles for boys and girls!  They are releasing a bunch of goodies tonight at 9pm EST too (if I don't score play dresses for the girls I might cry ;)).

A few more Fourth of July Favorites:

Sunday, June 11, 2017

My favorite clothing shops for boys!

Alright mamas, it's no secret that I'm new to this whole boy mama thing.  Remember when I first found out he was a boy and I was like, "BUT I CAN'T PUT A BOW ON HIM?!"  Well I quickly got over that and cannot wait for my tiny boyfriend to get here!  I love children's clothing and am so excited to dress him in all the tiny clothes that are waiting so patiently in his closet.  I have been collecting goodies for him over the last few months and it makes me so excited for his arrival!  Oh and P.S. anyone who tells you there aren't cute boy clothes?  Liar liar pants on fire.

Lot's of you have asked, so I wanted to share some of my favorite boy clothing brands and finds to far!

June and January
I am a long time fan and buyer of June and January.  The girls wear a ton of J&J so they were my first stop when I found out little guy was in fact a guy.  They offer the best basics for boys and girls in a huge variety of colors.  I wish I could order one of everything, they are seriously my fave!  I especially love the newborn bodysuits and sleeper gowns.  They also have a bunch of new goodies releasing this Friday (6/16)!

I have found soooo many cute baby boy clothes from h&m, probably more than I've found anywhere else.  Their baby boy clothing is super simple but still really stylish.

Old Navy & Gap
Ok so this one seems kinda obvious, but they have so many cute summer pieces right now it's worth mentioning.  I love Old Navy's basic solid pajamas, P had one in every color when she was a baby.  I've picked up a few for baby brother as well, they're a fave!  And every baby (boy or girl) needs a Gap bear ear hoodie.

Nordstrom is often the first place I look for something.  They have awesome brands and the best customer service around.  I love the Nordstrom Baby collection, this romper and this kimono set for baby are faves.

Candy Kirby Designs
I'm not even going to admit how many knotted gowns I've bought for baby boy, but I will say they're my fave ever.  I had a few when Phayre was a baby and loved them so much.  I love the heathered fabrics and will basically buy anything in the "cadet" color fabric.

I loooooove how super soft and comfortable Childhoods clothing is.  I am currently crushing on the new short tank rompers.  I am also a huge fan of their classic hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Zara pieces are usually a bit more trendy and less basic, but you can find some really cute boys clothes!

Tate + Tess
My friend Karissa actually showed me this brand and you can't beat the prices!  Lot's of simple basics in neutral colors, I really love their jammies and hoodies!

This is a brand I just recently found and I love pretty much everything!  I love the tie die shibori look and they have mastered it!  The blankets are super soft and the clothing is just darling (the clothing only comes in size 0-3 month though).  I hope they extend their sizes in the future!

My babies live in super soft jammies for the first month of their lives.  My absolute favorite brands for footed jammies are Paige LaurenKyte Baby, and L'oved Baby, and Kickee Pants.

A few other finds...



Monday, June 5, 2017

Traveling with toddlers: Airplane essentials

I get a lot of questions about traveling with the girls!  Traveling with toddlers can be a crapshoot.  They're usually either really good or their behavior resembles a feral cat.  I will be the first to admit, my girls are USUALLY super easygoing travelers.  They have always been great, especially on airplanes... until our last trip to Disneyland.  Our entire day was delayed, turning our hour and forty-five minute flight into an all day (8.5 hour) travel day.  When we finally landed in California, there was construction at the airport which caused us to have to taxi in the airplane for about an hour.  This is when the girls started to lose it (which was also coincidentally when Eric and I started sweating through our clothes as we felt ALL eyes turn to us), but I was able to somewhat hold things together because I was prepared!

I am self admittedly an over-packer, BUT I am also always prepared for the very worst.  Through all of our flights I have come up with a lengthy, but really useful packing list.  I usually bring my diaper bag with all of the usual items (diapers, wipes, etc.) and then a second "plane bag" with additional toys, activities, snacks, and extra clothes.  Now that the girls are getting older, I got them their own backpacks and they can carry their own toys and snacks (so I only have to carry one bag!).  Plus the girls looked SO cute walking through the airport with their little pink backpacks!  Below you will find everything I bring when we're traveling, let me know if you have any questions in a comment below!

What I bring in my diaper bag 
(I always travel with a diaper bag that can be worn as a backpack, my favorite is my Fawn Design bag):
-Diapers & wipes
-Extra clothes and underwear, for each kid, even if they are very much potty trained.
-An extra shirt for me.  Sloan threw up all over me on a plane once.  I never travel without an extra shirt for myself now!
-Pacifiers/comfort items.  Even if you aren't traveling during nap time, your travel plans could be delayed and your kiddo may need to nap while traveling.  Make sure you have their comfort/sleep items on hand.
-Covered Goods nursing cover.  Even though I'm not nursing right now, I never leave the house without my Covered Goods nursing cover.  I have found countless uses for it, including tying it on Sloan like a skirt when she had an accident and I didn't have any extra clothes for her!
-Swaddle blanket.  I always bring a small swaddle blanket just in case one of the girls needs to nap.
-Infant/childrens Tylenol
-Hand sanitizer
-Disposable bags.  If you do have an accident, you will be so glad you have bags to contain messy items.
-Gum and suckers, for takeoff and landing to help them pop their ears.
-My personal items (phone, wallet, chapstick, etc.)

What I bring in my "plane bag"/the girls backpacks
I bought the girls these little pink backpacks for our most recent trip!
-NEW toys, books, and activities (see what I brought for the girls on our last flight below).  I will usually throw in one or two of the girls favorite toys, but I try to stock their backpacks with a few new toys, books, and activities.  Giving them new toys keeps them engaged for a lot longer (and quiet!).
-iPad and headphones
-Snacks.  All the snacks.  I usually pack each girl a ziplock bag full of their favorite/non messy snacks.  For the girls I usually pack the strawberry toddler mum mums, fruit snacks, crackers, nuts, and dried fruit.  I don't pack anything that could potentially be messy like granola bars (melty chocolate fingers, no thanks) or applesauce.
-Sippy cup.  Whether we're on a road trip or an airplane, I always bring each girl a sippy cup.  My favorites are the Re-play sippy cups because they never ever leak.  This comes in handy when the girls want water on the airplane-I don't have to worry about their cup falling off their tray and soaking their laps
-Sweaters.  It gets cold on planes!

Like I said, I always bring the girls a few new toys, books, and activities when we're traveling.  I always bring new items because those items will keep them busy, quiet, and engaged for an extended period of time.  For Sloan (just turned four) I brought a tape activity book, a letter tracing book, a princess look and find book (Sloan is obsessed with find it books and can do them by herself now which keeps her busy forever), and some new princess figurine toys.  For Phayre (21 months) I brought some Monster's Inc. figurines, a new baby doll and bottle (P is obsessed with baby dolls, she always has one under her arm), and a color wonder coloring book and markers (highly highly recommend these for younger toddlers).  I also brought them each a book or two, a little notebook, and a ton of stickers (they will sit and stick stickers on paper forever).  If you have an older toddler, play dough is another great activity that they can play with on their airplane tray table.

Another super fun idea when traveling on an airplane is to bring a pack of the little gel window clings (you can find them in the dollar section at Target usually).  I did this with Sloan once and she spent at least half the flight rearranging them on the window.  I did not do it this last time because we only had one window seat and the girls definitely would have fought over doing this.  Hashtag sister probz.

I hope these lists were helpful!  My best advice is stay relaxed and try your best to go with the flow.  Unfortunately travel plans can be delayed or change and it's important to set the tone for your kiddos. Stay calm and order yourself a glass of prosecco, even if it is in a tiny plastic airplane cup and cost you $7, it is more than worth it my friend ;).



Thursday, June 1, 2017

Brown Bumpdate / 28 weeks

White lace dress  /  Custom bar necklace c/o  Mint and Birch

28 weeks along with baby Brownie and I'm beginning to feel like a broken record because I CANNOT FIGURE OUT WHERE TIME IS GOING?!  Seriously.  How is P almost two?  How on earth am I in my THIRD trimester?  And how is this little guy almost here?  The days are flying by and I feel overwhelmed by it.

I've gained quite a bit of weight so far.  When I look at the back of my thighs I get a little down, but as soon as I turn around and see my perfect basketball bump I seriously love being pregnant.  I'm constantly rubbing my bump, I love feeling his little back push up against me.  My belly is so round and sticks out so far... I get a lot of "Is there a basketball under there?" comments ;).  I do feel "heavy" sometimes, but I've really embraced this pregnancy.  I love dressing my bump and feel so comfortable in my skin.

I never missed being pregnant after I had the girls.  People would ask me if I missed it and I was always surprised by that question.  I would think, "No way, I finally get to hold my sweet baby and I don't have to pee every five minutes!"  I have a feeling I'll feel differently this time around.  I already feel sad about not having a bump to rub in just a few months.  I feel sad that time is flying by so quickly and will speed up even more once he's here and our arms and hearts are even fuller.

Last week we were out shopping and a man walked past me and said, "Wow! Looks like you're ready to pop! Any day now!"  I politely smiled and walked away feeling so stunned that someone said that to me so early in my pregnancy!  I immediately felt self conscious and thought, "Holy shit, I must look freaking huge, I still have twelve weeks to go."  I let it bother me for about five minutes.  I rubbed my belly and quickly got over it.  My body is doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing.  I'm growing a big healthy boy and for that I am forever grateful!

Word to the wise though... don't tell ANYONE they look like they're ready to pop :).

2 8  w e e k  b u m p d a t e

Due date: August 25th, 2017

How far along: 28 weeks!

How many days to go: 85 days (I had no idea we had reached double digits in days left until now, holy shit).  And I guess it's technically 78 days because I will be induced at 39 weeks!

Gender: BOY!

Baby's name: Baby Brownie does have a name!  We're not sharing quite yet :).

Size of the baby: He is about 15 inches long, 2.5 pounds, and the size of a large eggplant.  I was looking at eggplants in the grocery store yesterday and they seemed huge... this makes sense with how powerful his kicks are these days!

Movement:  He moves all the time and flips around and rolls when I lay down.  He moves my entire belly around, it's crazy how big his movements are!  

Total weight gain so far: 24 pounds.  I have legitimately never been so hungry in my life.  I have been trying so hard to stick to healthy snacks and not eat the junk food I'm constantly caving.  Sometimes (aka a lot of the time) my cravings get the best of me ;).  I gained 43 pounds with Sloan and 42 pounds with Phayre, it looks like I'm on track to gain about the same this time around.  I am just not a tiny pregnant person, damnit!!

Most recent doctor appointment: I had a doctors appointment last week.  I passed my glucose test, but was scolded for gaining too much weight.  My belly was measuring about two weeks bigger than it should... that never happened with the girls so I'm a little terrified this guy is going to be massive!  My doctor and I decided that if little man doesn't come on his own before, I will be induced at 39 weeks.  So he will for sure be here on or before August 18th!

Belly button in or out: It is officially out!  Luckily I have a pretty small belly button so it's not super noticeable.

Favorite maternity clothes right now: I just posted a bunch of my faves in this post.

Stretch marks: I have a little one above my belly button from when I was pregnant with P... it pretty much faded away, but has recently gotten a little darker and I can see it again.  No new ones though... yet!

Sleep: I still wake up a few times a night to pee, but sleep isn't too bad right now!  

Mood: I've been feeling more hormonal and sensitive than usual.  

Food cravings: Ice cream/popsicles, watermelon, cheeseburgers and fries (Five Guys is my current jam), and cheese and crackers.  Ok but true story... I ate eight otter pops in one evening.  EIGHT.  I just couldn't stop, they were so good.  Gee I wonder why I got in trouble for gaining too much weight at my last appointment ;).

Favorite moment this week: Having a baby brother is becoming very real for Sloan.  She talks about the baby non-stop.  She currently tells time by "before baby brother comes" and "once baby brother is here".  Phayre mimics her excitement which always puts a giant smile on my face.  Phayre constantly touches my belly and says, "Baby brother!!!  Kickin!  Kickin!"  Although sometimes she just puts her hand and my boob and yells, "BABY BROTHER!!!"  My boobs are so big right now, I can see how she makes the mistake ;).  

I'm missing: The recent warm weather has me missing allllll the cocktails.  I also really miss holding Phayre comfortably.  My belly button is so sensitive, it can be uncomfortable to hold her.  I'm trying so hard to soak up her babyness so I hold her as much as I can anyways!

Biggest complaint: I'm actually feeling really good.  If we're out and about a lot, I'm exhausted and sore by the end of the day.  It's always worth being out with my babes though!

Recent baby purchase: I actually haven't bought baby brother anything in weeks!  His things are piled up in his closet and I haven't had a chance to really go through anything.  I'm not letting myself buy anything until I've organized his things.

Nursery: Ok so no progress, BUT we are so close!  Last weekend we painted our guest room and started on P's big girl room!  We're waiting on some of her furniture and decor to come, but should have her room done in about a week.  Once she moves over to her big girl room I can start on the nursery!  We have all of his furniture and we aren't painting the nursery so his room should come together really quickly.  I'm still waiting on a few of his decor items and I'm hoping everything comes soon so I can share.  I am seriously so excited about his space-it's going to be simple and clean, but still really warm.  Stay tuned!!

Labor signs: none, thank goodness!

I cannot believe we're going to have another babe to fill that onesie out so soon!
Shirt's c/o  Little Faces Apparel!


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bringing baby boy home // The Cybex Cloud Q Infant Carseat

I partnered with Cybex on this post.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own!

I may be a (almost!) mom to three, but that doesn't mean I'm pulling out the mom jeans just yet!  Style and aesthetic are still as important as ever to me-especially when it comes to baby gear.  Obviously safety and functionality are my top priority, but bonus if the items are aesthetically pleasing.  I recently found the Cybex Cloud Q infant carseat and was instantly drawn to it because of it's sleek design.

Cybex creates carseats, strollers, and baby carriers that are designed for urban lifestyles, ideal for families on the go.  They have the highest standards in safety and are designed and engineered in Germany.  While their products are safe and made of the highest quality, the designs are innovative and truly beautiful.  I am so excited about our new Cloud Q infant carseat and I can't wait to tell you guys why.

Eric and I decided we each want to have an infant carseat in our cars (switching over three carseats is way too big of a pain and we prefer to take his car out on the weekends).  Our priorities were different when it came to an infant carseat though.  After safety and functionality, I wanted a carseat that would match my style and look nice in my car and while I'm carrying it out and about.  I wanted a carseat that is really plush, a comfortable space where baby can rest comfortably and safely.  I also wanted to make sure that our infant carseat could click onto our double stroller (which the Cloud Q can!).  I was so excited to find the Cloud Q because it checked every item off my list of must haves.

As with all Cybex products, the Cloud Q meets the highest safety standards.  The carseat offers telescopic linear side-impact protection and an energy absorbing shell to help absorb force if the carseat was ever involved in an accident.  There is also a five point harness and an 11 position height adjustable headrest.

My favorite feature that the Cloud Q offers is the ergonomic design with full recline position for when outside of the car.  This is perfect for when baby is taking a snooze on the go.  With a longer leg rest and full recline position, baby can rest comfortably in a safer position (the reclined position reduces baby's risk of suffocation while snoozing in their carseat).  You can easily adjust your baby's recline angle with one hand while they're still in the carseat.  I haven't ever seen a carseat do this, I was so impressed by this feature.

I also love the Cloud Q's large sunshade.  It is UPV 50+, perfect for my summer baby.  But what I love even more about it is that it folds into itself and doesn't hang off of the back of the carseat when it's not in use.  This feature adds to the carseats great overall look and design.  It covers a good portion of the baby, making it an ideal shield against sun, wind, and rain.

Overall, I just love this carseat and walking past it everyday in our hallway is making me even more excited for baby brothers arrival (which is so soon!).  I chose the Cloud Q Plus in Manhattan grey and I absolutely love the fabric (It has a really cool denim texture to it).  It fits right within my style and I know baby boy will be super comfortable.  If you're looking for an infant carseat, I highly recommend checking out the Cybex Cloud Q.  You can learn lot's more about this carseat here.

But seriously guys, I am just so excited for baby boys arrival!!  Every time I look at our carseat I think, "Oh my gosh my baby will come home in this carseat!"  The girls are absolutely obsessed with this carseat.  They're constantly fighting over who gets to put their baby in it... or who gets to sit in it.  I crack up evertime they sit in it because they look massive :).   Eeeep just so excited :).

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Where to buy the cutest maternity clothing

It's no secret that your clothing options are a bit more limited when you're pregnant, BUT there are still some really cute options out there.  You just might have to look a little harder :).  By my third pregnancy I know what clothing lasts, which styles stand the test of time, and which brands have the cutest maternity looks!  If you're pregnant, I hope these are helpful!  And if you're not, just pin it for later!

When I was pregnant with Sloan I was still working as a teacher so most of my maternity clothes were business casual.  When I was pregnant with Phayre, I was staying home and chasing after a toddler (and it was the dead of summer), so I purchased a lot of new maternity clothing.  I knew that she wasn't going to be my last baby, so I tried to buy pieces that I knew were high quality and would last me through my baby making years.  When it comes to maternity clothing, I believe less is more.  Purchase items that are good quality, are classic pieces (that will stay in style), and try to find items that you can mix and match to create new looks.  Layer pre-pregnancy sweaters and accessories with your maternity dresses and tops to create different looks.

Here are a few of my favorite places to shop for maternity clothing... I am sharing a lot of dresses and summer items, but all of these brands have great winter and fall items as well!

Nordstrom stopped selling maternity clothing when I was pregnant with Sloan, which was a major bummer!  They have since brought back their maternity department (online-they don't sell maternity clothing at my local Nordstrom).  Nordstrom has a lot of staple pieces and while they're a little on the spendy side, they're always the best quality.  If you're pregnant, you absolutely need a pair of Blanqi leggings.  I cannot believe how many pairs of Target leggings I went through before finding Blanqi leggings!  I plan on purchasing a pair of the postpartum leggings before baby comes.  I also highly recommend this support tank and my favorite maternity jeans (I love these jeans in black too!).

Ingrid & Isabel:
Not to play favorites, but Ingrid & Isabel is probably my go-to for everyday maternity pieces.  Everything I have ever ordered is super high quality and crazy soft-and when you're pregnant, super soft and comfortable clothing is important!  Since this is my second summer pregnancy, I wear a lot of dresses.  I have this off the shoulder midi dress in cream and black, thats how much I love it!  I also cannot stop wearing this ruched tank dress (there is a long sleeve version as well).  I&I also makes the softest leggings, I wear the full length leggings and capri length leggings all the time.  My most used Ingrid & Isabel maternity items are their tank tops (you need a few, I promise!).  I have been buying the skinny strap tanks and rib knit tanks since I was pregnant with Sloan.  I wear them even when I'm not pregnant, they're my fave.

I have a love/hate relationship with Asos.  Their everyday items (leggings, tee shirts, tank tops, etc.) don't usually stand the test of time.  But-they have the best occasional dresses!  I look to Asos for dresses to wear to special events (like my baby showers).  I recently wore this pastel striped dress and this floral dress while I was in Palm Springs and they were so perfect!  I wouldn't buy more than one or two of these dresses while pregnant because you'll get so little use out of them though.  I just ordered this organic cotton maxi dress and I'm super excited to get it, it looks really comfortable!

Seraphine Maternity:
I actually just discovered Seraphine maternity a few months ago and I looooove their summer dresses.  This white maxi dress is a current fave and I've been eyeing this striped swimsuit.  If I wasn't having a summer baby, I would be all over this coat-I love that you can put baby in it once they arrive!  Everything I've gotten from Seraphine so far has been great quality, which is so important.

I love H&M for simple basics.  I have several of their basic scoop neck tees, the white and navy stripe is my favorite.  I also love this chambray v-neck dress and this comfortable striped maxi dress.

Gap and Old Navy:
I don't shop at Gap and Old Navy a ton for maternity clothes, but I do have a few basic pieces that I love wearing.  I love this plain black maxi dress-I wore it so much when I was pregnant with Phayre that I donated it and bought a new one for this pregnancy (I wore it out!).  I wear this zip-up hoodie a this t-shirt dress all the time.

Pink Blush Maternity:
Another great place to buy maternity dresses!  I also adore their delivery robes.  I really love this basic short sleeve maxi dress, I have it in black and taupe.  I also love this floral delivery robe, perfect for before, during, and after pregnancy.

A few other items I can't live without are the 24 hour dresses from Plain Jane and flat sandals.  My current favorites are women's saltwater sandals and these leather sandals!

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