Thursday, March 31, 2016

Freckle Baby LLC // Small Shop Feature

I love finding products that are nice to look at and are functional as well.  I recently discovered a company called Freckle Baby and I have fallen in love with their bibs and blankets.  While the colors and prints are darling, these bad boys serve a much greater purpose!  They have a little leash snap so that you can attach a toy or pacifier...  This means no more dropped or lost toys/pacifiers!  Genius right!!

I like attaching a toy to the blanket while we're out so that Phayre can't drop it and get it dirty or accidentally leave it behind.  The blanket is really lightweight and fits nicely in her carseat or stroller.  The bib comes in handy when she's sitting in her highchair.  No more, "Hey mom, I dropped my toy for the 185th time so you can come pick it up again!"  Seriously a lifesaver when I'm trying to juggle two kids and the rest of what life is throwing at me!

Freckle Baby just started a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter and you can score some awesome deals right now!  Early birds score the best deals so you need to hurry over!  You can grab a bib for as low as $12!  You can go straight to her campaign by clicking here!  She also has a contest going on where if you share the campaign and PIN IT on Pinterest you can win a NEW 2016 Gift Set. There will be 3 WINNERS!

Here are the Kickstarter deets: 
BEST EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (Limited to first 25 backers)
$12 (normally $18) for 1 Reversible Snap Leash Teething Bib

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (Limited to first 30 backers)
$13 (normally $18) for 1 Reversible Snap Leash Teething Bib

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (Limited to first 30 backers)
$20 (normally $24) for 1 Reversible Snap Leash Teething Bib + 1 Wooden Teething Ring

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (Limited to first 30 backers)
$30 (normally $42) for 2 Reversible Snap Leash Teething Bib + 1 Wooden Teething Ring

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (Limited to first 30 backers)
$48 (normally $60) 1 GIFT SET (includes: Bib, Hat, & Blanket)

So go grab yourself an awesome bib or blanket, I promise you'll thank me when you're not picking up your child's toy over and over!  These would also make great gifts if you know anyone who is expecting!



Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Phayre // Eight Month Update

My sweet Phayre Golda is eight months old! E  i  g  h  t.  I'm trying really hard not to be that whiney mom that keeps complaining about my baby growing too fast, but you guys I can't help it!!! She really is growing way too fast and I'm just trying to hang on to every little babyish thing about her.

E I G H T  M O N T H S

Phayre is seriously the happiest baby ever.  She smiles all the time and is so easy going.  Whenever we go out she's smiling at strangers and waving her hands and feet in excitement.  She loves to sit and play with toys, but still hates being on her tummy.  We're pretty certain she'll never crawl... she has no interest in moving and Sloan pretty much brings her everything she wants.  She loves Sloan's toys over her own.  She say's "guh" on repeat alllllll day long.  "A guh, guh, guhhhhhhh."  I'm totally working on her to say mama though ;).  She is very ticklish and has a deep belly laugh.  When she's really focused on something, she blows these little puffs of air out of her mouth.  It's so cute!!!  Her thigh rolls just keep getting better and better and I'm obsessed.

She has finally come around to solid food (hooray!!).  She eats three meals a day and some snacks (girl never met a puff or mum-mum she didn't like!).  We are doing a combination of purees and baby led weaning.  I am making all of her baby food and she usually has bites of whatever we're eating.  Her favorites are pears and yogurt.  Sloan loves taking little bites of her food and feeding Phayre.  P went from loathing solid food to being quite the foodie!  She gets all excited and whines when she see's someone with food.  It's kind of embarrassing when she see's a stranger with food and starts screaming and waving her hands in the air.  Buuuut it's also hilarious :).

She's nursing every 3.5-4ish hours now.  She goes to sleep at 8pm and wakes up at 6am to nurse, then back to sleep until 8am.  She takes two naps a day, wears size three diapers, and size 6-12 month clothing.  She has so many nicknames... Phayre Bear, P, PG, Squish, and lately Sloan and I have been calling her "Gee Gee Bagooey" (how random is that?!).

"Mom, I'm done with photos."

I'm just so thankful for this sweet girl!  She's such a light in our lives and we feel so lucky that she's all ours.  Watching her and Sloan interact is truly magical, it fills me with such joy.  I look forward to watching her grow, but (here comes the whiney part) I just want time to slow down!  Ya hear that P?  Slow down sweet baby girl!!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter fun!

We had such a wonderful (and full) Easter weekend!  Holidays with two little ladies just keep getting better and better.  I love that we're starting our own traditions as a family of four.  So many memories were made this weekend, lots that must be documented so that I never ever forget!  Get ready for picture overload... I told you guys it was a good weekend!

On Friday night we dyed eggs and this may have been Sloan's most favorite part of the whole weekend!  She chose the dye kit we used, she helped me put the eggs in the pot to be boiled, and she got everything all set up.  She totally ran the show and it was so fun watching her!  She let Phayre watch, but she most certainly was not allowed to touch the eggs (remind me to buy two egg dye kits next year!).  She also put sparkles on the eggs, so naturally they became princess eggs :).

On Saturday morning, we headed to Lee Farms for an Easter egg hunt.  Am I the only one that thinks little kids hunting eggs is the cutest thing ever?!  I loved watching Sloan fill her basket with eggs, she was so excited!  After the egg hunt, we walked around the farm and looked at animals (she LOVED the chicks, horses, and bunnies).  They also had cookie decorating, which I let Sloan do... she managed to pile on about three inches of frosting, sprinkles, and marshmallows onto one cookie.  Weirdest thing though... the cookie never made it home.  We just couldn't figure out how that happened?! ;-)

After the egg hunt, we went to brunch #mimosas.  Sloan brought her Easter basket inside and spent almost the entire time going though her new treasures.  Phayre was supposed to be asleep while we were there, but managed to stay awake through the whole meal and of course needed to nurse ;).  Phayre is loving baby led weaning, so she also enjoyed some bites of our meal and chowed down on a piece of french bread.  The meal was relatively quiet and definitely a success with two kids!  Love when that happens!

My nursing view.

We let Sloan stay up late watching movies in our bed on Saturday night, I love when we get to do special "big girl" things with her!  After Tangled and Beauty and The Beast, we were all exhausted and fell asleep.  It wasn't until 6am when Phayre woke up to nurse that I realize I never stuffed eggs or hid them around the house!  I knew it was supposed to rain on Sunday so I had planned on stuffing eggs and hiding them around the house on Saturday night so that Sloan could wake up and do a little egg hunt on Easter morning.  So, I nursed Phayre back to sleep and ran downstairs.  I stuffed all of the eggs, hid them around the house, and then tucked the girls baskets into their teepee in the playroom.  

By 7:45, both girls were up and we headed downstairs.  Sloan ran around finding all of the eggs and took turns putting them into hers and Phayre's baskets (such a good big sister)!  She found their baskets in the teepee and we spent the next hour looking at all their fun things!  Sloan loved her princess jasmine dress, baby doll (who she named Rae), and her glitter color wonder markers most.  Phayre loved the teeniest tiniest little Saltwater sandals that I got for her!  Ha, just kidding!  She chewed on them for a bit, but really only appreciated the puffs that were in her basket :).


Eric made us eggs benedict (which was served with more mimosas, duh) and we spent the entire day hanging out as a family.  It was so relaxed and we got some much needed quality time in.  We snuck out during a rain break and went on a family walk, spent hours pretend playing with Sloan's princess dolls, and read all of the girls new books that the Easter bunny had brought them!  Such a great Easter weekend and I am just so thankful!  He has risen, he has risen indeed!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Staying Mindful

Both girls are napping and as I sit here drinking my (second) iced coffee, I feel the need to write and reflect.  We have been going full speed ahead for awhile now and it is definitely wearing on me.  Our weeks are full of activities, play dates, errands, and other responsibilities.  While most of those things are fun, we really don't spend all that much time at home (outside of naps).  On top of these activities, I try to squeeze in time to respond to emails and messages, run Sloan and Co., and work on my blog.  Our weekends seem even crazier, family time just the four of us has been lacking.  I'm so thankful I have so many amazing things in my life, but I have definitely lost perspective lately.  Life feels unbalanced (again) and my babies are growing so quickly.  Sloan is almost three and is seriously turning into such a kid and not much of a toddler at all.  Phayre changes everyday and it actually overwhelms me how fast time is flying by with my second baby.  Side note: she has started saying "guh" and it is the cutest thing ever.  It's more like, "Guh, guh, uhhh guh, guh, guh!"

Anyways, lets get back on track... I woke up to Sloan calling for me this morning and when I walked into her room she said, "Mommy, can I help you make breaky today?"  I scooped her up and we headed downstairs.  P slept in so we got to make and eat breakfast just the two of us.  We sang her favorite songs and listed all the characters names in Disney movies (she loves doing this right now).  Phayre finally woke up and I nursed her while Sloan played quietly in her playroom.  While I looked down at P nursing and then up at Sloan playing so nicely, I was filled with so much gratitude.  I have a freaking amazing life!  Like really really incredible.  Not to mention, it's all I've ever dreamed of.  My husband is so kind and works harder than anyone I know so that I can stay home with not one, but two perfect little girls.  Our girls.  Our little blessings that we prayed, and hoped, and dreamed, and wished for.  

When I finished nursing P, I sat her on the floor and Sloan immediately started bringing her toys.  Another side note: P will never crawl, Sloan brings her everything :).  Sloan sat there talking to her sister and I stood above them in awe.  I had to snap a picture because that very normal, mundane moment just felt so incredible.  

I know what you're thinking, "Wow, why the sappy post Marisa?!"  And to be quite honest I'm not sure.  All I can say is that recently I've lost focus of whats important.  I have felt rushed and spread way too thin.  I've been doubting myself and wondering if I'm doing a good job, living in the moment enough, or being the best that I can be?  The truth is I probably haven't been doing all of those things well.  Sometimes life gets in the way and you can't sit and savor every single moment (ok maybe not sometimes, maybe most of the time).  But today I woke up mindful of these things and I gained some perspective.  I am a wife and mother before anything else.  I need to make sure that those areas of my life are taken care of first.  

Annnnnnd just like that my sweet little Phayre Bear is awake and cooing for her Mama.  And by cooing for me I mean, "A guh, guh, guhhhhhhhhhhhhh." :)



Monday, March 21, 2016

Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad // Product Review & DISCOUNT!

I've been really open about the fact that I wasn't able to breastfeed Sloan due to milk supply issues.  I've also chatted about how I've dealt with low milk supply (a few times) with Phayre.  The hardest part about not producing enough milk is constantly wondering how much milk your baby is actually getting.  When Phayre was first born, I went into lactation several times just so that I could nurse her and have her weighed.  I was SO stressed, constantly worrying that she wasn't getting enough milk.  I also took her into the pediatrician once a week for weight checks just to make sure she was gaining enough weight.

I took Phayre into lactation and the pediatrician because knowing her exact weight gave me the peace of mind that I needed to keep nursing.  I would have given anything to have been able to weigh her throughout the day or even once every few days.  Well my friends, I have found that peace of mind with the new Hatch Baby smart changing pad.  We started using the smart changing pad about a month ago and it is seriously amazing!  I am so excited to tell you a little about it and share our experience.  And seriously whyyyyyyy didn't I have this seven months ago when P was first born?!  Oh and major bonus, I have a very generous discount for you guys... keep reading!

I posted last month that I was dealing with low milk supply and how heartbroken that made me feel.  Shortly after I had posted that, we received the smart changing pad.  I opened the box and got it set up as fast as I could.  I weighed Phayre, nursed her, and then weighed her again.  Just as I had suspected, my supply was down.  I weighed her before and after every feeding over the next few weeks while I worked to get my supply back up.  I can't even tell you how amazing it was to see exactly how much milk she was getting while nursing so that I knew when I needed to supplement.  I also love being able to easily track her growth and the app tells me what percentile she's in!

The Hatch Baby changing pad tracks your baby's weight, feedings, and diapers.  It is connected to a free app that gives you the ability to also track your baby's length and sleep.  The perfect app in those early weeks when your pediatrician asks you track diapers and growth.  Multiple users can log in to your baby's account so both parents (or any other caretaker) can see all of their stats (my husband loves this).  I love the actual design of the changing base and the quilted pad is so soft.  The pad comes in four colors: blue, pink, gray, and tan.  We chose gray and it's a really nice charcoal shade.

Setting up the base and the app was a breeze.  They are both super user friendly and give very clear step by step instructions.  Using the pad is so easy, it has a really nice touch screen and only takes seconds to log things in.  Everything you log into the pad directly goes to your app so keeping track of everything is done for you!  The changing pad is also pretty light (less than ten pounds) so it would be easy to move around the house if you needed to.  It's also the size of an average changing pad, so it doesn't take up any extra space.

Sounds pretty amazing right?  That's because it is!!!  I seriously cannot say enough about how great this changing pad is.  And the best part... Hatch Baby is offering my followers $20 off a smart changing pad with code SLOAN20.  I promise you won't be disappointed with this product, you absolutely cannot put a price on peace of mind.  Knowing that Phayre is intaking enough and gaining the appropriate amount of weight helps big time with this mama's anxiety!

You can learn more about the Hatch Baby smart changing pad here.  You can learn more about their free app (which I LOVE) here.  And make sure to check them out on Instagram and Facebook too.

Let me know if you have any more questions about our experience!



You can see Phayre's full nursery tour here (although it was posted before we had this amazing changing pad)!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Bath Time Favorites

Bathtime is hands down one of the best parts of our day.  Sloan and Phayre both love soaking in the tub... they have actually taken over our big soak tub in our master bathroom.  Is it weird that I love walking by and seeing that giant tub filled with toys?  There are just so many great memories made in that tub, it makes my heart happy.  My husband gives the girls a bath every night after dinner, I think it's the perfect start to our bedtime routine.  Pretty often though, Sloan will ask if she can take a bath during the day and I never ever say no.  Two baths in one day never hurt anybody!  Plus I love getting in on some of those special bath time moments too!  If you follow us on Instagram, you know blowing bubbles in the bath is our jam :).  I thought it would be fun to share our favorite bath time items, so here goes:

Infant bath seat: I absolutely love this bath seat.  Seriously love it!  It's lightweight and small, perfect for storing if you share a bath/shower with your child.  It's also perfect if your baby is bathing with an older sibling.  I can easily bath Phayre, she's comfortable, and Sloan can't accidentally knock her over.

Soaps: I have always used this 2 in 1 hair and body wash and it smells amazing!  I also use the matching lotion and my girls seriously smell like heaven (you have to try it!).  No bath is complete without bubbles, I think this one makes the best bubbles, but I love that this one has a bubble wand!

Toys: The best part about bath time is playing with toys!  Sloan loves this light up bath toy, these little surfers, these stack and pour buckets, and these water bug toys.  I use these stacking ducks to wash soap off of the girls and the girls love to play with them.  We also use this bath toy storage bin, it's so simple and perfect.  Side note: Sloan got this huge Arial doll that sings and goes in the bath-I do not recommend it... the long red hair all over the tub is nasty!!

Accessories:  The girls bathe in our big soak tub, so we have to sit on a stool because the sides are so high.  I used to use this bath kneeler, which will totally save your knees while you're washing your babes.  I also love this spout cover and this bath thermometer, both great bath accessories.

Towels: Babies and kiddos in hooded towels is seriously the cutest ever.  Like ever!  We have several hooded towels, but this one and this one are hands down my fave (and the softest).

I hope you found some new goodies to make bath time more special for your babes!  Have a great weekend guys!



Thursday, March 17, 2016

DockATot // Product Review

While Phayre has always been a pretty good nighttime sleeper (minus that horrible, awful, no good four month sleep regression), I kid you not she has been the worlds worst napper.  The. Worst. Ever. Girlfriend is famous for her 15 minute power naps.  Fifteen minutes and she wakes up refreshed and ready to party!  I love hanging with my girl, but sometimes mama needs a break!  And nap time is supposed to be that break!  After months of frustration,  I discovered the DockATot and it has seriously been my saving grace.  We started using the DockATot right before P turned six months old and we went with the Grand so that we would get lots of use out of it.  Phayre is such a good napper now and I am so so way thankful.  Now you're wondering, what in the world is a DockATot and how can I get my hands on one?!

The DockATot is a multifunctional resting, playing, and lounging dock that has a womb like feel for your baby.  The breathable material creates a snug and safe environment without a bunch of buckles and ugly plastic characters hanging from it.  It is very lightweight and actually has a handle so it's easy to travel with and can easily be moved from room to room.  The DocATot was created in Sweden with an emphasis on design and comfort.  It comes in two sizes: the deluxe (0-8 months) and the Grand (8-36 months).  According to their website, "The DockATot™ has been rigorously tested and is fully compliant with both federal law and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission proposed standards, setting a new standard for baby lounger design and comfort."

For the first week, I left the dock in Phayre's crib and she slept in it for naps.  Then one day I wanted to take a nap with Phayre in my room.  I laid in bed with her and realized it wasn't going to work.  She was moving all over the place and couldn't settle and I felt too nervous having her in bed with me.  Then it dawned on me to go grab her dock!  I brought it into my bed and she fell right to sleep and I was able to sleep peacefully next to her.  She is so secure in her Dock and I believe it's because she's surrounded in almost a womb like bed.  I quickly realized that I could use our DockATot for so many other things!  We now use it for lounging, playing, tummy time, and of course rest.  P has never been a fan of tummy time, but doesn't mind it at all in her dock.  I seriously drag our dock all around the house because Phayre is always so happy in it.

Where you'll find Phayre, you'll most likely find Sloan.  So it's no surprise that Phayre's dock often houses both girls.  They love to snuggle, but we have had some sharing issues over the dock.  So, Miss Sloan got her own DockATot Grand and she. is. obsessed.  It's actually kind of funny to watch her drag it out of her bed and around the house (it's bigger than her!).  Sloan sleeps so well in her dock, it is definitely for toddlers too.  She sleeps in hers for both naps and at night.  She also plays in it (she says Phayre isn't allowed on her Dock, which means Phayre can't grab her toys #sisterproblems) and lounges in it to watch cartoons.

The princess shoes though :).

My girls could sleep in a potato sack and I would be happy as long as they're sleeping!  Luckily they both love to sleep in their DockATot's which are extra cozy and comfortable... unlike a potato sack ;).

We are taking a few weekend trips out of town in the next few months and we all know vacation sleep can be terrible if baby isn't comfortable in new surroundings.  I am so thankful we can easily bring our DockATots with us so the girls (and my) sleep won't be interrupted!

In my opinion, the DockATot is a must have for any baby or toddler.  Our dock makes Phayre feel so snug and safe and she actually SLEEPS.  And for me, you can't put a price on good sleep!  I honestly just wish I would have had it sooner!

You can learn more about DockATot on their website.  Also make sure to check them out on Instagram and Facebook!  I love their Instagram feed, lots of precious sleeping babes!  P.S. If you sign up for their emails you can save $10!

Let me know if you have any questions!



Monday, March 14, 2016

Books We Love // Books For Littles

We spend a good amount of our day reading and looking at books when we're home.  Sloan and Phayre love being read to so I'm constantly looking for new books for the girls.  I asked you guys on Instagram a few weeks ago what your littles favorite books are and I loved reading your responses!  Whoever recommended The Napping House, that is a new favorite in this house!  I thought I would share a few of our favorite books with you guys.  I hope you all find a new book from this list and that your littles love it!  There are links to each book below.

Cats' Night Out (Paula Wiseman Books)

What are your kiddos favorite books??  We're always looking to add to our collection!



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