Friday, March 18, 2016

Bath Time Favorites

Bathtime is hands down one of the best parts of our day.  Sloan and Phayre both love soaking in the tub... they have actually taken over our big soak tub in our master bathroom.  Is it weird that I love walking by and seeing that giant tub filled with toys?  There are just so many great memories made in that tub, it makes my heart happy.  My husband gives the girls a bath every night after dinner, I think it's the perfect start to our bedtime routine.  Pretty often though, Sloan will ask if she can take a bath during the day and I never ever say no.  Two baths in one day never hurt anybody!  Plus I love getting in on some of those special bath time moments too!  If you follow us on Instagram, you know blowing bubbles in the bath is our jam :).  I thought it would be fun to share our favorite bath time items, so here goes:

Infant bath seat: I absolutely love this bath seat.  Seriously love it!  It's lightweight and small, perfect for storing if you share a bath/shower with your child.  It's also perfect if your baby is bathing with an older sibling.  I can easily bath Phayre, she's comfortable, and Sloan can't accidentally knock her over.

Soaps: I have always used this 2 in 1 hair and body wash and it smells amazing!  I also use the matching lotion and my girls seriously smell like heaven (you have to try it!).  No bath is complete without bubbles, I think this one makes the best bubbles, but I love that this one has a bubble wand!

Toys: The best part about bath time is playing with toys!  Sloan loves this light up bath toy, these little surfers, these stack and pour buckets, and these water bug toys.  I use these stacking ducks to wash soap off of the girls and the girls love to play with them.  We also use this bath toy storage bin, it's so simple and perfect.  Side note: Sloan got this huge Arial doll that sings and goes in the bath-I do not recommend it... the long red hair all over the tub is nasty!!

Accessories:  The girls bathe in our big soak tub, so we have to sit on a stool because the sides are so high.  I used to use this bath kneeler, which will totally save your knees while you're washing your babes.  I also love this spout cover and this bath thermometer, both great bath accessories.

Towels: Babies and kiddos in hooded towels is seriously the cutest ever.  Like ever!  We have several hooded towels, but this one and this one are hands down my fave (and the softest).

I hope you found some new goodies to make bath time more special for your babes!  Have a great weekend guys!



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