Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Catching Up On The Girls

Life is crazy and busy and amazing (as usual).  Time is flying by and sometimes I worry I'll miss something because these moments are so fleeting.  The girls are changing so quickly and I really love their ages right now.  They're both so funny and amazing in their own unique ways.  I always want to remember them just the way they are right now!

Sloan will be three in two very short months.  I feel way too young to have an almost three year old!  She asks almost daily if it is her "happy birthday" yet and is dying to have a princess tea party.  She has quite the schedule of activities these days, which is making our weeks fly by.  Between preschool, ballet, swim lessons, and some play dates mixed in between I feel like we are never home. Sloan is absolutely loving preschool.  She talks about it all the time and gets so excited to go!  I love how much she loves school, it seriously makes my heart happy to see her growing and flourishing.  She is saying the funniest things and I can't get enough of the little sayings she's picked up on.  Last weekend I asked her to hand me something and she said, "Sure Mom, it's all yours."  She also loves, "Mom, are you kiddin me?!"  I made her eggs for breakfast this morning and she said, "Mom, I wanted cream cheese and a spoon for breaky!"  Oh two and a half is such a fun and silly age :).

Sloan loves ALL things princess and always has a tutu or princess dress on.  She loves to twirl, walk on her tippy toes, and have tea parties.  She's the girliest of girly girls and I love it.  Her imagination is AMAZING and I love that I get to be a part of it.  Every night when Eric gets home she lays a blanket on the floor and they "fly on a magic carpet".  She calls him Aladdin and demands that we call her Jasmine for the rest of the night.  Just love my big girl!

Phayre turned seven months old!!  SEVEN! <insert balling eyes out emoji here> Time is just a dirty thief and my tiny baby is growing up so quickly.  It's crazy how much faster time goes by with the second baby.  Phayre is seriously the happiest baby e v e r.  She never stops smiling and has never met a stranger.  She thinks Sloan is the funniest person ever and she's a major mamas girl.  She's finally coming around to solids, but girlfriend is picky.  She loves pears... and well,  pears.  She can sit up and rolls over when she feels like it, but she has absolutely no interest in moving anywhere.  She's really at that perfect age where she can sit up and play, but can't go anywhere or get in to anything.  Her mouth houses TWO of the tiniest and cutest teeth I have ever seen.  She sleeps from about 8pm to 5am, nurses, and then goes back to sleep until 7:30am.  She's taking three naps a day and still nurses every three hours.  She weighs 16.5 pounds and I could seriously eat her cheeks I love them so much!  She is such a sweet girl and I feel so lucky she's all ours.

The girls are really starting to interact and it's the sweetest ever.  Sloan loves making Phayre laugh and Phayre thinks she's the funniest ever.  Phayre is grabbing at everything and Sloan has just begun getting frustrated with her.  It's as if she's realizing that Phayre is a real person in our house!  She's not always going to be a blob that stays out of Sloan's toys :).  The other night Sloan started eating all of Phayre's puffs off of her highchair tray and Phayre started YELLING at Sloan!  At first I thought it was hilarious and then I got this major feeling of panic... Holy crap I am going to be pulling these two apart for the next few decades.  But they really do adore each other and watching them together is the sweetest thing in the whole world.

I just feel so lucky that I get to say "my girls".  I have TWO daughters and I feel so blessed!  They're happy and healthy and I really couldn't ask for more.  Now if only I could figure out how to slow time down!




  1. Your Sloan and my Juliana sound like they would hit it off pretty swimmingly ;) princess parties all day everyday around here!

  2. Girl's are seriously way too much fun!!


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