Thursday, January 28, 2016

Whats in my Diaper Bag // Packing for two

Having two kids means having lots of stuff!  Obviously every time I leave the house, I bring my trusty diaper bag with me (my husband refers to it as my suit case).  I'm that mom that has anything I could possibly need at any given time.  I may be an over-packer, but I'm always prepared!

Let's start with my suit case diaper bag.  I use the Lily Jade Elizabeth bag in camel and I absolutely love it.  I got the bag when I was pregnant with Phayre because I knew it was the perfect bag for two kids.  It's so spacious and has soooo many pockets.  It has this amazing insert that helps me stay extra organized!  Now, what do I fill it with...

1. Diapers, Wipes, and Cream
Sloan potty trained super early, so I only have to carry diapers and wipes for Phayre (thank goodness).  I'm not particularly picky about diapers, but I always use these Honest wipes (they're super slim and only 99 cents a pack).  I try to make sure I have 3-4 diapers every time I leave the house.  Luckily Phayre hasn't gotten a diaper rash yet, but I do have a tube of my favorite diaper cream just in case.

2. Extra Clothes
I always have an extra outfit for both girls-onesie, pants, and socks for Phayre and shirt, pants, panties, and socks for Sloan.  I also keep little hats for both girls just in case we stop at the park (bonnets or beanies in the winter and sun hats in the summer).  Ok ok and I'll admit it, I keep an extra headband and bow :).  Clearly not necessities, but I already told you I like to be prepared!

3. Food/Drink
If you have a toddler, you know that above all things-YOU NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT SNACKS!  I use a large snack container and mix in raisins, gold fish, cheerios, and yogurt dips (this snack container is super cute!).  I also usually throw in a fruit bar or some fresh fruit.  I always pack Sloan's favorite sippy cup and a bib just in case we go out to lunch/dinner and she wants mac n' cheese!  I may have a secret stash of lollipops as well, ya know for when I really need to bribe some good behavior out of Sloan.

Phayre is still exclusively nursing, so I bring my nursing cover everywhere I go.  If your baby is formula fed, you'd just bring a bottle and formula.  I used this formula dispenser with Sloan.  And when P is eating solids I'll have to make sure I bring this food dispensing spoon that I loved with Sloan (and another bib for her).  

4. Comfort Items
Phayre is a major paci baby so I always have 1-2 extra pacifiers in my diaper bag.  Sloan is very much attached to her "silky" (a small lovey blanket) so I have one of those packed.  I always bring 2-3 toys (or teethers, this is Phayre's favorite) for the girls.  I also love the Indestructibles books because they are so thin and don't take up much space.  And because I've forgotten a blanket for P one or two or three times, I always roll up a lightweight swaddle blanket and leave that in my diaper bag just in case. 

5. First Aid
In the inside zipper of my diaper bag I always keep a thermometer and infant tylenol.  Oh and band-aids!  Because those suckers will calm Sloan down in an instant!  In the summertime, I always have a small roll on sunscreen as well.

6. Clean Up
I always bring surface wipes (to wipe down shopping carts and restaurant tables) and use them religiously.  Both of my kids have had acid reflux so I never leave the house without one of my favorite burp cloths (seriously they're the best).  I'm also kind of a hand sanitizer freak and love this spray kind.  I attach a little disposable bag dispenser on my diaper bag so that I have something to put messy burp cloths or dirty clothes in... comes in real handy when P has a blowout!

7. For Mama
I bring the obvious things like my cell phone, wallet, and keys, but I also always bring myself a snack (usually an oat mama bar) and my lipgloss.

I hope this helps you guys stay organized and prepared!



P.S. We are giving away a Lily Jade diaper bag over on our Instagram (@sloan_and_co)!  The giveaway runs from 1/27-1/29, good luck!!

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