Monday, August 13, 2018

CAMP BROWN // Phayre and Briar's Shared Camping Birthday Party

We had so much fun celebrating Phayre's third birthday and Briar's first birthday over the weekend!  We decided to do a shared party since their birthdays are only two weeks apart.  I had a hard time coming up with shared party themes and P changed her mind on the theme about 27 times, but finally landed on a camping theme!  We had the party at our local park and had such a blast!  There were TONS of kids, it was super humid, dirt and sand were everywhere, but everyone had a good time so I'm calling it a win!

I decided that the only part of decorating I enjoy at a kids party is the cake table so that's all I did!  Our friend Aaron gave us the pallets and we did a light layer of white spray paint to make them look white washed.  I threw down a white table cloth and made my first ever balloon garland (I was so nervous to make it and it was literally the easiest thing ever.  Just buy this balloon tape and it's so easy!).  I used gold balloon letters to spell out CAMP BROWN and then my all time party favorite Pearl and Jane made me a tree banner, an "Adventure Awaits" banner, and a "one" banner for Briar's highchair.  If you have ANY party decor needs, she's your girl!!!

I ordered two cakes and cupcakes from our local grocery store and it was only about $35 for all of it! I used cake toppers from Fancy Free Finery for Phayre and Briar's cakes and received so many compliments on them.  They really are so darling, I saved them to put in the kids baby books!  Modern Birch Co made me some "Camp Brown" cupcake toppers and I made the little party hat cupcake toppers (also so easy, tutorial here!).  Little white cake stands can be found here, this one is a bit cheaper though!  Briar went NUTS on his cake, smashed his face right into it and went to town!  It was hilarious and gave everyone a good laugh.  And actually now that I'm thinking about it, the girls went to town to eating cake too!  They all three had so much fun!

All three kids wore custom "CAMP BROWN" tee shirts from Cheerliy and they were such a hit at the party!  Briar wore a birthday hat from Little Blue Olive and Phayre wore a birthday crown from From Ever's Meadow.  Both girls wore bracelets from our fave Poppy Lane and Co (you can always save 15% with code HELLOBABYBROWN15)!  All of our party guests left with a little mason jar filled with s'mores goodies which was also super easy and the girls loved helping me make them (We just filled little mason jars with teddy grahams, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows)!

As always, if you have any questions, leave them in a comment below and I will get back to you!




  1. I love the pallets displayed. How did you keep them from tipping over?

    1. Hi Heather! Eric screwed wood posts into the backs of the pallets that went down at an angle to the ground. I hope that makes sense, I wish I had a picture so that I could show you!

  2. Such a gorgeous party - and so much fun! Loving all those cake faces :)

  3. I love all the decorations it looks so cute. I had a question about he balloon arch. How many balloons did you use? And what was the kind of tape you used? For some reason the link that you had for it to amazon no longer works.

    1. I used about 75 balloons!

      And here a link to the balloon strip:


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