Friday, August 3, 2018

Third Birthday Gift Guide For Girls

Our little Phayre Bear turned three a few days ago and I still cannot believe she's a big three year old. When she woke up in the morning we ran into her room and showered her with balloons!  She looked at us through tired eyes and said, "Am I bigger mama??"  Gah she is so cute!  She had the best day and we had the very best day celebrating her!

Phayre's birthday party isn't until next weekend and lots of friends and family have been asking what she wants.  I just keep telling people she wants lol surprise dolls because that's all she's said she wants (well that and a purse), but as I cleaned up 5973 lol dolls and accessories tonight I realized that she has more lol dolls and pets than she can even play with.  Girlfriend does not need anymore lols!  So I started thinking about some things that I think she'd love and found so many fun things!

Rainbow purse (I think the rainbow is so darling, but P actually wants this  jelly fish purse which is very cute too!)
Climber (how cool is this?!)
Alphabet popsicles (these are so cute and I love that they're educational!)
Butterfly wings (they also come in purple!!)

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