Monday, August 13, 2018

Party Hat Cupcake Topper Tutorial

I still can't believe Phayre and Briar's shared camping birthday party has already come and gone!  Where does the time go?!

I made these cute little party hat cupcake toppers for the party and loved them so much I thought I'd share a quick tutorial.  I made them one night after my kiddos went to bed, they were pretty easy!

All you'll need is:

-4x6 photos of your childs face
-colored paper/construction paper
-pom poms
-wooden treat sticks (like little wooden dowels)
-hot glue gun/glue sticks

I had the photos printed through Costco, I just used their online crop tool to crop the photos in on the kids faces.  You want their face to take up about half of the photo.  Once your photos are printed, cut out around their little faces.

I made myself a little triangle template out of construction paper and then traced that template onto paper.  Cut out all of the little triangles, making sure you have the same number of triangles as you do of faces.

I didn't want to wait for everything to dry so I didn't use liquid glue, but used a hot glue gun for everything!  I put a couple dabs of hot glue on the forehead of the picture and attached the party hat.  Then I used the hot glue gun to attach little pom poms (purchased at Michaels) onto the hats.  Finally I attached little wooden treat sticks (also purchased at Michael's in the baking area) to the back of each party hat!

It was super easy and they were such a hit at the party!

If you have any other questions or if anything was unclear, please let me know in a comment below!


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