Thursday, August 2, 2018

First Birthday Gift Guide For Boys

My sweet little Briar boy is turning one in just over two weeks, but his birthday party is in just over a week!  I've been racking my brain and searching the internet for the most perfect first birthday gifts and wanted to share what I found!  Briar loves cars and airplanes so I found a few fun vehicle toys along with a few walking toys since he'll be roaming around the house on two feet very soon!

Shopping for a one year old can be tough.  I mean what does a 12 month old really need?!  When shopping for one year olds, I try to think about how much they'll change from one to two and all of the different stages they'll go through.  There are so many fun toys and books that are great for their second year.  Walking toys, board books, and building toys are always a huge hit.

P.S. I am uhhhhhbsessed with the little race car walker, wooden tool set, and knit bear.  Finding things for a little boy has been so fun :).

Magnetic blocks (I've always wanted to get these for my kids, they look so fun)
Race car walker (so cute!)

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