Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Diaper Caddies // Nesting

I still remember being about 39 weeks pregnant with Sloan and putting together a little diaper caddy for our downstairs living room.  We lived in a two story house and while her nursery was stocked with diapers and wipes, I knew I'd need a place to store her things downstairs (since we'd be spending most of our time in the living room).  We had a little shelf under our coffee table and there sat the basket while we anxiously awaited her arrival!

I was so desperate to meet her and was in major nesting mode so I found myself creating a lot of projects like this :).  It was a good time killer for about twenty minutes while I put the basket together and it really did come in handy once she was (finally!) born.

I love having a little basket of baby's necessities in our common area.  It makes diaper changes more convenient, especially if you live in a multilevel home.  I had one ready and waiting before Phayre's arrival and just made one (actually two) for baby brother.  I usually put in all of the diaper changing essentials as well as any other newborn items that I'll need frequently.  These are just so handy, I always tell new moms to put together a little diaper caddy and keep it wherever you spend the most time.  I've also given these as shower gifts, they're just so useful!

I got these little canvas baskets at Target for $5 each.  I decided to make two baskets so that we'd have one in our living room downstairs and one in our master bedroom since thats where brother will sleep for the first few months.  I filled each basket with the diaper changing essentials: diapers, wipes, diaper cream, a diaper cream applicator (this must be a new thing?  I've never used one of these, but got one as a gift!), and a Gathre changing mat.  I love the Gathre changing mats because they fold up so small and are super easy to clean.

You can also throw in newborn essentials like face wipes, finger nail clippers, hand sanitizer, and post circumcision care.  I also throw in a jar of nipple butter for myself, I like to have that nearby at all times in the beginning.

So easy and it just makes the 3964 diaper changes a day so much more convenient!  So if you find yourself very pregnant and nesting like crazy, take 20 minutes and put together a diaper caddy.  It will be useful, I promise!




  1. I have a diaper caddy in my master and living room too! Best ever, so convenient. And the diaper cream applicator must be new I just saw one on a friend's registry!! Genius!! I hate doing that with my hand!

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