Friday, August 25, 2017

Briar Calloway Brown // Fresh 48 Hospital Photos

Our sweet Briar is already a week old!   Time is flying by faster than ever and I find myself desperately trying to soak in and document this time.

I went in on Thursday evening to start my induction, in hopes of meeting our boy the next morning.  I was progressing quickly and we all thought we'd meet our boy early Friday morning!  Briar was comfortable right where he was though and took his sweet time.  My labor and delivery took much longer than any of us anticipated which left me more exhausted than I've probably ever been.

My very sweet friend Lindsey (of Lindsey Wiatt Photography) came to visit us Friday evening and snapped the first pics of us as a family of five.  I hadn't yet showered and still had wobbly legs from my epidural.  Even though I had just given birth and was so so puffy and tired, I am so so thankful we have these photos!!  Briar was about four hours old and the girls were beaming the excitement at the arrival of their new brother.  I will share Briar's entire birth story next week, but for now I'll share these very special photos!

A part of me still can't believe he's really here!  I am just so thankful he is healthy and perfect and we get to keep him forever!  We love you baby B, what did we ever do without you?!

Thank you Lindsey Wiatt Photography for these amazing photos, I will treasure them forever and ever.  If you're in the Portland, OR area please look her up (she's the best)!


  1. Could these photos be anymore perfect?? I so wish I would have done something like this to document my sweet babies in the hospital. Precious mama! And you look pretty damn incredible to have had just given birth! #supermama

    Best Wishes!

  2. Every single one is breath taking! You have a beautiful little family! Hey I sent you an email about collaborating. Let me know if your interested! Thanks and congratulations!


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