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Brown Bumpdate / 37 Weeks

Photos by  Lindsey Wiatt Photography  /  My dress and flower crown c/o  Sew Trendy Accessories  /  Girls outfits c/o  The Little Design Co.  /  Sloan's bow c/o  Zozu Baby  /  P's lace headband by  Willow Crowns

We are in the home stretch folks!!!  According to the calendar, I am 37 weeks pregnant.  I'm pretty sure I might actually be like 59 weeks pregnant though because I have NEVER felt quite this pregnant.  My induction is scheduled for August 17th (in exactly two weeks!), but I am so hopeful baby boy will decide to come sooner on his own.  The plan is to go in on the evening of the 17th to start my induction in hopes of baby brother making his appearance on the 18th.  I'll be honest, two weeks has never felt so far away!  I am anxious to meet my sweet boy and I am really ready to no longer be pregnant!  So hopefully all these Braxton Hicks contractions turn into something and baby brother comes sooner on his own!

The girls are about as anxious as I am to meet their brother!  I walked into Phayre's bedroom this morning and the first thing she said was, "Mama!  Mama!  When baby bruzzer comin' meet me???"  I told her soon and she kept asking me, "but whhhhhhhen mama?"  Sloan LOVES doing anything to help me prepare for baby brother (folding clothes, putting things away, etc.) and tells me all the things she's going to help me with once he's here.  She cannot wait to change his diapers and says her brother would never pee on her.  We'll see about that sister bear :)!

3 7  w e e k  b u m p d a t e

Due date: My induction is scheduled for August 17th!

How far along: 37 weeks

How many days to go: 14 days!!!

Gender: BOY!

Size of the baby: According to the internet... baby boy is about 6.5 pounds, 19 inches long, and the size of a swiss chard.  He feels much bigger than 6.5 pounds though, he feels like a big boy!

Movement:  I can tell he's getting a little cramped in there, his movements feel more like rolls rather than swift kicks.  He still moves a ton and makes my entire belly move around.  Eric and I lay in bed at night and watch him move my belly all over the place.  It's so crazy how big his movements are!  He is head down and loves putting his head right on my pelvic bone, it hurts so bad and makes it hard to walk... that is definitely not something I'll miss!

Total weight gain so far: 37 pounds.

Most recent doctor appointment: I had a doctors appointment last week and we got to see baby brother in our very last ultrasound.  I was so happy that Eric met me and the girls at my appointment, it was so special for all of us to see him!  My doctor confirmed he is head down and he moved around like crazy.  We saw his man parts and Sloan has not stopped talking about it.  I can only imagine the questions she's going to have once he's here!  My doctor said that he does look like a big boy, but that I have a lot of amniotic fluid so that helps explain why my belly has been measuring so big.  She originally said she thought he'd be between eight and nine pounds, but is now saying closer to eight pounds.  The girls were such small newborns, I can't wait to see if this little guy is in a different weight class!

I had another appointment two days ago and my doctor was out of town so I saw a midwife.  I was having some Braxton Hicks contractions and really bad back pain while I was there so she decided not to check my cervix.  She said she didn't want to get things moving down there by checking me and I was like ARE YOU SURE?!  I had Phayre with me and she lifted P onto the table and let her help measure my belly and find brothers heartbeat.  P felt so incredibly special and smiled so big.  When we were walking out, Phayre grabbed my hand and said, "Mama, she special doctor!"  I thought my heart might burst, it was just such a sweet appointment and I don't ever want to forget how sweet P was and how special she felt.

Belly button in or out: Out, so far out.

Favorite maternity clothes right now: My belly button is sooooo sensitive so anything tight is out.  Lots of loose tank tops and yoga pants.  I just got these lounge pants and have been living in them.  They'll be perfect for after baby too!

Stretch marks: No new ones... yet!  Crossing my fingers for these last two weeks.

Sleep: Ugh sleep is a sore subject.  I can't fall asleep or stay asleep at night and I am exhausted during the day.  I've been taking naps when both the girls nap and I can still barely make it to dinner time.  I'm tired and sleep sucks... just getting ready to have a newborn again I guess!

Mood: If you've been pregnant before, you know the last few weeks of pregnancy are pretty rough.  I have been super anxious and super super emotional.  I cry over everything.  I cry because Eric is at work and I miss him.  I cry because the girls are growing too quickly (P turning two last weekend was hard on me!  I also had a really hard time with Sloan going to gymnastics camp).  I cry because the girls are so excited about their brother and say the sweetest things.  I cry because I'm tired of being pregnant and I want to meet my baby.  I cry because my body hurts, but I feel so blessed to be carrying a healthy baby.  I cry because I'm anxious about life changing.  I cry because I'm so damn tired!  Basically I cry, A LOT!  Happy things and sad things, they all make me cry.  Eric usually just hugs me and laughs it off.  Poor guy, I'm so freaking hormonal :).

Honestly I go back and forth between feeling so anxious to meet my baby and scared of life changing.  I'm mostly just excited tough.  It's a lot of emotions mixed with not enough sleep!

Food cravings: Lately I have my few staple cravings and nothing else sounds good.  I also have heartburn pretty much around the clock so that could be why!  I can't get enough ICE, otter pops, watermelon, strawberries, and french fries.

Favorite moment this week: The girls are obsessed with my belly.  They're constantly touching it and trying to feel brother move.  They've both started asking for lotion to rub on their bellies in the mornings when we're getting ready and it's like my favorite thing in the whole world.  We all stand in my bathroom and rub lotion all over my bellies.  Yesterday Sloan looked up at me and gave me the cutest scrunchy nosed smile and said, "I feel like a mommy!".  And guess what?  I thought it was so sweet, I CRIED.  Shocking right ;).

I'm missing: my ankles, which have been replaced by very very swollen cankles.

Biggest complaint: I feel like most of this post has been about my complaints so I can probably skip this question.  Sorry guys, I hate being such a complainer!  I'm just uncomfortable and want to meet my baby so bad!!!

Recent baby purchase: I just bought a sling for baby boy and I cannot wait to use it.  I've always used a wrap so I'm super excited to try the sling.  I also ordered a sign with brothers name on it from The Trendy Timber for his nursery.

Nursery: The nursery is officially done!  I need to get my bum in gear and photograph it so that I can share with you guys!

Labor signs: Lots and lots of random Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing close together or regular.

Cummon baby brother, we're so excited to meet you!!!


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