Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Breastfeeding Essentials

My breastfeeding journeys were so different with each of my girls.  If I'm being totally honest, I'm a little anxious about breastfeeding again.  You'd think by the third time around I wouldn't be anxious, but I most certainly am.  Breastfeeding has never been easy for me, I've always struggled with keeping my supply up and had to work really hard to nurse my babes.  I really need to share my experiences with breast feeding, but I'll save that for another post.  Today, I want to share my top breast feeding essentials-all the stuff I've picked up in preparation for baby brother!

Nursing bras and tank tops
My all time favorite nursing bra is this Cake Maternity bra, I actually have two of them.  I also love this wireless nursing bra.  For sleep, I love this seamless nursing bra.  I wear nursing tanks a lot under my clothing, this one if my favorite (I have it in several colors).

Nursing nightgowns
I love nursing nightgowns and find them to be most comfortable for nighttime nursing.  This dot nightgown and this super soft nightgown are my all time faves.  I also love this tank top and shorts pajama set by Ingrid and Isabel.

Nursing pillow
I have tried a few different nursing pillows and I always go back to the boppy.  It's perfect for nursing and can be used for so many other things.  The pink cover in the photo above is from Madly Wish.

Nursing cover
I've also tried a few different nursing covers and my absolute favorite is the Covered Goods nursing cover.

Nipple cream
It is SO important that you use nipple cream in the very beginning!  Your nipples will be sore and the only cream that I've found to be soothing is the Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter.

Breast pump, pumping bra, and milk storage bags
Even if you don't plan on going back to work, there will be times you'll need a breast pump.  Especially in the beginning when your milk comes in and you're engorged.  Get yourself a good double breast pump and pumping bra.  You'll also need milk storage bags.  You may also need breast pads, I've never had enough extra milk to need breast pads.

Breast therapy packs and breast shells
In the beginning, it can be really painful to breastfeed.  I've thought for sure I was doing things wrong because I was in so much pain in the beginning.  But after visiting lactation and learning that my babies have a great latch, I've learned that I just have super sensitive nipples.  I have found some relief by using breast therapy packs and breast shells.

Water and healthy snacks
In order to keep your supply up, make sure you drink A LOT of water.  You'll also need to keep your calories up, so make sure you eat lots of healthy snacks.  I absolutely love Oat Mama bars, they taste great and help boost your milk supply.

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  1. I understand you so damn good. I did it twice and it was so exhausting each time. Never could it do longer than 7 month, sadly. But I found a good organic formula on, which made it easier for me to switch without a big rumorse. And by the way, I used the earth mama nipple butter, too. This is really great and a relief for sored nipples. I can really recommend this. :)


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