Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fourth of July FUN!

I love Fourth of July!  I love all the red, white, and blue, the flags, the food, and the gatherings with friends and family.  Fourth of July was the last holiday we celebrated as a family of three before Phayre was born (she'll be two on July 30th!).  I remember how special the day felt, trying to soak up every little moment with Sloan.  This Fourth of July is also the last holiday we will celebrate before baby brother's arrival in six(ish) weeks!  I've been thinking that for weeks so it feels crazy that the Fourth has already come and gone!

We had a great Fourth of July!  Eric and I spent the day playing with the girls and trying to soak in such a special day as a family of four.  The girls helped me make our very favorite sour cream apple pie (a summer must-try it if you haven't already!) that we brought to a party with friends.  Sloan and I made an American flag on top out of some extra pie crust, strawberries, and blueberries.  We walked to a local firework stand and let the girls pick out some fireworks, this is the third year we've done it so we decided it's a tradition!  We went to a friends barbecue and swam in the evening and finished up the night doing fireworks with our friends/neighbors.  The girls loved the fireworks, sparklers and pop-its were a major hit!  This was the first year P has actually seen fireworks so I was relieved she liked them.  We ate, ate, and ate some more and went to bed with full bellies and hearts.

I can't believe we'll be a family of five next Fourth of July.  Sloan will be five, Phayre will be almost three, and baby brother will be almost an entire year old.  Does anyone else think ahead like that when it comes to milestones and their kids ages?  I can't help myself, I'm continually worrying about how fast they grow and how quickly their babyness is slipping away from me.  Did I mention I'm a very pregnant hormonal woman these days ;).

The one thing I wanted on Fourth of July was a picture of the four of us and I forgot to get one.  I was so busy taking pictures of the girls I kind of forgot to hop in any!  So here's to next year, where my goal will be to get a picture of all FIVE of us!

I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July!




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  2. I totally do this! I have already thought about what pictures will look like this time next year etc- with THREE to wrangle! Ahh!

  3. That trike photo is everything!


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