Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Our Last Getaway as a Family of Four // Seattle

We just got home from Seattle and I'm already dying to go back!  We only lived in Seattle for about a year and a half, but somehow it always feels like we're going home when we go back.  I love Seattle and going back to visit is always my favorite little getaway!  I've posted some of our favorite restaurants and places to visit in this post and this post.  Since we usually frequent the same places, I won't repeat myself and post everything again.  Instead, I'll just do a quick photo dump :).

We took the girls to our favorite beach, Golden Gardens.  It was an absolutely perfect day, but so so crowded.  The girls had a blast digging in the sand and attempting to build sand castles.  Phayre took more snack breaks than I can count and Sloan spent a good portion of the day searching for "the heart of tifiti" in the sand.  We ended the day with pizza, baths, and a quick walk around downtown.  It was just so perfect!

We spent the rest of the weekend running around the city and eating.  So. Much. Eating.  We threw all schedules out the window, the girls napped on the go, and we really soaked in our weekend as a family of four.  We started way too many sentences with, "And next time we're here with baby brother...".  We're all just so excited!

Until next time Seattle!

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