Thursday, September 15, 2016

Our Seattle Getaway

With all of the chaos from our accident, I forgot to share photos from our recent Seattle trip!  And that's way happier, so let's dive right in!  Seattle holds such a special place in our hearts.  We spent Sloan's first year of life in Seattle and there's just something so special about the first year of your first childs life.  We experienced so many firsts in Seattle so I'm always dying to return.

We moved to Seattle when Sloan was a newborn.  Eric excepted a position that would allow me to stay home with Sloan so we dropped everything and moved there.  I fell hopelessly in love with Seattle.  It so quickly became our home and we loved watching Sloan grow and change in the city.  We lived downtown in a tiny little apartment in a high-rise.  Sloan was the perfect city baby and life felt really really good.  Going back is always so nostalgic.  We visit friends, eat at all of our favorite restaurants, and play tourists in our old city.

I met one of my best friends, Lauren (who is also P's Godmother) in Seattle.  Our first daughters are only three weeks apart and have been besties since they were teeny tiny!  We left on Thursday night and headed to Lauren's house for one night.  Lauren and I stayed up all night catching up and drinking wine.  Aren't those nights with your BFF the best?  We lounged around Friday morning, sipping our Starbucks (thank you Eric, I love you!) and watching the girls play.

We headed downtown in the early afternoon and went straight the the neighborhood where we used to live.  We lived in a high-rise right next to Century Link field in the pioneer square neighborhood of Seattle.  The doorman (who was actually a woman) was nice enough to let us go up to the rooftop deck.  It was SO nostalgic going up there, I could see wobbly baby Sloan taking some of her first steps up there.  It's such a beautiful view of the city, I cannot believe we actually got to live there!

When we finished walking down memory lane, we headed to a neighborhood just north of downtown called Ballard.  We ate lunch at Hi-Life, one of our favorite restaurants.  They have a great outdoor seating area if it's a nice day, and downtown Ballard is always fun to walk around.  As soon as we finished eating lunch we headed to our absolute favorite beach, Golden Gardens.  Golden Gardens is the first beach that Sloan ever played on.  It's such a beautiful beach and I absolutely loved watching the girls play and search for seashells.

We finally checked into our hotel on Friday evening, which consisted of dropping our bags off, brushing sand off of the girls, and throwing some clean clothes on.  We were dying to get out and walk around our old city.  We walked around downtown for a bit and talked about what had changed and what was exactly the same.  Then we landed at Von's 1000 spirits for dinner.  We love Von's, they have this really cool spinning wheel that they spin every hour.  There are different drinks all over the board and whatever drink the spinner lands on is offered at a happy hour rate.  The foods not bad either ;).  Von's is also right next to the Public Market and lots of other tourist attractions.  After dinner, we drug our exhausted children back to our hotel and we all passed out for the night.

On Saturday morning we ventured back into the city to do a little sightseeing and SHOPPING.  Oh how I miss downtown shopping.  After I spent way too much money (which Eric was thrilled about ;)), we headed to University Village (great outdoor mall with lots of shops and dining) to meet my good friend Sara.  We ate lunch at Eureka! (the food was so good, try the chicken tacos).  My friend Sara has two boys who are almost exactly the same age as my girls.  It's so fun watching them together and seeing how different boys and girls are.  U Village also has a great play area, fountains, and the cutest little cupcake shop.

After lunch and playing, we headed back to the hotel and took a family nap.  I seriously love family naps and they only happen when we're in a hotel room and stuck together.  Eric fell asleep in the recliner with P on his chest and Sloan fell asleep cuddled up to me in the bed.  Sloan woke up before P and woke me up so we snuck out of the room so that P could sleep a bit longer.  We headed downstairs to the hotel Starbucks and she chatted me up over a chocolate milk and a cake pop.  I love spending one on one time with my girls, it feels so special and I seriously soak in every minute of it.

Once P was up, we all changed our clothes and headed to dinner at Ballard Pizza Company (we went to the Frelard location) with my friend Sara and her family.  The pizza was AMAZING (try the Parma) and the wine was equally as good.  On a nice night, they roll up the large doors so it's an open air restaurant.  They have a really cool fire pit and a kids play area!

We woke up early on Sunday and walked around downtown again.  If you're in the city for breakfast, you have to go to Biscuit Bitch, hands down our favorite breakfast spot of all time.  We walked through the Public Market, visited the gum wall (a must if you're visiting) and then went on the Great Wheel for the first time.  Playing tourists is so fun!

We drove home with full bellies (I'm positive I gained at least five pounds over the weekend) and happy hearts.  And bonus, the girls slept most of the way home :).

Our trip was so fun and I'm already dying to go back.  Until next time Seattle, thank you for being so good to us!



P.S. we always stay at the Grand Hyatt-it's walking distance to everything downtown and you can't beat the price for a downtown hotel.  Plus the bathrooms are dreamy.  If you're going to any games, make sure you catch The Lodge's happy hour-it's the best around!

And now, a picture dump.

Super sisters!

Swimsuits c/o  Minnow Swim.

We taught our girls about hotel bed jumps and pillow fights like any good parents would do.

I seriously don't leave home without these hooded towels by  Just Born for Baby, they are SO soft!

Poor just woke up Phayre was like where the hell am I?!

Her first (and only) time chewing gum!!

This is just a normal dad thing right?

Until next time Seattle!

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