Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sloany Goes to Preschool!

I dropped my sweet Sloan Eloise off at preschool this morning and cried into my coffee all the way home.  Ok so if I'm being totally honest, I started crying in her classroom and Eric drug my sobbing butt out.  Literally pulling me by my shirt out of the room.  And then I cried into my coffee all the way to Target.  Because Target with one kid is uhmazing and because Target will always make you feel better!

A part of me is so excited for her and beyond proud of her, but the other part of me just so desperately wants to go back in time and hold baby Sloany just one more time.  She's growing too quickly and today marked such a big kid milestone!  She's in school!!  Like a kid.  I have a kid, not a tiny baby Sloany anymore :(.

She did so great at drop off.  She had this nervous but excited little smirk on her face, I hope I can remember it forever.  I could tell she didn't really want me to leave, but she was not about to cry in front of new friends.  I hope she's having an amazing time, while I'm over here counting down the minutes until I can pick her up.

Yesterday she had preschool meet and greet (which she called preschool meet great) and I could barely get her through the front doors.  She was SO nervous and feared that I was going to leave her.  I kept explaining that we were checking it out and that I wasn't going to leave her.  She just kept saying, "Mama, please don't leave me.  What if there's a accident?"  I hate that she's afraid something bad is going to happen and she has has that anxiety inside of her :(.  It breaks my heart, but I do know that it will continue to fade away (more on our accident here).  Once we got inside and were immediately greeted by the head teacher.  We gave her a little gift and she bent down to thank Sloan and gave her a big hug.  Sloan lit up.  She was so happy that her teacher liked the gift and couldn't get over the fact that she hugged her.  Meet and greet went awesome and she was so excited to go back today!

Many of you asked about Sloan's shoes, you can find them here.

We gave Sloan's teachers this little ruler basket with flowers, candies, and some fun school supplies like post it notes, highlighters, and washi tape.

We celebrated a successful meet and greet with treats from a local coffee shop (chocolate milk with whip cream for Sloan and whole milk for Phayre!).

This morning while Sloan was eating breakfast, I read her the book Birdie's First Day of School (one of her current faves).  In the book, Birdie feels nervous on her first day so her mom gives her a necklace to remember her by while she's away.  As soon as I finished reading the book she said, "Mom!!  You didn't get me a necklace for my first day of school!"  So I pulled out her extra special surprise that I've been dying to give her!  I asked my friend Jessica from Mint and Birch to make Sloan and I matching rose gold bar necklaces and they are seriously SO beautiful!  Sloan's necklace says "Sloan Eloise" on one side and "You were the first" on the other side.  My necklace says "Eric.Sloan.Phayre" on one side and "I love you most" on the other side.  There is so much meaning behind our necklaces and I seriously love them so much. (the gold bar is so thick and shiney, really amazing quality)

Sloan FREAKED OUT when I gave her the necklace!!  She started jumping around and giggling.  She loved that our necklaces matched and I don't think I'll ever forget how excited she was when I gave it to her.  She kept touching it and dangling the chain in her fingers.  I made her day and I am definitely on a mom high today :).

During breakfast I asked Sloan some questions and I seriously died over her answers, she is just the cutest!

Whats your whole name? Syony Ewoweeze Bwown (Sloan actually speaks very cleary, but still has a hard time with her l's and r's... so her name is a hard one!)

What is today?  PWESCHOOL DAY!!

What are you excited to do at preschool?  Eat yummy snacks and play.

Who are your best friends?  Wuby and Finnawina (Ruby and Finleigh).

What is your favorite thing to do?  Go on daddy-daughter dates.  Annnnnd go to Target.  Oh and twirl like princess Elena.

What is your favorite food?  Popcorn and cheese.

What is your favorite color?  Pink.  Only pink, mommy.

What do you want to do be when you grow up?  Work in an office and do chores and eat gum and drink iced coffee.  (and then I died laughing)

And then she added, "Mommy, and write that I don't like bugs.  You need to know that."

I seriously love this kid and I am POSITIVE she's mine.  Target and iced coffee?  Girl after my own heart.  After breakfast we went upstairs to get her dressed, she helped me pick out her outfit and even put some lipstick on while I was in Phayre's room getting her dressed.  I mean you have to look pretty on your first day of school.

I'm so happy (and relieved) that drop off went well!  I am also just so proud.  Proud to be Sloan Eloise Brown's mom.  We had two small wardrobe malfunctions, but thank goodness mama is always prepared.  A quick swap out of shoes and a bow and she was good to go.  I hope she's having so much fun right now!  Annnnnnd now I'll just go ahead and get back to counting down the minutes until I can pick my Sloany girl up.

Sloan's backpack  (great quality and it's super soft-I highly recommend).  Sloan's dress.  Sloan's shoes.  Sloan's bow.  Phayre's dress is a hand-me-down from Sloan.  Phayre's shoes.  Phayre's bow

And actual drop off... because you know I never miss an opportunity to take photos...

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  1. "You were the first" - bawling!!! I will definitely need to do this for Camille one day!

    (All The Little Bows)


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