Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Happy Mail Day! // Mom n' Tot Box

So you know that time of day when your kiddos are sleeping and you're tidying up the house and trying to catch your breath after a busy morning?  And you keep peeking out the front window so that you know exactly when the mailman comes?  No??  Ok maybe that's just me :).  I'm not going to lie, I love a happy mail day!  It's usually something for the girls and almost never something for me, but I still get so excited when a package of goodies comes!

I recently discovered a subscription box for moms and their babes called Mom n' Tot Box.  I knew right away that I would love the box.  It comes once a month and it's full of goodies for mom and babe and all of the products are made by small businesses (you know we love to shop small!).  And another major bonus: all of the products are made in the United States!  Mom n' Tot Box sends you items based on your child's age and gender (and they even offer a siblings box)!  You can learn more about how the monthly subscriptions work here.

The girls had so much fun opening our September box!  Sloan quickly decided which items belonged to who, "Phayre you can have these blocks because they're baby blocks.  Mama, you can have the soap.  Oh look P, there's two donuts.  I'm gonna keep the pink one."  The box included two tee shirts (one in each of the girls sizes), wooden blocks, two wooden donuts, a chalkboard (used for number practice),  some travel size shampoo and lotions, and an essential oil roller.  Phayre really loves the blocks and donuts and Sloan has used the little chalkboard so many times already!  There is also a list of all of your items which tells you where each item is from.

If you're like me and you love a happy mail day, you definitely need to check out Mom n' Tot Box!!  It's such a great way to try new products, especially if you love shopping small!



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