Thursday, September 22, 2016

Basic Bitch

So it's been awhile since I've written a random and rambling blog post and since I know all of you have been dying to know all of my inner thoughts, I thought I better sit down and get to it!  I just made myself a fresh iced coffee, Sloan is at preschool, and P is down for her morning nap.  So GAME ON, it's bloggin time.  And buckle up, this one is sure to be pretty epic (which means you can basically stop reading now-it will probably be anything by epic).

But if you've decided to keep reading...

I haven't had time to sit down and write in awhile because Eric has been out of town in Atlanta.  He went for a work trip, but let's be honest-he was totally on vacation.  Meetings and presentations during the day and "networking" at night.  I want to know when networking started including drinks and karaoke though?  I am SO happy he's home, I could never ever cut it as a single mom.  Like ever.  I only made dinner one time while he was gone!!  It just seemed so much easier to take my little besties out to dinner... or we'd just skip dinner all together and eat ice cream.  Super mom over here.  I also accomplished nothing while he was gone, but had a nice list of honey-do's for him when he returned home!  He's such a lucky guy ;).

So, today is the first day of fall!  Hello pumpkin spice everything, sweaters and boots, and allllll the holiday decorations.  Yeah, I'm not a basic bitch at all.  Actually, when it comes to fall I totally am.  And I'm ok with that.  I can't wait to fill my Trader Joe's cart with every pumpkin item they offer.  And after about eleven months of begging to go to the pumpkin patch, we can finally take Sloan and she'll have one less thing to whine about!  I also can't wait for all of my fave shows to come back on (because sitting on my ass is definitely something I should do more of #not).  I just watched This is Us last night and it definitely took a little bit of the sting away now that Parenthood is gone.  I cried and I can't wait for next week's episode.

I love fall, but I have to admit I'm really sad to see summer go.  I'm going to miss swimming and playing outside all day.  I'll also admit that I don't think the girls got enough use out of their summer wardrobes... so rain rain go away, I need a few more days for rompers, crop tops, and swimsuits.  K thanks.

I'm obsessed with these  swimsuits by Cabana Life.  They're perfect for the beach, but also perfect for swim lessons this fall and winter.

BUT with fall comes allllll the holidays and decorations!  I am such a huge big time lover of holidays and decorations (well basically all things themed!).  Eric is not a fan of decorating way before the actual holiday, so I've been slowly adding little Halloween touches to the house.  He's also not the most observant person so he hasn't noticed anything yet, including the pumpkins I bought and covered our front porch with.  #men

Did you guys know Halloween is less than six weeks away?!  Time to start working on the girl's Halloween costumes!!  I have some super cute ideas and I'm sure to go over the top (because hello, I'm me).  Aren't holidays so much more fun once you have kids?  This will also be the first year we take Sloan trick-or-treating which we're both super excited for!!  If you need some inspiration, check out these darling diy costume ideas!

So lets talk teething.  And please excuse me for what I'm about to say, teething and I are not on good terms right now.  Teething is such a massive bitch.  And molars?  Well those little a-holes can suck it.  Seriously you guys, my sweet little Phayre Bear has been a different child.  Two molars on the top just broke through and she's working on two more on the bottom.  Her whole mouth is swollen and they've actually been bleeding.  She follows me around the house screaming and crying with snot and drool dripping off of her face and stuck up to her ears and hanging down to her knees.  She's also not eating much of anything and basically not sleeping (at night or for naps-unless she's sleeping on me).  I feel so terrible for her.  She cries, Sloan cries for her, and then I cry with them both.  It's been a rough week to say the least.  I'm just hoping they pop all the way through ASAP because I need my happy P back (and I'd like to start sleeping through the night again ;)).

Sloan on the other hand is having a bit of a honeymoon week (THANK GOODNESS).  She has been so patient while I tend to P and brings P a teether every time she cries.  She's such a sweet big sister and has been my little helper lately.  She's acting so grown up, I just can't believe how quickly she's growing up!   And P follows her around trying to do everything her big sister does.  Slow down girls!!!  Or mama is going to need a tiny baby ;).

Sloan did however manage to embarrass me this week.  I had to take the girls into the post office and of course it was packed.  Line out the door of cranky and rushed people.  Sloan was looking at all of packaging materials on the wall and bopping around in her own little world.  I saw her really studying this poster of a man on the wall and then all of a sudden she yelled, "MOM, IS THAT MY DAD??"  I kind of half laughed and said, "No, honey that's not daddy."  She made this sad face and yelled back, "OH, I DON'T KNOW MY DAD.  I WISH I HAD MY DAD"  I felt everyones eyes shift to me so I started nervously talking without taking a breath.  I'm pretty sure I was saying things like, "Oh she knows her dad!  I am married!  To her dad!  Really, she has a dad.  And she knows him.  They both know their dad.  Well he's the same guy.  Dad.  Dad.  Dad.  Yep, we know their dad."  A few people cracked smiles, but most people just looked at me like I was a hot ass mess.  Thaaaaaanks Sloany.

So that's about it!  Are you still reading?  If so, go get yourself a cookie (or a glass of wine), you deserve it!





  1. Haha, these little ones just crack us up!! That post office story is so funny (because it didn't happen to me!) Praying for your sweet P and her molars - hope they pop out soon and she can go back to her happy and sleeping self. Hang in there mama x

  2. Sitting down a with a cup of coffee and catching up on my favorite blog, seriously one of the best things to do on a Saturday during nap time! I feel you mama and the teething thing, my usually cheerful 12 month old is trying to pop out the top 4 teeth... at the same time ugh. There isn't enough coffee (or wine for that matter) to make this better! I have two little girls similar in age to yours and I love seeing someone else going through same ups and downs! Keep it coming, I love, love, love your blog!


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