Monday, July 17, 2017

Brown Bumpdate / 34 Weeks

Well I guess technically 34.5 weeks now!  We are in the home stretch folks!  Today marks exactly one month until my scheduled induction (on August 17th)!  Unless baby Brownie decides to come on his own earlier... I'm not holding my breath on that one as I was induced with both girls and I'm pretty sure my babies would stay in there forever if I let them ;).  As each day passes I become more and more anxious to meet my little man.  I am trying SO hard to soak in this time with the girls and enjoy life just the way it is right now though!

3 4  w e e k  b u m p d a t e

Due date: August 25th, 2017 (my induction is scheduled for August 17th though!)

How far along: 34.5 weeks!

How many days to go: 31 days.  Only 31 freaking days guys!!!

Gender: BOY!

Baby's name: Baby Brownie does have a name!  I can't wait to share!

Size of the baby: He is about 18 inches long, almost 5 pounds in weight, and the size of a cantaloupe. That's what my pregnancy app says, but he feels SO much bigger than that!  He feels like a giant.

Movement:  He moves all day long.  He is so active and his movements are even painful sometimes.  I can tell he's getting more cramped in there though, he rolls and stretches more now instead of swift kicks.  He also just started getting the hiccups, I think that feels so funny!

Total weight gain so far: 34 pounds.  I'm right on track to gain about 40 pounds which is what I gained with the girls.  I feel pretty huge and my back and hips hurt.  I wish so much that I was a teeny tiny pregnant person, but apparently that's just not in the cards!

Most recent doctor appointment: I had a doctors appointment last week and my belly is still measuring about two weeks bigger than it should be.  My doctor thinks baby Brownie is a big boy and will be between 8-9 pounds.  The girls were peanuts so this has me a little terrified!!

Belly button in or out: Out, so far out.

Favorite maternity clothes right now: Basically living in my favorite maxi dress, yoga capri's, and tank tops.  Also really loving this super soft robe.  The stretchier the better these days!

Stretch marks: The tiny one I had above my belly button has gotten darker, no new ones... yet!

Sleep: The pregnancy insomnia is real over here.  It takes me forever to fall asleep and then I wake up all night long.  Sometimes it takes me a few hours to fall back to sleep in the middle of the night!

Mood: After a pretty rough week where I felt verrrrrry pregnant, one of my best friends let me cry on her shoulder and then helped me put life back into perspective.  Ever since then I feel really good.  I'm physically uncomfortable and have some anxieties about all of the changes ahead, but I have been feeling super thankful and grateful lately.  Life is in perspective right now and life looks pretty darn amazing!

Food cravings: Ice, ice baby.  No I'm not anemic, it's just the worlds most intense ice craving!  I also can't get enough watermelon, strawberries, sparkling water, ice cream, and cheeseburgers.

Favorite moment this week: Mine and baby Brownie's sprinkle!!!  My very sweet friends Sarah and Juliann hosted the most beautiful sprinkle for me and it was seriously just perfect!  They made the cutest wall with "OH BOY" balloons, the food was amazing, and there were even blue donuts with "B's" on them!  So many of my friends and my mom showered me with love (and diapers and wine!) and I left feeling like my heart could explode it was so full!

I'm missing: Sleep.

Biggest complaint: I officially cannot put my own shoes on without MAJOR discomfort so I've been living in flip flops (a major perk to being pregnant in summer).  For the very first time in my life (including both my pregnancies with the girls), I've had heartburn!  I have had such intense heartburn and it SUCKS.  I cut out all spicy food, but I've still been getting it!  That's been a major bummer. Also, sleep is pretty bad... have I already mentioned that?!  :)

Recent baby purchase: I got all of baby's bedding and it is dreamy!  I went with custom linen sheets and blankets from Madly Wish and they're even better in person!  I just love how the fabric looks in his nursery!  We also got a surprise package from our friends at June and January and I cannot get over how cute their newborn goodies are!  I already loved their gowns, but the new newborn snap tops are AMAZING (I believe they're being released next month!).

Nursery: Still waiting on some decor items!  I am dying to get them so I can finish up the nursery and share with you guys!

Labor signs: None!

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