Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Weekending // Phayre Bear turns ONE!

Phayre Golda Brown is O N E!!!  Our sweet girl turned one this past Saturday and we sure made the most of celebrating our girl!  I feel like she had the birthday that never ended.  It started with her little cake smash photoshoot, then her birthday party, and then her actual birthday!  Lots of celebrating for our perfect girl!  But really, I cannot believe she's one.  Her first year flew by and I would do anything to just go back in time and hold a tiny P again.  But she is so super fun right now and watching her grow and change is pretty amazing.

The night before Phayre's birthday, she took us back to her newborn days and spent the ENTIRE night screaming.  She woke up in the morning with swollen eyes and a fever, I felt so awful for her.  We showered her with balloons and sang her happy birthday while she smiled through tired eyes.  She kept looking at us like, "What in the world is wrong with my parents?  Why are they singing and dancing around like lunatics?  Maybe I'm dreaming?!"

A quick trip to the pediatricians office confirmed it was not an ear infection, just some pretty intense teething (she's cutting three molars!).  So we headed to the donut shop and she got to enjoy her first pink sprinkle donut!  The donut (with a side of tylenol) perked her right up and we were so happy to see her happy on her birthday!  We spent the rest of the day boating with our close friends where P spoiled me with not one, but two naps on me!  We finished our full and perfect day eating dinner on a rooftop downtown and then of course grabbed an ice cream come before heading home with sun kissed skin and full bellies.

It was a perfect day for our perfect girl (and ahhhh my girl is one!).  Happy birthday Phayre Golda, we love you so very much!


  1. What a happy birthday and hope she is feeling much better - nothing worse than silly teeth ruining your first birthday!! Such happy pictures x

    1. You're so sweet!! We felt so bad for her teething pain, but we definitely made the most of her special day!


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