Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why you need to date your husband... Again!

As mothers, our lives are filled with work, errands, housework, children, and other things that take up ALL of our time.  Somedays I seriously miss my old fifteen minute drive to work because I miss having even a tiny bit of "me" time.  I have even fantasized about driving to work (alone) where I would turn off the Disney princess CD and just drive in silence.  Ya know, and then get to work and miss my babies terribly!!  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love being a stay at home mom and I don't take it for granted.  But we can all agree, life gets busy and we don't always get time for ourselves.

As mothers, we are just SO busy all the time!  And sometimes this busyness leads to a disconnect with our spouses.  Eric and I are celebrating seven years of marriage this week and while we have a wonderful marriage and I truly believe he's my soulmate, I do miss just being "us" sometimes!  Exhaustion and just plain old busyness can make you very unromantic.  I ADORE my husband, but sometimes when I'm wearing a tiny persons boogers on my shirt, my hair is in a greasy topknot, and I'm in desperate need of a shower I forget to show it.

Eric and I have been together since I was 17, that's 11 years!  I think back to when we were dating and I am immediately filled with feelings of love, lust, and passion.  We were so in love and had so much passion for our relationship.  We still have a wonderful relationship and I enjoy him so much.  BUT I know that we could be even better if we both put in a little more effort.  We recently went on a little day date and it was an AMAZING refresh!  We went to lunch (and ate on the most beautiful patio) and then walked through the homes at the Street Of Dreams.  We held hands and chatted, it was like we were teenagers again!  I want our relationship to always be a priority, not only for us but for our daughters as well.

So, I have decided to start dating my husband.  Again.  And you should too!

I thought it would be fun to share a few things that I have planned for Eric and I in the next few weeks.  They aren't super extravagant or expensive, but I know that it will be so good for us to take more time to really focus on us.

1. Plan a date night at least once a month.  Now for the hard part: finding a babysitter.  Ask a family member to babysit or trade babysitting with friends that have kids.  I am a part of a local moms group on Facebook and I often see moms post that their high school or college daughters are available for babysitting.  And if all else fails, BEG your friends to give you their babysitters number!

2. Go on a day date!  Even if its to run errands together.  For us, it's easier to get a grandparent to come over for a few hours during the day than at night (plus it's easier when they don't have to do bedtime).  Ask grandma to come over and run to Target and Costco just the two of you.  Grab a Starbucks on the way and remember when you used to always do those things together!

3. Feed the kids and put them to bed an hour early.  Then have dinner just the two of you.  If you're feeling really fancy, light some candles and play some romantic music.

4. Make or buy a special dessert and enjoy it just the two of you once the kids are in bed.

5. Buy a new game or puzzle to do together.  Eric and I used to love playing cards!  I'm thinking a game of rummy is in our future.

6. Exercise together.  Even if it's a walk around your neighborhood with the kids in the stroller, you'll get to chat and you'll feel good about getting out.

7. Put a little note in his lunch, briefcase, or car.  And then imagine the look on his face when he finds it!  And along with notes... If things get super busy and you feel like you're not getting enough one-on-one time to connect, write him an email.  It doesn't sound romantic, but he'll love seeing it pop up in his inbox.

8. This one might sound funny, but you mamas will get it and it's something you can do all the time.  Remember to touch your husband!  Some days I have little bodies hanging off of me all day and at the end of the day I just want some space!  I forget to scoot closer to Eric and cuddle him on the couch or kiss him just because.  The power of touch is strong and will go a long with with your man.  Hug and kiss him when he walks in, touch his arm when you're talking to him, or give him a little smack on the tush as he walks by :).

9. Get dressed up for him.  I have fallen into the mom uniform of yoga pants and a top knot, super sexy right?  Every once in awhile get dressed up and remember what it feels like to look pretty!  Make him remember you're more than just a mama!

10. Do things you know he likes.  Poor Eric is the only male in our house so he's usually roped into doing lots of girly things.  I try to make sure to watch a baseball game or talk about our investments here and there, two things he could do all day everyday :).  Sometimes before Eric leaves for work, he'll make me an iced coffee and stick it on my nightstand.  Opening your eyes and seeing a yummy coffee first thing is the BEST!  It's so thoughtful of him and I am so appreciative.  Remember to go that extra mile every once in a while!

I hope that these were helpful and that you find a few things to do with your man!



And before I sign off, because I know you always read my blog posts babe,  I love you more than I'll ever be able to express.  You're my better half and going through life with you is extra special.  Oh and I still think you're the hottest guy around with the very best bum.  Thank you for being mine and happy seven years bay!  Xoxo, M

You can see this entire photo session here!

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  1. These are great tips, and so important! I adore my kiddos but I also miss that time with my hubs - just the two of us :)


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