Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Girls Right Now

Well it's no secret that my blog posts have been few and far between lately.  The girls have just been WAY TOO MUCH FUN this summer.  All we do is run around and play.  Very little gets checked off my to-do list each day and I wish I could say I was mad about it, but nope.  I'm having way too much fun!  I thought I'd do a quick catch up on the girls as they're changing SO rapidly!

Phayre is 12.5 months old, which is crazy because I still have not processed that she's one.  She's walking right into toddlerhood and this mama is not ready at all.  And by walking, I mean really walking!!  Girlfriend is walking up a storm these days!  She took 33 steps today!  33 steps right across our garage!  She still crawls sometimes (when she feels like it), but for the most part she's walking!  I love the drunken wobbly new walker walk, I think it is just the cutest ever.  She's also talking a bunch.  She says "hi" and "bye" to anyone who looks her direction.  She also loves talking to Eric on the phone while he's at work and says, "hi dad!" and "bye dad!".  It's seriously way too cute.  She calls all dogs "boo boo" since thats our dogs nickname.  She yells "BABY!" when she see's a baby, which is very cute but also kinda breaks my heart because even she knows she isn't much of a baby anymore.

Phayre still loves food (shocker, I know), she can eat about twice as much as Sloan at any given meal.  I weighed the girls this morning and they are only SIX POUNDS APART.  Crazy how different they are (in seriously every way possible!).  I'm not complaining one bit about having a good eater though!    Sloan is still picky and a total string bean.  While I'm glad she likes a lot of healthy things, our options are still pretty limited.  Thank goodness for ranch dressing, she dips everything in that stuff.

Phayre doesn't know a stranger and will let anyone hold her, but she is such a mama's girl at heart (and I love that).  She loves me so much!!  She follows me around all day saying, "Mama! Mama! Maaaaama!" and when I pick her up she lays her head on me and then gives me kisses.  She totally thinks Sloan is the shit though.  She watches everything Sloan does and tries to copy her.  Oh and she thinks Sloan is hilarious.  All Sloan has to do is look at P and she starts cracking up.  Then I try to do the same thing and she looks at me like, "Mom, what's wrong with you?"  I should probably get used to my daughters doing that to me.

Sloan is three years and three months old and is having an "I'm a three year old and I'm either going to be the sweetest thing ever or I'm going to be a major ass hole" kind of week.  Sloan is SO incredibly loving and affectionate, which is one of my most favorite things about her.  She is also very sassy lately.  And having a really hard time listening.  I feel like I repeat myself allllll day long so we're really focusing on that and working on it right now (hello sticker chart).  She rarely gets into too much trouble though because she is so sweet with Phayre (it is definitely her most redeeming quality).  They play together all day now and I couldn't be happier about it.  They're constantly kissing and cuddling and making me wish I had a sister!  There really is something so incredible about that sister bond.

Sloan's imagination is on fire right now.  She has an imaginary friend named Mahara and an imaginary daughter named Gizabelle.  She takes care of Gizabelle all day long, it's so sweet and freaking hilarious.  She is super interested in the interworkings of the family tree so she regularly tells me I'm Gizabelle's grandma.  And then sometimes when we're in public, she screams that I'm grandma and will only refer to me as grandma.  We've gotten some real fun looks with that one.  Best damn looking grandma around though if I may say so myself ;).

About two or three weeks ago Sloan conquered her MASSIVE fear of water and I cannot keep her out of the water now!  The last few weeks have been amazing, she's constantly swimming, jumping in the pool, and just having the best time ever.  Phayre is very much a water baby so we've been beating the heat one pool sesh at a time.  The girls are also obsessed with our new blow up flamingo pool, and if I'm being honest I'm totally obsessed with her too (plus she's more than 50% off right now).

So yeah, summer is treating all of us pretty darn good.  Sloan is getting ready to head back to preschool so I'm trying to prepare for fall and for life to go back to normal.  Which means I'll have to start staying caught up on laundry and making dinner regularly #bummer.  But until then, it's all play, very little work, suntan lines, sticky popsicle faces, and late night walks around the block.

We heart you summer!



Welp, we know she's mine :-P

This adorable swimsuit is by Minnow Swim (I'm obsessed!).

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