Monday, August 29, 2016


Today is mine and Eric's seventh wedding anniversary!  My how times flies when you're having fun (and moving and buying homes and getting new jobs and having babies!).  I don't feel old enough to have been married for seven years and then I remember we were just babies when we got married!!  I had just turned 21 and Eric had just turned 23, we were SO broke and saving every penny for our wedding.  Our wedding was so "young", it was thrown together and VERY pink.  It was just so centered around our love, nothing fancy-just so much love.  We also got married before Pinterest existed.  Pretty sure Eric dodged a bullet there.  Our wedding did not look like what you see on Pinterest these days!!  I bought my wedding dress for $150 from a wedding shop that was going out of business.  It was tried on by many other brides, but I had it cleaned and I loved it.

Eric and I have been together for eleven years and I am still so madly, deeply, and unconditionally in love with him.  Life has gotten much more complicated (and full) in the last eleven years!  I am so proud of our humble beginnings, our triumphs, and where we are today.  Our life looks a lot like what we had hoped and dreamed of as two teenagers who were crazy in love all those years ago.

I love you Eric Brown, you're my soulmate, my best friend, and my better half.  And because it's our anniversary, I'm using it as an excuse to dig up some old wedding photos!  You're welcome :).  I know our wedding photos aren't Pinterest worthy but I do really love them so I have to share a few :).  Also, OMG we look so young!!!




  1. Happy Annivesary! Cheers to y'all! I was also a pre-pinterest wedding and good gracious how I could have used it 🙈 We celebrate five years on 9/10. We were the ever cheesy 9/10/11 and my daugher's due date was 11/12/13 (however she had other plans!)

  2. Happy Anniversary - such special memories! It is our SIXTH next month x


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