Monday, August 22, 2016

A Day In The Life // Our Daily Routine

So many of you have asked me to post more about our daily routine and I always find myself looking over my shoulder thinking you must be talking to someone else?!  Our life isn't all that interesting, but we do manage to always pack some fun into our days.  I'm finally sitting down to share more about our daily routine, hopefully I don't bore anyone too much ;).  This is generally how our days go, but I am also pretty flexible.  If we're having a blast somewhere, I don't think twice about pushing nap back.  And summer has definitely made mama a little more relaxed on the whole schedule thing!

The girls usually wake up around 8am (give or take fifteen minutes) and I don't wake up until they do.  I wish I was a morning person and woke up before them to get ready, but that's just not me.  I love sleep!  And I've also found that whenever I do set an alarm and wake up before them, they hear me (or sense me) and wake up early.  So we all get up around 8am each day.  I always go into Sloan's room first and give her a minute of cuddles.  Then we walk into Phayre's room together.  Sloan always says, "Good morning sister!!  How was your rest??" and Phayre lights up at the sight of her big sister.

We head downstairs and I get the girls both sippy cups of milk while they play in the playroom (our kitchen looks right into the playroom).  While they play, I make myself an iced coffee and get started on breakfast.  Both girls are loving a fried egg and toast right now, but P's most favorite breakfast is yogurt and fruit.  We sit at the island and eat breakfast together while Sloan tell's us stories and sings us songs.  If you follow me on snapchat or my Instagram stories, I'm sure you've seen the milk water rap.  After breakfast, the girls head back to the playroom while I clean up the kitchen.  I eventually join the girls in the playroom and we play and read books for awhile.

Around 9:30am, we head upstairs and I get the girls dressed and brush their teeth.  There's usually laundry to be done, clothes to be put away, and beds to be made.  So I run around tidying up the upstairs while Phayre follows me around saying, "Mama! Mama! Maaaaaama!!"  Phayre usually get's sleepy around 10/10:30am so I rock her to sleep while Sloan either plays in her room or has some iPad time in my room.  Once P is down, I try to squeeze a workout in, shower and get ready, or I just decide to ditch responsibility and play with Sloan.  If we have an early playdate or plans far away from home, P will just nap in the car or on me in the front pack or wrap for her morning nap.

Phayre usually naps for about an hour (hour and a half at most) and as soon as she wakes up, we run out the door to get errands done or play.  Home bodies we are not, so we get out pretty much every day.  Plus it's summer, so there are so many fun things to get out and do right now!  A lot of the time, I'll bring lunch with us and we eat lunch on the go.  Except for 2 days a week when Eric comes home for lunch.  Eric works pretty long hours, so when he comes home for lunch it's a great time for him to spend a little extra time with the girls.

Both girls go down for nap between 1:30 and 2pm.  We all read books in Sloan's room and then I head into Phayre's room to rock her to sleep.  While the girls nap, I clean the house up, answer emails, blog, or do other chores around the house.  The girls are usually up around 3:30pm.  They wake up within minutes of each other almost everyday... I think they sense each other.  I bring the girls downstairs and Sloan watches a cartoon for about 15-20 minutes while I make the girls a snack.  Then we play, read books, or do an art project (lately, we've just been playing in water in the backyard) until about 5pm.  We also have a park across the street from our house so if it's not too hot, we head over there to play.  A little after 5pm I start making dinner.  Eric is usually home between 6-6:30pm so I usually try to hold the girls out so that we can all eat together.

The rule in our house is "I cook, you clean."  So after dinner, Eric cleans the kitchen up while blaring the disney pandora station.  The girls run around the house and I take the opportunity to sit down for a few minutes!  Once the kitchen is cleaned up, we'll either play in the backyard or playroom or go on a walk around the block.  By 7:15-7:30pm, we throw the girls into our big soak tub (they have their own bathroom and have bathed in there maybe three times) for bath time.  They play until their toes are wrinkly and then we lotion them up, brush teeth, and put jammies on.

Eric usually takes P into her room and rocks her to sleep while I read Sloan a few books in her bed.  P is down by 8:15 and Sloan by 8:30!  Eric and I head back downstairs for some alone time and to catch up on our shows.  Pretty wild and crazy, my friends!

For those of you who asked about our daily routine, I hope this is what you're looking for!  Please post comments below if I missed something.  Of course there are cuddles and tantrums and 98273478234 outfit changes mixed in between all of this!  Our days may not be the most exciting, but we do have a lot of fun!




  1. Marisa, our routines so much alike, down to the minute (except my kids go to bed pretty late in the summer because they just love playing outiside with all the neighbor kids until dark). I'm not a morning person either, so it should be interesting in a few weeks when the boys are back in school and we've all got to get up early. My husband works late and gets home around 6:00-6:30 too. Ugh. What does Eric do? Funny side note, my parents graduated from Clackamas high school and I have a lot of family that lives up that way, including an uncle Eric Brown.

    Are you still nursing Phayre? Does she just fall asleep at nap and bedtime without a bottle or anything? Patience is weaning herself already and I'm devastated about it.

    What shows do you and Eric watch at night Now that Bachelorette is ever we need to find some new shows (yes, we! My husband is a closet Bachelor fan).

    Hope you have a great week Mama!


    1. Hey girl!!

      So weird on the uncle Eric! And too funny about Clackamas high school, that's where my girls will go! Eric is a controller at a big manufacturing plant (so he works in finance).

      Phayre has completely weaned herself... I wasn't ready at all, but she was DONE. Just flat out started refusing. But now I'm really thankful that it was so easy for her and I didn't have to do it to her. P doesn't usually fall asleep with a bottle (she does have milk before bed, just not right before she falls asleep).

      And shows! We love Homeland, Shameless, Ray Donovan, Flip or Flop, The Night Of, Hard Knocks, and I've totally suckered Eric into Real Housewives of OC and New Jersey (I'm a giant Bravo fan!),

      Have a great week!! XoXoXo



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