Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How I Make My Iced Coffee

I get asked two questions almost daily... 1) Who are my favorite bow shops and 2) How do I make my iced coffee.  My iced coffee is so easy (and I don't even make the coffee myself) that I didn't think it deserved a post, but I've answered the question so many times now I decided I better just post it for you all to see!

When Sloan was a baby we lived in downtown Seattle.  We had a swanky apartment in a high-rise which was right across the street from a Starbucks.  It didn't take long before Eric and I became daily Starbucks drinkers.  It just became a part of my day... Sloan would wake up and I'd feed her a bottle, I'd put her in the front pack, and we'd walk to Starbucks.  We'd walk back home and I'd sip my Starbucks while I made her breakfast.

When we moved back to Oregon (and to the suburbs), we decided it was time to get our coffee habits in check!  I've always been an iced coffee drinker so I bought the bottle of Starbucks iced coffee from our local grocery store... I was very skeptical (could it actually taste as good as the real thing?!).  I put in my regular cream and sugar and I was shocked when it tasted BETTER than the iced coffees I got from Starbucks.  I make one every morning and almost every day during nap time... they're just so good, once a day isn't always enough :).

So here is how I make mine...

I always drink mine out of a mason jar.  Not sure why, I just do :).  I fill it about half full with ice.

Then I fill it almost to the top with iced coffee.

Top it off with cream and two Splenda.  Note: I think organic half and half tastes better (my husband thinks this is ridiculous) and I think the off brand Splenda type sweetners taste weird so I only use the Splenda brand packets.

Mix it together (I always mix and drink mine with a metal straw) and enjoy!

See I told you it was WAY easy!



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