Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sniffles and Farm Fun!

There's been a lot of sniffles and sleepless nights over here.  The preschool germs have gotten the best of Sloan and it's made for a rough few weeks.  So it's been really quiet around the blog, but I have some exciting things coming up that I'm super excited to share with you guys... Stay tuned!  

Alright let's get all caught up... Sloan caught a nasty virus from school a few weeks ago.  She had a really high fever and an awful cough so I took her into our pediatrician and after a very traumatic chest X-ray we learned that she had pneumonia :(.  She was SO sick, it was just heartbreaking.  She just finished her antibiotics though and she's pretty much back to normal (thank goodness!!).  

Sloan turns three in two weeks so I've been busy working on her 'princess tea party' birthday party!  She is so excited for her birthday party, she asks every morning, "Mama, is today my princess tea party happy birthday day??"  She can't wait to turn three and I am having such a hard time with it.  I just feel like three is getting pretty far out of toddler zone.  She's turning into a kid and I'm just not ready!  

Phayre said her first word and drumroll please... it's MAMA!!!  Sloan said Dada first so I was pretty excited when Phayre said Mama a few weeks ago!  She has started refusing baby food so we are pretty much just doing baby led weaning now.  She loves to eat and still has no interest in being mobile!

Over the weekend we went up to Olympia to stay with my best friend Lauren and her family.  We celebrated her daughter's birthday at a local farm and it was seriously the cutest party ever.  Lauren outdid herself with the decor and everyone had such a great time.  The animals were super friendly and the weather was great, just a really perfect day!  I love making these memories with my family and being surrounded by such good friends.  Life is good, just busy!  

That's all for now :)



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