Thursday, August 4, 2016

Meal time with Phayre // The Baby Cubby

It's no secret that our little Phayre Bear is a lover of food.  Girlfriend never misses a meal and has the most delicious rolls to show for it.  Mealtime can be so fun with little babes... but can also be super messy!  There are so many products to choose from, some are amazing and others are used once and then end up in the "kid drawer" in the kitchen.  I thought I'd share what products we love and find most useful.

I recently discovered an online retailer called The Baby Cubby when I was researching highchairs.  I was immediately impressed with their website because they have a section called "Cubby Picks".  They break down baby items by type and choose the best of the best.  They do all the research and then give you their top picks for baby gear items.  The Stokke Tripp Trapp chair was one of their top Cubby picks and I immediately fell in love with it.  The design is sleek and it is SO easy to clean.  I also purchased the baby set and the tripp trap tray and we are absolutely loving this highchair.  Like I said, it is so easy to clean!  It's also super lightweight and easy to move around (we often move the highchair from our dining area to the kitchen and even outside on our patio).  Plus, it just looks really good in our house!  It's not an eyesore and takes up very little space.

Lot's of you messaged me asking about P's highchair after I posted photos from her first birthday party.  Funny thing is, we put her highchair together just moments before the party started!  I had ordered the highchair the week before the party (it actually shipped the same day I ordered it) and it arrived a few days before the party.  When we opened the manufacturers packaging we realized that the screws that were supposed to be included were missing.  I was SO bummed because I knew we wouldn't be able to put the highchair together and use it at P's party (those cake smash photos are important you know!).  I emailed The Baby Cubby and explained the situation, Ryan emailed me right back and said that they were overnighting the missing parts to me so that they'd get to me in time for the party!  Sure enough, the parts arrived and Eric put the highchair together before the party started.  I was so appreciative and we got so many compliments on P's new highchair at the party!

So, obviously we love our new highchair!  Phayre isn't using any dishes right now, but she does use the Comotomo bottle (the only bottle we've ever gotten her to take).  I also love feeding her yogurt with the Boon swap spoons.  These spoons are my favorite for little babes, you can feed them with one side and wipe food off of their face with the other side.  Sloan uses the Boon benders silverware and platter plates (love these because it divides all of the food).  

A few other products that we use regularly that you should definitely try are the Boon Snug Spout tops and the Puj PillUp Cups.  I always have one of the snug spout tops in my diaper bag.  They fit onto pretty much any size cup so they're super easy to use at restaurants.  We attached a PhillUp cup onto our refrigerator and I LOVE that Sloan can get herself water by herself (plus she feels so grown up using the water dispenser all by herself, it's very cute!).

I hope that you guys find these products useful with your littles too!  These are definitely some of our mealtime favorites.  I also hope that you'll check out The Baby Cubby next time you're shopping for baby and toddler gear items.  I had such a great personal experience with The Baby Cubby and really loved how easy it was to maneuver their website.  Their website didn't feel like just another baby site to me, I loved that the products were researched and tested.  They only offer the best and safest baby gear items, perfect for overwhelmed parents trying to make the right choice for their baby.  After looking through their website, I also learned that they price match and all orders over $49 ship for free!

You can also check The Baby Cubby out on Instagram and they have a really great blog as well!



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  1. I'm totally going to check out this website right now! We struggle some with meal time in our house so maybe I can get some new cups/bottles our little diva might like!


    Alecia - La Joie de Vivre


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