Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Phayre Smashes a Cake!

When you turn one, you should get to smash a cake!  It's like a right of passage into becoming a toddler.  And now that I say that, I regret letting her smash a cake because #pleasebeababyforever.  Anyways, Phayre LOVED smashing her cake!  Although she didn't really smash it, she destroyed it.  I laughed when I got the photos back from Lindsey Wiatt Photography because she looks so sweet and dainty in the photos.  Baby sister was anything but dainty, she went to town eating her cake!  It was so fun and I'm so glad we documented it.

I wanted P's cake smash to be really simple and natural.  I ordered a simple white cake with whip cream frosting from our local grocery store (it was only $6.99!).  I put some simple greenery on the front of the cake and it was perfect!  P wore a simple white dress and my sweet friend Megan made her the most beautiful flower crown!  (P's dress sold out, but this dress is almost identical and it's under $20)

I still cannot believe that Phayre is turning one in just a few days.  I have dreaded her first birthday so much and wanted so much for her to just stay a baby, but oh boy it has been fun celebrating her!  And we haven't even celebrated her actual birthday yet!

Welcome to the world of sweets my littlest love!


  1. I love these pictures. What a cutie! I can't wait to do a cake smash with my little guy (as sad as him turning one will be!)

    1. I didn't hire a photographer to take photo's of Sloan's cake smash and I'm so bummed I didn't!! It was so fun and I love the photos from P's! Have so much fun doing it with your little guy!


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