Thursday, July 7, 2016

Oxo Tot Transitions Sippy Cup // Product Review

If you're like me, you have a cupboard full (ok, overflowing) with sippy cups and other toddler dishes.  We have tried every sippy cup under the sun.  We have the cutsie holiday and character ones (that always leak) along with many others that have been used a handful of times and then get thrown into our "kid cabinet".

We recently got to try the new Transitions cups from Oxo Tot and I'm super excited to share them with you guys today.  I love these cups because they were made to grow with your child which means less stuff in my cupboard!  There are interchangeable parts so that the cup transitions with your baby's or toddler's needs.

Phayre has been pretty picky with bottles and cups (thank you breastfeeding), so I wasn't holding my breath when we tried the transitions soft spout sippy cup.  To my surprise, she loves the cup and hasn't had any issue drinking from it.  I think it's because she can easily hold the cup with the handles and she doesn't have to work hard to get water out of the soft spout.  The spout opens as soon as she puts it into her mouth.  It also has a lid which makes it spill proof, perfect to throw into my diaper bag.

Can we stop and talk about how she's double fisting a quesadilla and her beverage... she is her mothers daughter :).

At first Sloan was using the transitions sippy cup which has a hard spout and is spill proof.  She was able to easily drink from it and loved that it matched Phayre's cup.  As time went on, I decided to try the training lid and girlfriend loves drinking form her "big girl" cup.  There is a clear plastic piece in the top so she can see when the water is coming up to her lips (so no spilling all over herself!).  When she's ready, the clear plastic piece comes out so it's like a normal cup.  The 9 oz. cup, hard spout sippy lid, and training lid all came in one pack.  I love that it came together and I can use both lids on the cup.

I love how easy all of the pieces fit together and that the cups will grow with my girls.  The cups are also so easy to clean.  Oxo tot makes a really handy cleaning set that gets into all of the crevices (and can even clean straws).  And while we're talking about Oxo tot, I just have to tell you guys how much I love their roll up bib.  I've been keeping it in my diaper bag and it is the most convenient bib I own. It not only rolls up into itself so that it's compact in my diaper bag, but it also wipes clean in seconds with a baby wipe.  So highly recommend the bib, I've gotten so much use out of it already!

I hope that this will be helpful when you're looking for kiddos next sippy cup or bib.  I love sharing products we love and these are definitely some of our favorites!



I partnered with Oxo Tot on this post, all opinions expressed are 100% my own!

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