Tuesday, July 12, 2016

First Birthday Wish List

So many people have asked me what we're getting Phayre for her first birthday.  Apparently lots of you have babies who are turning one this year!  First birthday gifts are hard because one year olds aren't really "in" to anything in particular, but they've outgrown rattles and cutesie stuffed animals.  I rounded up some fun gifts that are one year old appropriate and definitely on Phayre's wish list this year!

First Birthday Wish List

Floral Quilt.  I love the idea of giving an heirloom type gift for a first birthday and a beautiful handmade quilt definitely fits the bill.  I have been eyeing this quilt by Madly Wish forever!
Flamingo Growth Chart.  I cannot believe we don't have a growth chart!  I'm obsessed with this flamingo growth chart!
Play Phone.  We have one play cell phone that my girls fight over nonstop. Phayre is definitely getting one for her birthday so that I don't have to hear them screaming over a toy phone ever again.
Soft Soled T-Strap Shoes.  Phayre is so close to walking so soft soled shoes are a must!  She absolutely needs the powder blue t-straps!  (In a size 5, if you're reading this grandma ;))
Ruffle Bodysuit.  You guys, are these not the cutest bodysuits in all the land?  Every little girl needs one.  Or three.
Plush Baby Doll.  Another must have for a baby girls first birthday is a baby doll!  I love this plush one so much, I can totally imagine Phayre cuddling it.
Poppity Pop Musical Dino.  So fun an would definitely entertain a one year old.
Rainbow Stacker.  Phayre looooooves to stack things so this is right up her alley!
Flower Sprinkler.  Another thing I can't believe we don't have!  Every kid needs a sprinkler to run through!
Mega Bloks Table.  I think is the most perfect gift for a one year old!  They can stand at it and work on those fine motor skills.  This one is at the top of our list!
Shopping Cart.  Phayre isn't walking on her own yet, but loves pushing things around.  She would love this shopping cart so much (When Sloan wasn't stealing it from her!).
Pig Rocker.  Seriously. way. too. cute.  I'm obsessed.
Books: When in doubt, buy a one year old some books.  We love books so much and are always looking for new books.  Right now we're wishing for Wendell the Narwhal, Hug Me, Flora and the Peacocks, and Gaston.

I hope this gives you some good ideas for your little or for the next first birthday party you're invited to!




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