Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Phayre // 11 Month Update

Well folks, it's one month until one!  Our sweet Phayre Golda is eleven months old (well she was on June 30th).  I'll be honest, I'm a total wreck over my baby turning one.  I feel like I was pregnant two weeks ago and I should have a tiny baby asleep in my arms right now.  Time is an ass hole a jerk and just keeps ticking away too quickly.  I've always wished that I could be that mom that loves each new phase and gets excited about it.  I'm just not that mom and I'm positive I'll never be that mom.  I LOVE the baby phase and want my babies to stay tiny forever.  I cry with every milestone and dread all of the changes.  I feel jealous every time I walk passed a pregnant woman or a new mother with her newborn... isn't that weird?  It is weird and I can't believe I feel that way, but I  just do.  I have major baby fever, but not because I want another baby.  I just want to do this entire year over with Phayre.  She is truly the sweetest baby, so easy going and happy.  I wish I could hang on to her babiness forever and ever.  And ever and ever and everrrrrr.

Alright alright, enough whining!  Like I said, our little Phayre Bear is quite possibly the sweetest and easiest baby of all time.  If I were promised more Phayre babies, I would probably have ten more.  I'm pretty sure I said that last month, but I said I would have five more.  Well, I'm so obsessed with her I upped it to ten ;).  She is always happy and smiling and is very much a people person.  She is just getting over a double ear infection and we are so so happy to have our happy girl back.  She is becoming SUCH a mama's girl.  She prefers me over anyone and I secretly love it.  Ok maybe not so secretly love it :).  She says mama, dada, and baba.  Oh and she loves to scream and screech... like all the time.  But she's so excited and cute when she does it, nobody minds.  She is crawling very quickly, pulling herself up, getting into everything, and has stood on her own a few times!  She's become very opinionated with food, which isn't my most favorite thing about her ;).   She takes two good naps a day and usually sleeps from 8pm to 7:30-8am (her sleeping through the night is something I do love about her).

Phayre loves to clap her hands and pat her mouth when she's yelling.  She gives huge open mouthed kisses and if I could find a way to bottle them up I would.  Last month she cut four teeth in a week and hardly fussed!  She has four teeth on the top and two on the bottom, the ones on the top haven't come down all the way so they look like little hippo teeth (I love them!!).  She weighs twenty pounds and I have some nicely toned arms to show for it.

We just love our sweet girl so much.  She's quickly turning into a toddler and shedding her babiness, but we are just so so happy we get to go along for the ride.  Phayre is like this bright light, always smiling and engaging with others.  So, happy eleven months little Phayre Golda!  The countdown to your first birthday is on and we are going to celebrate the shit out of you!

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