Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Second Trimester Must Haves

I couldn't be any happier to finally be in my second trimester!  My first trimester was rough and I am finally feeling like myself again.  My almost 15 week baby bump is SO much bigger than it was at 15 weeks with Sloan and Phayre.  I'm feeling huge, but keep telling myself my uterus is just a major overachiever the third time around.  I wanted to share my second trimester must haves, the things I couldn't live without these days!

Pregnancy pillow.  After asking for opinions on Instagram I went with a full body pregnancy pillow and I love it!  I am sleeping so much better since getting it.

My favorite maternity leggings of all time!  I had these same leggings when I was pregnant with Phayre and I've already bought two new pairs.  I'm so glad they still make them!  Promise you'll love them.

Maternity tanks.  I probably have 10 of these tank tops that I have collected through my pregnancies. They are my favorite for during pregnancy and after baby.

The most comfortable lounge pants ever.  Another item that I have several because I buy new ones each time I'm pregnant.  I just ordered another pair and bonus they're on sale!

Comfortable nursing bras.  My chest grows so much during pregnancy, I quickly outgrow my bras.  I like buying nursing bras that I can continue to use once baby is here.

Lip balm.  My lips have been crazy chapped lately and I love this kind.

Prenatal vitamins.  I love the gummy kind!

My homemade belly butter.  I'm sharing the recipe next week so stay tuned!  Just make it and thank me later :).

Water bottle/tumbler.  Because you need to keep that babe hydrated, duh!

Snacks.  A full list coming soon!

Chiropractic and massage.  Whyyyyyy didn't I do this in my first and second pregnancies?  It makes me feel like a million bucks!  If you're local, email me and I'll refer you to the best doctor!

Some of you asked about the striped maternity dress that I was wearing in my Instagram stories last weekend (and am wearing again today!).  I am almost positive this dress is the same one, at least it looks exactly the same to me!  This dress, this dress, and this dress are all similar too!


  1. You are adorbs and the dress is perfect! What size are you wearing if you don't mind me asking? I love the dress and want to order one but am curious how they run. Thanks!

  2. I'm wearing a size small, which would be my normal size! It fits so perfect now, but by the end of my pregnancy I'd maybe need a medium. It will be summer then so I doubt I'll wear a long sleeve dress though! Is super stretchy, I would go with your normal size! Xo, Marisa

  3. Lip balm and preggy massages were/are my best! x


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