Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites!

HOORAY it's Friday!!  And not only is it Friday, but we are getting out of town this weekend and I am so excited!  Eric and I have been feeling like we need a family reset so we're heading to our old city, Seattle.  Seattle is so special to us and we're so excited to spend the weekend there.  It will be so nostalgic.  Every time we're there, all I can think about is my tiny baby Sloany.  I can't believe we're headed there with an almost four year old Sloany and a third baby on the way!  I promise to share all about it once we're home!

I have some great favorites to share today and even a few exclusive discount codes!

First up, low and behold the world's most convenient bib.  Of all time ever!  Simply Bibs makes simple vinyl bibs in a variety of colors.  They snap on and are pretty close to impossible for a toddler to rip off.  And the best part?  You can easily wipe them clean after your baby has covered them in food.  No washing machine, no stains, just an easy to clean and super convenient bib.  I always have one rolled up in my diaper bag and clean it with a baby wipe after each use.  Obviously I love the sparkle pink, but I definitely need to get a navy one for baby brother!!

Simply Bibs is offering you guys 15% off with code "simplybibs15"!

Did anyone else realize that Easter is in just a few weeks?  Like holy moly, it's right around the corner!  The girls favorite Easter gifts from last year were their monogrammed bunnies from Peekawhoo.  Sloan especially loves that her name is on it now that she knows how to spell her name! Even though baby boy isn't here yet, he got his very first Peekawhoo bunny this year!  I cannot wait to put it into his nursery (ya know, once he actually has one).  I monogrammed it with "Baby Brown" and I loved that I got to see what it looked like with Peekawho's monogram maker.

I seriously love the monogrammed Peekawhoo bunnies, they're so soft and make such a sweet addition to an Easter basket!  You guys can save 20% off all bunnies and bunny basket combos with code BABYBOYBROWN20 (how generous is that!).  Discount expires March 31st, which is also the last day to order in time for Easter!

Speaking of Easter baskets and fun goodies, I am including some fun Disney items this year since we're going to Disneyland a few weeks after Easter.  I got the girls these distressed Mickey sweatshirts (pretty sure they were in the boys section, but I cannot get over how cute they are!).  I'm also throwing in the sweetest little vintage Minnie Mouse bows from The Splendid Bow (they'll be restocked on Monday).

I found the cutest (and super comfortable) sandals that I'll be wearing all summer long!  Mama's you need them, you deserve them!  I bought the glitter version, but there is also a plain leather version as well!

If you're looking for the perfect white summer maxi dress, look no further.  This white boho maxi dress is too good.  I just ordered it and I'm hoping it will work with my bump (it's not a maternity dress).

I currently cannot stop drinking green smoothies.  And the only person more obsessed with them than me is Phayre!  She begs for "moomies" all day and I keep saying yes because I love them so much too :).  I thought I'd share my favorite recipe real quick!  I'm totally guessing on amounts, I just throw stuff in (and it makes enough for P and I... and she drinks as much as I do).

1 cup of ice
1 banana
1 cup spinach (sometimes I throw in more)
1/4 to 1/2 cup pineapple
1/4 to 1/2 cup mango
1/2 cup orange (I unpeel and throw in two mandarin oranges)
3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

Blend until smooth and enjoy.  And you will enjoy it, it's soooo good!!

I don't watch the Bachelor, but I died laughing over this parody by What's Up Moms.  I'm laughing again just thinking about it :).

Alright that's it babes!  We are heading off to Seattle in just a bit!  Did I mention how excited I am to get out of town??  I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!




  1. You don't watch the Bachelor?
    I don't know if we can be friends.
    That is all 😜

  2. Hahaha I thought I might lose some friendships over that comment!! I've never seen it!


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