Thursday, March 2, 2017

Friday Favorites on a Thursday :)

I have a few fun things to share with you guys, but I know I'll forget to post tomorrow so how about a Friday Favorites on a Thursday?!  Makes me seem like such an over achiever right!  I'm not really an overachiever though... we find out baby Brown number three's gender tomorrow!!!  We're even having a little gender reveal party with some friends and family tomorrow night.  We've never done one so I figured it's now or never and I'm so excited!

But first, I have to tell all of you that PHAYRE GOLDA BROWN went pee pee on the potty last night!  19 months of pure sweetness and she's officially turning into a big girl (insert excited happy emoji along with bawling eyes out emoji because omg so bittersweet)!  So so proud of that sweet thing.  Annnnnnd moving on...

I think I need to start a new hashtag on Instagram for #thetravelingstool.  We have this sweet little Elephant stool from Neapolitan House that the girls drag all over the house.  I had originally gotten it for our downstairs bathroom because the girls need a stool to reach the sink.  It has since been dragged upstairs and circulates between all of our bedrooms.  My favorite recent use was when Sloan sat Phayre down so that she could "braid her hair".  She flipped P's hair through her fingers and pretended to braid it while P soaked in all the big sister attention :).  The stool is so darn cute, I had to share!  Plus Neapolitan House has lots of other fun goodies in their online shop!  And just for you guys, use code "babybrown" for 15% off their shop!!

Speaking of stools and bathrooms and washing hands.  If you don't have these sink extenders, BUY THEM for your little people.

My obsession with kids pajamas is reeeeeeeal.  Always has been.  I posted last week about a few of my favorite pajamas and then I found another cute pair that the girls obviously HAD to have (I'm hoping the 2t will work for P even though she isn't quite into that size yet).

I also grabbed the girls these flamingo shoes this week and my only complaint is that they don't come in my size.  You guys... tell me these are not the cutest things you've ever seen?!


If you're planning a birthday party for your little lady, definitely check out these new number cake toppers by Fancy Free Finery and Hooray Everyday.  We won't be home for Sloan's birthday this year (we'll be in Disneyland, poor kid ;)), but I think I'm going to order one for P's birthday!  Remember her little "1" cake topper from her first birthday party??  I'll be like 37 weeks pregnant at her party, so I should probably plan some things ahead!

This week we tried breakfast quesadillas (genius) and a creamy chicken tortellini soup.  Both were delicious and I plan on making them again!  Find both recipes on my "Good Eats" pinterest board!  Make sure to follow along on Pinterest too!

We tried this sensory activity this week.  So easy and P played with it forever, such a great rainy day activity.

That's all for now babes!  Next time I log in I'll be sharing the gender of our littlest babe, CANNOT WAIT!  Have a great weekend (and just pretend it's Friday when you read that ok)!



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  1. I bought the flamingo shoes this week too! They are so soooo good! I just wish we'd get some nice weather to go with them.

    Can not wait to hear the news tomorrow!


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