Friday, March 3, 2017

Hello Baby Brown number three is a... BOY!

Well it looks like we're no longer an all girl crew over here!  Oh my gosh you guys, the baby is a BOY.  I am going to have a son!  That is so weird to say, a SON!  I'll be honest, my first reaction was pure and utter shock.  A BOY!  Like I didn't even think Eric and I could make a boy!  I am definitely in uncharted territory, but I'm super excited to start making plans for our little man!

Our ultrasound was in the morning and we didn't find out the gender at the appointment!  She put it in an envelope and Eric quickly took it so that I couldn't peek!  We met my friend Lindsey of Lindsey Wiatt Photography and she had the ballon with blue confetti filled  (I ordered the balloons and confetti off of etsy).  She captured our reactions when we popped the balloon and even took a little video!  I'm so excited to share it with you guys!

It was so hard letting Lindsey find out before us, but SO worth it!  I love that she caught our (very shocked) reactions!  She did such a wonderful job documenting this special time and I am so thankful for her!!

One of my first thoughts was, "How will I dress him?"  immediately followed by "Can I seriously not put bows on him??"  I am really excited to start buying boy clothes, but probably equally sad about the bow situation ;).  We currently do not have ANY boy names, not a one.  So that's priority number one, finding this little guy the perfect name.  Oh and nursery, I'm super excited to plan a boys nursery!  So far no plans though, boy land is all so new to me!

Sloan had no reaction to finding out the baby was a boy, she simply didn't believe it.  We both bent down and said, "Sloan it's blue!  That means it's a brother baby!"  All she said was, "I like the sparkles!  I'm cold mama, I wanna go home now."  She spent the rest of the day talking about our baby girl and I started feeling really bad about not giving her another sister!  It didn't take too long though and she finally understands that the baby is a boy and she seems ok with it.  Eventually I'm sure she'll get excited, but right now it seems to be a pretty big shock for her too!

Most of the old wives tales pointed to girl along with the Chinese gender calendar!  So, I officially don't believe any of that crap :).  My initial gut feeling was a boy and I should have just relied on that.  There's something to say about a mamas intuition!

We had a little reveal with our families and close friends on Friday night.  We had cupcakes filled with blue frosting and had everyone bite into them at the same time.  It was a really sweet moment!  Everyone is so excited for us that we get to experience having a son!  My friend Lisa from Lilac Butterfly Custom Cakes made the cupcakes and they somehow tasted even better than they looked!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement and congratulations!  You have made this time even more special and I am so thankful for this community of mamas!!  Now share all your boy tips with this former girl mama!!!



I LOVE Eric's face in this photo!!  He was so happy and excited!


  1. This made this pregnant mama all kinds of weepy! So so so excited for y'all! My three year old had the same reaction as Sloan. Total denial but now she loves the idea of baby brother! I was convinced I was having another girl and shopping for boy has been so weird! No bows, no pink, no tutus, say what?! Enjoy this new chapter! Can't wait to see what you do with his room!!

  2. Congratulations! I have two girls as well and had a baby boy last fall. We couldn't find out the baby's sex from the ultrasounds (he was uncooperative) so my husband announced it to me when the baby was delivered. It was such a surprise!


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