Monday, March 6, 2017

Hello Baby BOY Brown / nursery inspiration

As I've slowly, but surly gotten over my initial shock that we're having a BOY I have gotten really excited and gotten right into planning mode.  You guys, it's as if there was no way there was a 50/50 chance that this baby was a boy, I was SHOCKED.  And I felt like it was a boy the entire time, but somehow couldn't believe that we could actually make a boy!  I think because I have two daughters I could really only imagine having another baby girl.  Anyways, I'm getting really excited to welcome this sweet little guy and I want to make sure everything is perfect for him when he arrives.

We've really gone back and forth on planning the nursery because we're still trying to decide what we're going to do with Phayre's room (keeping her in a nursery with a crib versus a big girl room with a bed).  The baby is due a few weeks after P turns two and Eric and I are at odds when it comes to giving P the boot from her crib.  I'd like to keep her in her crib as long as possible.  Eric think's she's ready for a big girl bed and that the transition will be easier before baby brother gets here (he's probably right on that one).  Sloan moved to a big girl bed right when she turned two, two months before P was born.  Sloan was also hyper verbal, potty trained, and weaned from her pacifier by 18 months.  She's always acted so much older than her age and P just isn't that way.  I'm so afraid of rushing P out of her babyhood!  We're also thinking about moving P's room to our guest room and giving the baby P's nursery.  All of that just to say, we aren't exactly starting on the nursery right now and we don't have a clear plan.  BUT, I do have a lot of fun ideas that I'm super excited about.

Since I'm really unsure about P's room, I decided to start gathering ideas for baby boy's nursery!  Pulling my ideas together was super scary at first, I feel so intimidated by all things boy.  I have just been so deep in girl land over the past almost four years!  I know I'm good at the girl thing, but I'm not sure about my boy mom skills just yet!

If you've seen Phayre's nursery you know that I am not a themed nursery person.  While I love a good party or holiday theme, I get tired of themes too quickly in a bedroom.  I love love P's nursery, but I definitely want to take a more minimalist approach to baby boy's nursery (boys don't need all the fluff right?).  If Eric gets his way and we move Phayre into a big girl bed, baby boy will inherit her crib.  It's such a simple and modern design, perfect for a boy or girl.  I hope you like what I have so far!  It's a work in progress, but I really love how it's coming together!  I'll make sure to update the blog with ideas and photos as I find them!

When I sat down to gather my ideas for this nursery, my first goal was to choose a color palette.  Obviously it needs to be masculine (I had a hard time moving past pink and florals #formergirlmomproblems), but it also needs to be soft enough for a baby.  Blue seems pretty basic, but out of my "boy color" options it's probably my favorite.  I like the idea of mixing a few different shades of blue with neutrals like white, gray, and tan/beige.  I want the room to feel light and bright so I'll most likely keep the off white walls.

I couldn't find P's exact crib online (because it's old!), but I found a crib that looks almost identical and is way cheaper!  I'd love to find a mid century dresser to also use as his changing table.  I might even try antiquing or thrifting one and refinishing it... If I get adventurous :).  I also love this neutral glider and ottoman and think that they'd be so beautiful in any nursery!

Now for the fun stuff!  I knew I wanted a good mix of blues, ranging from medium blue to navy.  I also love the idea of throwing in other small pops of color like mint and yellow.  When I found this rug, I knew it was absolutely perfect.  A great mixture of blues, but also a fun yet simple design.  I like having a lamp in my kids rooms for right before bed or first thing in the morning when the overhead light is too bright.  I fell in love with this mint floor lamp and think it would be perfect next to the glider.

A boys room doesn't need a bunch of fluff and knick knacks, but I do want to include a few fun decorative accessories.  I love these pom pom bins (large bin, medium bin, small bin) and could definitely see this little knit lamb doll by Cuddle and Kind popping out of them.  I also love the idea of a hand painted globe and hope to find one on etsy.
Both of my girls have wooden name blocks from Bannor Toys and a cloud mobile from Baby Jives.  I plan on ordering those for baby boy as well!  Funny story, when I showed my nursery inspiration picture to Eric he said, "We're not naming the baby Ethan are we?"  Haha no babe, just a photo I found on their website :).  I also love the whale toy box from Bannor Toys so I might see if I can work one of those into the room as well!

When it comes to artwork, I want to keep the walls simple and sweet.  I absolutely love the book quote art prints by Sugarboo & Co.  We have one of their pieces in our playroom and I love it so much!  They're so well made and make such a statement in the room.  Minted has some really cute whimsical art prints, I really love the "Eeny Meenie Miney Moe" print!  I would also love to hang a vintage baseball photo since Eric played baseball through college and loves the sport so much.  Plus baseball reminds me of our dating years!  I sat through more games than I can count, pretending to watch them game while really only staring at his bum (he was the catcher) :).  I also love love love the wooden signs by House of Belonging and think one would look so cute hanging over his crib.

I found a beautiful blue watercolor fabric online and I'm hoping to get a crib sheet and/or blanket made out of it.  I will not be going with a baseball theme (you know how I feel about nursery themes!), but I do love this vintage baseball player fabric and think a crib sheet or blanket would be so darling.  I also found this indie blue crib sheet by Madly Wish and I have officially fallen in love.  Madly Wish also has beautiful linen fabrics that I can't get enough of.  I love the "earth" color and I actually talked my friend Whitney (the owner) into sending me samples of white and navy linen fabrics!  I cannot wait to see them, I have a feeling they'll be perfect.  Madly Wish also offers boppy covers in the linen fabrics which I love!

That's what a I have so far!  What do you guys think??  Boy land is new to me, but I'm determined to give this little guy the perfect space!  I'd love any ideas you guys may have, leave them in the comments below!




  1. Love, love, love!!! I also prefer a color rather than a theme for a nursery or kids room!
    SO excited for you x

  2. We just recently upgraded Lincoln to a big boy bed! He's done great so far! As we prepare for our first GIRL I understand your shock! But just know, little boys are so great.. They definitely steal their Mamas heart!! So excited for you guys!


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