Sunday, February 26, 2017

Gender predictions!

I am almost 15 weeks along now and not knowing the gender is driving me crazy!  Sloan only refers to the baby as a girl and begs me to give her another sister.  She wants to name her Elena and I assume her middle name will be "of Avalor".  When I tell her that the baby could be a boy she gets really upset!!  I would love another girl, I honestly think it would be easier at this point.  We have all the stuff, clothes, and toys.  Sloan and P play so well together, I can totally see another little lady in the mix.  I would love a little boy for Eric though.  He is such a good girl dad, I tell him all the time he was meant to be surrounded by women ;).  But I can totally see him coaching our little mans baseball team someday.  He says he doesn't care what the gender is and I know he won't be disappointed either way.  Neither of us will be, we just want to know the gender so bad!  Will we be an all girl crew or are we throwing a little man into the mix?!

I've been majorly obsessing over the baby's gender.  I've taken ridiculous online quizzes and tried old wives tales, Eric think's I've gone crazy!!  I thought I'd share all of my "findings" so far, just for fun!  I obviously have no idea what the gender is, but it's fun trying to guess!

Chinese gender calendar: it says GIRL (and it did for Sloan and P too)
Carrying high (girl) or low (boy): so far I seem to be carrying high
Baby's heart rate (over 140bpm is a girl, under 140bpm is a boy): baby's heart rate was 178 at nine weeks and 163 at twelve weeks
Skin changes (they say boys make your skin better and girls make your skin worse-think acne): my skin was great until about a week ago.  SO MANY BREAKOUTS :(
Nausea (nausea usually means its a girl, no nausea means it's a boy): I have been SO nauseas, BUT I wasn't nauseous a day with Sloan and she is a girl, so I don't trust this one :)
Cravings- sweets (girl) or salty (boy): Alllll the sweets
Cravings- fruit (girl) or meats and cheese (boy): meats and cheese
Headaches- yes (boy) or no (girl): No headaches
Leg hair (less hair means girl, more hair means boy): I haven't noticed any change so I'm not sure on this one!
Does your husband have more brothers or sister: only a brother
Feet warmer (girl) and colder (boy): warmer
Has dad gained weight (boy) or none at all (girl): He has gained some weight with me!  And he did not gain any weight when I was pregnant with Sloan and P.
Chest has not grown (girl) or it has grown (boy): it has grown
Urine- bright (boy) or dull (girl): dull
Sleep-if you sleep mostly on your left side it's a boy, on your right side it's a girl: right side
Draino test- if it turns green (girl) or blue (boy): blue
Angle of the dangle or the "nub theory"- they say that between 11-14 weeks all baby's have a nub in their private part area.  If the nub points straight out, parallel with the spine it is a girl.  If the nub points at an upward angle, it's a boy:  Based on my 11.5 week ultrasound photo it definitely looks like a boy to me!

There are some other fun tests in this article!

Out of 17 of these "gender predictors", 10 say it's a girl and 6 say it's a boy (and one didn't tell me anything)!  Soooo basically I have NO idea what this baby is!!  I had the most vivid dream I have ever had the night before I found out I was pregnant that I gave birth to a baby boy.  So for the first few weeks of my pregnancy I was absolutely convinced that I was having a boy.  Since then, I have gone back and forth feeling like it's a girl and then a boy and then a girl and then a boy again.

I cannot wait to find out and am so excited to learn the baby's gender in just over a week!  This is (according to Eric) our last baby, so it's even more exciting.  Eep, can't wait to find out!

What do YOU think this baby is??




  1. My chinese gender was right said girl and it was one I converted my birth-date and it was, I craved fruit and carried low my body or face never changed and I was def nauseous however so many people that I know who had boys their bodies and faces changed drastically. My nub theory was right too! Can't wait to see what you have!

  2. I've been doing the same things! With my first pregnancy we didn't find out until birth- all wives tales (except for heart rate) said boy and out popped a girl!! So I don't believe in those much! If you say this pregnancy has been the most tough I would say boy- but I do believe in the heart rate!! I'm just comparing my pregnancy now to my first- and they are the same...
    But more girls please (for hand me down purposes right!? ) ����

  3. I'm gonna say boy! I had my 2 girls and thought if have another girl but would've been happy with either and was kinda shocked when I found out my third was a boy. It was a whole new world. Theres something about a mama and her baby boy. Either way boy or girl a baby is such a blessing!

  4. I say another girl. I have 3 little ladies and it's fun. A little crazy but so much fun

  5. I did a lot of these old wives tales too! We prayed for a boy (two girls already) and my symptoms went well with some of these. Chinese calendar was off. We had a fast heart rate in the beginning but then it slowed down. Congrats again whatever the gender!!

  6. My girls (they're 2 and 4) named our 3rd Darth Vader or Anna while I was pregnant (my oldest is she wanted an Anna to go with the Frozen theme). We waited until #3 was born, the 4yr old wanted to look in the diaper to discover if it was a boy or girl... and it was a exciting! They love him and play with him ALL the time. He gets the most attention! I'm one of 3 girls and it's either way it's a great mix ��������.

  7. Have you looked into the Ramzi theory or submitting your scan to the gender experts? I hear they are usually right. Would be curious to see what they have to say

  8. Oh my heavens this is so exciting and can I just say how excited I am that I've come across your blog via Pinterest? Score! Have a great week! xo

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