Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's been awhile since I've done a Friday Favorites post!  Well I guess it's been awhile since I've regularly blogged... working on that!

Eric and I got to sneak away last night and had the BEST date night.  I knew we needed a date night after everything we've been through this past month, I just didn't know how bad we needed it!  Eric's company gave us tickets to see the Blake Shelton concert in their company suite and I think I am officially Blake Shelton's biggest fan.  His concert was amazing!  He is quite the performer too, very charismatic and funny.  We took two of our best friends and had an absolute blast.

So, my very first favorite today is Blake Shelton.  I heart you Blakey, call me.

Ok, moving on.  Are you guys drooling over all of the fun spring clothing and accessories that are being released?  Between my fave small shops and Target, I'm about to go broke.  Too bad it's still absolutely freezing in Oregon and the girls and I won't get to wear any of it for several months.  #Ericletsmovesomewherewarmer #prettyplease #withacherryontop

There are so many cute pajamas for kiddos out right now!  I got these little lemon footie pajamas for P and love them!  I got both girls these bacon and egg pajamas and I cannot get over how cute they are.  I am also eyeing these bunny jammie's for Easter.  Ok last one, your daughter needs this ice cream sleep set in their lives.  And bonus, kidos clothing is 40% off today only at Old Navy with code PLAY.

And since that's such a great discount, I have to share what I picked up for the girls!  I just adore this chambray dress.  You'll see Sloan and Phayre wearing it all spring and summer so act surprised ;).  I also bought these sandals and this jean jacket!  Oh and P had this bubble romper last year and it is the sweetest thing!  I wish she could still wear it!  Don't forget to use code PLAY at checkout.

There are not enough heart eyes in the world for Crew and Lu's new swimsuit line.  I mean gahhhhh I love them so much!  They're being released on February 28th, make sure you go take a peek on their Instagram.  Crossing all my fingers and toes I can snag two!

I'll be honest, I'm not much of a St. Patricks day person.  St. Patties and Thanksgiving always get the shaft in our house.  BUT my children must obviously wear green on March 17th, so I plan on snagging a few items from June and January's drop tonight (at 9pm EST)!  The striped kelly green socks are sooooo good!

And speaking of skipping St. Patricks Day ;) and moving right on to Easter... I neeeeeeed this garland from Hooray Everyday!  Isn't it just the cutest thing ever!  Add that to the ten other things I need from Hooray Everyday!

I really love this gingham top for the ladies and hooray for me there is a maternity version as well!  I have two bins of maternity clothes hiding somewhere in my house or garage and I cannot find them anywhere.  So I have like four things that fit over my growing bump, getting dressed has been super fun!  I've tasked Eric with finding the bins this weekend.  I'm half hoping he can't find them to I have an excuse to buy all new clothes ;).

I'm pretty sure I've shared this recipe before, but I made them for like the hundredth time this week and they were so good I have to share again!  These paleo blueberry scones are amazing with iced coffee, one of my favorite breakfast treats.  I don't follow the paleo diet, but my friend Liz made them like two years ago and I can't stop making them now!

Alright babes that's all I've got for you today!  And it's a good thing because P just started singing, "Mama, mama, maaaaaamaaaaaaaa" from her crib :).  I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!



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